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Why The Miz is not that awesome

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First off, I'll preface this by saying that it's not the Miz's fault. Period. Now on to his crucifixion!!

I'd love to know what the WWE was smoking when they pushed the Miz for the WWE Championship as a heel. The guy brings absolutely no legitimacy to the table. A major portion of the heel's job is his innate ability to put over a face. Sure he gets his moment to smear it in the face of the audience, and the longer his run the better he can accomplish this, so maybe the Miz will eventually prove me wrong, but for right now he's got no gusto. The fact that Orton was the guy to lay down for him makes it even worse. For example, lets say the WWE really is trying to push JoMo and the Miz simultaniously... It doesn't do the Miz or JoMo any favors for a win at WM. Here's how it plays out.

Miz wins dirty at WM: So what for the Miz, it wasn't JoMo's time, and everyone wasted 50 bucks.

Miz wins clean at WM: Miz adds a bit of credibility, and JoMo's push is over.

JoMo wins clean at WM: The Miz doesn't lose the credibility he never had in the first place, and JoMo doesn't really get put over until he feuds with the next contender.

There are probably a hundred different ways for that to go, and if you start substituting in other names maybe thousands. Bottom line, the Miz is not developed enough (credibility-wise) for him to put over anyone but himself, and with the severe lack of talent in the WWE, the Miz wearing that title is the wrong idea.

IMHO: a better idea would have been for the title to revert back to Sheamus for a month or so, big push to JoMo for the WM win, and then push the Miz into a feud with JoMo so they'd both gain momentum into next year. That would have timed out with HHH's return and (I have to assume) subsequent feud with Sheamus. If I had to wager a guess, I'd say Orton's injury is more serious than the WWE is letting anyone know, they're going to play it safe with him (God forbid we see WM buy-rates-minus Orton) and so he dropped the title quickly. The OMG SOMEBODY THINK OF SOMETHING!! scenario that played out in Trips office a week later resulted in the Miz getting his push early.

Bottom line: None of this is the Miz's fault. The guys works his ass off, has been bent on character improvement since he arrived in the WWE, and has some of the best coordination (Michael Cole) that I've seen in a while. In a perfect world, he'd be an awesome IC champ, but he's no where near ready for the WWE Championship today, and he won't be ready to put over another superstar when he's asked to do it tomorrow.

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  1. Wrestling_Deluxe_08's Avatar
    Good valid points and great read. As a fan of the Miz, even I have to admit WWE did indeed push him too early to become wwe world champion. Then again, they did the same to Sheamus. But see, this is what happens when WWE focuses too much time into John Cena and Randy Orton. They completely neglect the rest of the roster and now they can't make anymore stars.

    Well no offense to you, but I surely do hope The Miz ends up proving you wrong and does make himself a credible champion, despite the horrible build up WWE is giving him.
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    You made some interesting points here, and its true that none of this was Miz's fault, since hes been working like Cena since he won the WWE title, doing interviews, talkshows and all. But you see, WWE doesn't have to push The Miz as a credible champion. They did that with other stars like Orton(remember with Legacy? They did alot of his dirty work), and more recently, Morrison. They have not done it with The Miz, but hes built as a champion that will do anything to pick up a win. That draws heat, and draws buys. People would go to a show just to boo him. I'm enjoying him as champion. Hes the mouthpiece of the WWE at this time, and I couldn't be happier. I'd rather have the Miz as champion than Triple H, since he never loses and burys everyone, thus giving no one a chance to shine. I wish the Miz best in whatever he does next year.
  3. nrb6304's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling_Deluxe_08
    Good valid points and great read. As a fan of the Miz, even I have to admit WWE did indeed push him too early to become wwe world champion. Then again, they did the same to Sheamus. But see, this is what happens when WWE focuses too much time into John Cena and Randy Orton. They completely neglect the rest of the roster and now they can't make anymore stars.

    Well no offense to you, but I surely do hope The Miz ends up proving you wrong and does make himself a credible champion, despite the horrible build up WWE is giving him.
    Did the WWE push Sheamus too fast? Well let's see. He was in the WWE on the main stage less then a year. Hadn't had a real opponent till he faced John Cena....and then won the WWE title.


    Sheamus just put over John Morrison as a main eventer and propelled him to his first REAL WWE title shot.

    Is that too fast? Probably. Did it work though? I'd say yes. Cuz even in his loss to Morrison Sheamus is STILL a main eventer. Why? Cuz in his first year he won the WWE title.

    Maybe the key to making new superstars is to propell them quickly BUT reasonably. I mean I'm not saying have every joe shmoe WWE champion. But I mean. Look at Albert Del Rio. He just had his first World title shot and people actually thought he could walk away with it. And people were ok with it.

    I think in these times having the slow build isn't working. We need to inject superstars into the picture.
  4. JackPride's Avatar
    I would just like to ask one question which I hope will point something out...

    Does anyone remember, just about every time, when Jericho was HW or WWE champion???

    Now when we remember back, he did anything and everything he could to retain the title.
    Realistically, he isnt a big guy so beating the larger than life guys that he has beaten takes dirty heel tactics. The Miz isnt huge and he isnt the greatest wrestler on Earth. Most people know and realize those facts. Jericho is amazing on the mat, but The Miz has come leaps and bounds in the last few years and he is always improving. So just watch and you will see that this was no mistake putting the title on him.
    The Miz is a very beatable champion which makes everyone a contender which generates buyrates cuz ANYONE he faces could win. Then when Miz goes over via heel tactics... BAM... More heat and even more people that wanna see him lose.
    Miz winning the strap and retaining for a while is a great idea. The longer he holds the belt the faster his credibility grows too.
  5. Synyzta's Avatar
    Nice blog, some very interesting points made. The only thing is that, like The Brown One said, they don't need to push The Miz as an amazing wrestler, they have plenty of other stars that can 'carry him' for lack of a better phrase. I'm glad that someone else is having a title run, but again, am of the opinion that he's only got the belt because the injury to Orton is more serious than they first thought, which is, I assume, the same as the Mysterio situation. With more and more people coming back from injury, Punk, Christian, et al, the possibilites for matchups is incredible, should they put The Miz against Cena, Orton or Shaemus? In my opinion, no. Cena is incrediby wooden, both in terms of wrestling and on the mic, although, I will say this, Cena seems to have improved a lot lately. Orton, again Like Cena, is not that skilled on the mic, which, in my opinion, is more needed than the wrestling skills, they need someone with a natural charisma which sadly, most of the roster lack. JoMo seems to be the guy that should take over from The Miz, although, main eventing WM, based on performances now, seems like it could be a little daunting for them, and also, I doubt that match (Miz vs JoMo) would be the 'must see' match. So what should be done? In my opinion, leave the belt on The Miz, and let him be the modern day Eddie Guerrero (stealing victories etc), it builds him up as a guy who can't win clean, so when he does retain the title, against, possibly JoMo, without any help, he'll be a serious main eventer, capable of beating anyone on his day.
    Also, for anyone doubting whether JoMo is ready for a BIG match, watch the ladder match at TLC against Sheamus, a career making match if ever there was one. He went toe-to-toe with a character that had been built up to be able to beat anyone without any effort, and JoMo, like Shawn Michaels took a beating, and still won, proving that he can take a beating from a big guy, so in the future, when JoMo has the title, he won't look stupid against anyone that has been main eventing for years, like, unfortunately, The Miz does now.
  6. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    Hey guys, thanks for all the good input, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around this one...

    I think the major difference between the Miz and Sheamus is that the Miz can't fall back on his size as an advantage. You can bill Sheamus as a contender despite his in-ring build up and expertise by claiming his size makes him unstoppable. That doesn't fly with the Miz. The WWE has a long history of introducing superstars that lack ability but are physically superior opponents IE Yokozuna, Diesel, Test, Henry, Khali, etc...there's a metric shit ton of overly huge wrestlers who got pushed really early. When it comes time for a little guy to grab the title, they're expected to bring something else to the table. When Bret came up (over years) he was billed as the epitomy of technical wrestling. HBK had a set of moves that he was outstanding at, could sell a WM venue with him vs. a mop, and was arguably the most charasmatic WWE superstar of all time. Jericho was already a living legend when he got his first WWE title push. Even Flair was billed as the dirtiest player in the game, and I think the Miz has a long way to go on Flair.

    Yeah, Cena is a sad case. They won't touch his image for fear of offending an 8 year old somewhere, but he's also one of the hardest workers in the company, along with Orton. HHH returns, ugh, and we'll see the gears turn 180 yet again. I'm really excited to see what Punk does though. I'd like to bitchslap whoever he pissed off that sent him to Smackdown. Probably rear-ended Vince's limo leaving the arena or something utterly stupid...

    On that token, I'd love to see a listing of all the stupid shifts within creative that were the result of some stupid incident or grudge with management. Someone make a top 10 Career Altering Fuck-ups list, that would be awesome.

    Hope you all had a great Christmas, and keep the comments coming!
  7. simo87's Avatar
    the miz is shit shouldnt be champ wast of time no one wants to see it its just another reason why the wwe is going down hill
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