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The Highs and Lows of the WWE in 2010.

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I think everyone can agree about the WWE being hit and miss this year. They had some very enjoyable PPVs and matches, some new guys were pushed, and we had some exciting storylines. However we also had the opposite to, some things stayed the same, some talents were released for no real reason, and 3 top stars left the company. So ive decided to list what i feel were the highs and lows of the WWE in 2010.

Bret Hart returns and makes up with HBK.
The 1st season of NXT gives the WWE a future World Champ in Wade Barrett and the american dragon, Daniel Bryan.
Michaels vs The Undertaker at Mania 26 and Shawn's farewell on Raw.
The Nexus attacks Cena and CM Punk and destroys the ring.
Swagger and the Miz are given pushes, freshening up the main event scene.
The MITB and TLC ppvs give some great matches.
The Mysterio/Punk and Miz/Bryan Sheamus/Morrison feuds.
The Divas titles are finally unified.
Alberto Del Rio debuts.
Kane has his 1st proper World Title reign and beats Undertaker at 3 straight PPVs.

HBK, MVP, Kaval, Jericho, Mickie James, Shelton all leave the WWE.
The Fatal 4 Way PPV.
The Nexus feud runs out of steam.
Michelle McCool dominates the Divas division despite the fact she is not even remotely over.
The Jack Swagger push ends and he is demoted back to the midcard.
The tag division is restored back to its pathetic self after being rebuilt and pushed in 2009.
Christian is still not a maineventer.
The Straightedge Society showed promise, but was then made into a joke and its members (except Punk) were relased.
The Bret/Vince feud.

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  1. Eric Bischoff's Avatar
    Sad to say that Christian will never become a main eventer in WWE, come back to TNA and he'll be guaranteed another TNA Heavyweight Championship reign.
  2. Justdawg08's Avatar
    I agree with all your highs and lows
  3. RedDevilSativa's Avatar
    a big low would be the miz winnig the title alot of others deserve it way more than him christian is one example and another massive low no more JR. and i believe hbk retiring is a high because he is a great wrestler who left before he ruined his legacy
  4. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    I hope you do this every year from now on
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