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Why The Miz is not that awesome

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First off, I'll preface this by saying that it's not the Miz's fault. Period. Now on to his crucifixion!!

I'd love to know what the WWE was smoking when they pushed the Miz for the WWE Championship as a heel. The guy brings absolutely no legitimacy to the table. A major portion of the heel's job is his innate ability to put over a face. Sure he gets his moment to smear it in the face of the audience, and the longer his run the better he can accomplish this, so maybe the Miz will eventually prove me wrong, but for right now he's got no gusto. The fact that Orton was the guy to lay down for him makes it even worse. For example, lets say the WWE really is trying to push JoMo and the Miz simultaniously... It doesn't do the Miz or JoMo any favors for a win at WM. Here's how it plays out.

Miz wins dirty at WM: So what for the Miz, it wasn't JoMo's time, and everyone wasted 50 bucks.

Miz wins clean at WM: Miz adds a bit of credibility, and JoMo's push is over.

JoMo wins clean at WM: The Miz doesn't lose the credibility he never had in the first place, and JoMo doesn't really get put over until he feuds with the next contender.

There are probably a hundred different ways for that to go, and if you start substituting in other names maybe thousands. Bottom line, the Miz is not developed enough (credibility-wise) for him to put over anyone but himself, and with the severe lack of talent in the WWE, the Miz wearing that title is the wrong idea.

IMHO: a better idea would have been for the title to revert back to Sheamus for a month or so, big push to JoMo for the WM win, and then push the Miz into a feud with JoMo so they'd both gain momentum into next year. That would have timed out with HHH's return and (I have to assume) subsequent feud with Sheamus. If I had to wager a guess, I'd say Orton's injury is more serious than the WWE is letting anyone know, they're going to play it safe with him (God forbid we see WM buy-rates-minus Orton) and so he dropped the title quickly. The OMG SOMEBODY THINK OF SOMETHING!! scenario that played out in Trips office a week later resulted in the Miz getting his push early.

Bottom line: None of this is the Miz's fault. The guys works his ass off, has been bent on character improvement since he arrived in the WWE, and has some of the best coordination (Michael Cole) that I've seen in a while. In a perfect world, he'd be an awesome IC champ, but he's no where near ready for the WWE Championship today, and he won't be ready to put over another superstar when he's asked to do it tomorrow.

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  1. wallyman's Avatar
    miz cannot work a match if its not sorry to say i feel bad for the man cuz he works hard...but if ur champ u should b able to work a match without a gimmick...he hasnt had a legit 1v1 until now
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    I need to point out to you that the Miz-JoMo match proved he could win a 1 on 1 match up, he proved he could hang with a wrestler who is a better athlete than him, he proved he could be hard nosed. Miz proved on Monday night he deserves to be champ.
  3. Xpacfan's Avatar
    Oh, he has one good match and now he deserves to be champion?! Please! Whatever happen to having to have multiple and consistant matches to prove your worthiness for being Heavy Weight Champion more or less being in the main event scene? Besides the match he had on Monday, give me a list of the Top 10 singles matches Miz has had that made him look like World Champion material...
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