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WWE Heading Into 2011: The Positives

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G'day all, this is my first blog for EWN - I have read a lot of these over the past few weeks/months and have gathered up a lot of things to say, so here they are.

I had almost completely lost interest in WWE during 2009-2010, but then I was finally surprised by something: the Nexus attack on John Cena. I don't think many people saw that coming and I thought that that angle could be taken to great heights. Unfortunately for myself, and countless others, the angle fell victim to ridiculously predictable endings and ultimately John Cena came out on top as expected. I would have loved to see a John Cena heel-turn, but as he his the top face (and more than likely will be for a long time), I don't think this is something in the foreseeable future.

Now, for the positive/s of the Nexus storyline. Unlike most recent feuds, it had depth, and ran for around 6 months, which is definitely one of the longest angles in recent WWE history. Younger talent was pushed (albeit later essentially buried, Wade Barrett literally...) and ultimately we ended up with Bryan Danielson as the US champion because of this whole fiasco.
The Nexus storyline could have been interesting, but ended up bland, however, the night it ended, was the night that I feel WWE was brought back to life. TLC 2010.

At TLC 2010, we saw some great matches:

- John Morrison vs. Sheamus was something I hadn't seen in quite a long time, a match where I didn't really care who won, because I was just so interested in everything that was going on. The Sheamus through the ladder spot was, in Miz's words, "AWESOME". I hadn't seen a bigger guy take a bump like that for ages (until later in that very PPV...). The finish was spectacular, I thought Morrison was going to be thrown out of the ring for Sheamus to take the victory. I was wrong and I am glad that I was.

- Laycool vs. Natalya and Beth Phoenix I honestly tend to change the channel when I see Divas coming out to the ring for a match, total yawn-fest. But this match was great, lots of back and forth action, as opposed to screaming and those hair toss things. Phoenix took a massive bump which was beyond brutal, and the ending, whether supposed to happen or not, made it just that little bit better.

- Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kane This was a very solid match indeed. I am rather bored of Mysterio's in ring work of late, however this match seemed to push him out of his comfort zone and we got to see him do some pretty cool things. Edge leaping from the ladder to the outside onto Kane was totally badass and the fall Del Rio took had me on the edge (no pun) of my seat. I would have liked to have seen Del Rio come out on top, but since it wasn't Rey or Kane, I was very happy with the outcome.

The Intercontinental match was good, however, I feel like Swagger should be doing so much more, he is a good ring performer and he cuts great promos. He had plenty of heat as the champion, I thought. Wade Barrett and Cena was okay. The AA "through" the chairs was pretty cool. Having CM Punk doing the announcing was a nice bonus. The way he was talking about Cena, I thought he might just intervene in that match, unfortunately he did not.

The following RAW was definitely the best overall RAW for 2010 for me. It was great to see John Morrison in the main event (even if they seemed to just have that match to square off Orton and Miz...). William Regal vs. Bryan was a good, solid, wrestling match - anyone else notice they actually used the words "wrestler" and "wrestling" during this match? I'm not sure what the deal with the Bellas hanging around him is, maybe they feel he's not interesting enough on his own? He most certainly is to wrestling fans, but I guess the "WWE Universe" might not think so. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena was a good quality match that I haven't seen on RAW in ages and Cena really put Ziggler over as a good performer, even if Cena came out on top in the end. The best part of RAW though, was of course, CM Punk attacking Cena with the chair. Glad he's coming back to the ring, and glad he's going to be doing an upper card feud as we all know they will both have great things to say on the mic.

SO, on to the whole point of this blog. What does all this mean for WWE heading into 2011? Well to me, in this optimistic light, it can only mean great things.

CM Punk vs. John Cena Feud
This can be taken in so many directions. CM Punk will easily be able to gain heat just by insulting Cena, the Cenation and the WWE Universe. They are both capable of physical, brutal matches and I am hoping that's exactly what we will be treated to. My biggest hope is, that this is a match at Wrestlemania, sure, John Cena will come out victorious, but the fact a younger guy might get a chance at the title match instead of him is great. Cena has a great ability to make heels look good, just by taking a beating for 75% of the match. He makes a match look as if he could lose (he rarely does), which makes the heel look almost as strong, if not as strong as Cena. This will benefit Punk who has been out with injury, as well as just kinda floating around the mid-card before that.

(Just an additional note: I was thinking earlier how funny it would be if CM Punk brought back the Nexus as a bunch of bald straight edge followers. The Straight Exus.)

Miz As WWE Champion
We all knew he'd be champion some day, even the haters knew. He just has that annoying charisma where you think he is such a dick, that you just have to like him. He's good in the ring, good on the mic and he's young. Who wants to see Triple H have another title run? Not me. I'd like to see a good run of matches between Miz and Morrison with some different stipulations each time, maybe culminating in a big match at Wrestlemania. WWE seems to finally be starting to run multiple angles at once, rather than just the one main one (i.e. the Nexus angle). This will create more interest in the title matches and will result in them returning to the main event of PPVs. Sure, Cena is a hot commodity, but if you push these title matches as the prestige they are supposed to be, and also let the guys use a more varied set of moves (which they all seemed to do on RAW, including Cena) then people will be more interested in these matches. Anyway, to sum up. I'm glad someone like the Miz is champ, and I am stoked that Morrison is the number 1 contender (after actually earning it in a great match).

Younger Talents Being Pushed
Not all of the younger guys are being pushed, but some are, which is a great start.
My favourite guys in WWE right now are:
CM Punk - Absolutely brilliant on the mic, I love when he insults the crowd as if they're all drunk or on crack. Great ring-work, plenty of experience and top-notch gimmick.
John Morrison - One of the most entertaining guys in the ring at present, the slow motion entrance still rules after all this time. A lot of people think he needs to improve his mic work... but I don't know, he seems to be a guy that might be able to carry himself without that, just because of his look and his ability.
Cody Rhodes - This is definitely one of my favourite gimmicks, I feel like he should be coming out and insulting any wrestler at any time though about their appearance. Great ring work, great mic skills. Put him in a singles title hunt/push ASAP.
Daniel Bryan - Not much needs to be said about this guy really. Great, seasoned performer, decent mic skills - though I think he'd work better as a more aggressive wrestler, as opposed to this awkward "nerd". He has the Bellas... you don't.
Jack Swagger - Was his title run too soon? Probably. Was it cut way too short? Definitely. He is another great wrestler with mat skills as well as power, and also very agile. Good mic skills - he had great heat when he was the champion IMO.
Drew McIntyre - His push just kinda disappeared? I was really into him when he would just come out and beat the crap out of guys and say he was the chosen one. I guess if they keep him around and keep building him he will soon be a top star, he certainly has the potential.
Sheamus - I'm glad he won King of the Ring... especially since he jobbed to Santino... He has been on the losing end of a lot of matches and I hope it's because he will feud with a returning Triple H. He needs to be in the upper cards, 2 time champion, total pale badass, good mic skill, good character, great moves.
The Miz - He's the fuckin' champ. 'Nuff said.

I've probably forgotten a few guys but I'm sure someone will comment about them. Kaval would be great if he wasn't jobbing to every Tyler Reks that comes along.

So... what does all this mean for WWE 2011? Hopefully it means a mass of great matches and performances, memorable feuds, memorable wrestlers and pushes that actually lead somewhere. I think that things are going to get better, they have so far. Time will tell.

P.S. Anyone else hear Randy Orton call The Miz a "son of a bitch" at the end of RAW as Miz was running away?

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  1. thetheme's Avatar
    There are a couple of people that I want to add on the list of people getting pushed. Evan Bourne. He is a good young talent that's exciting to watch in the ring. IMO he should have got the U.S. title but got buried by miz and flying into an RKO. Alberto Del Rio. Is there anything to say about this guy? Great skill in the ring, great talker, can put on a classic match, and has the look. They just have to build him correctly without shoving him down our throats, and an Intercontinental title run for a bit would build him up to be a main event player in 2012. Kofi Kingston. Also puts great chemistry in matches and exciting to watch. He already has defining moments with his abilities. Ziggler. Great job as IC champ, move him to main event by the end of next year. Wade Barret. Should be champ by now IMO. The nexus really could have meant something if that would have happened. Think about this. Nexus has the WWE championship and tag belts, Daniel Bryan has the U.S. belt, and Kaval has the I.C. belt all at the same time (that could have happened in one PPV). If that would have happened then that means that NXT would have meant something and would be appreciated. Now it's just a joke with Nexus being done and Kaval being released. Miz could have waited until he got more skilled in the ring, and gave us classic matches so his title reign would have some credibility. As long as no more crazy releases are done, there could be some improvements in WWE by this time next year, but these are all just dreams and theories...
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Nice thread. I believe that Kofi should be added to this list too! Hes been just as entertaining as Morrison if not more. He hasn't stood out in my mind as a competitor for a world title this year since they haven't given him much mic time, and a fued with a top star. But Kofi lights up the ring everytime he steps in it.

    I'm happy that the company has so much faith in Punk, to the point that they pay him to talk on tv, which we all love anyway. Hes been very funny on the commentary, and alot of the time has kept me watching Raw during the crappy matches, just to hear what he says next!

    *I did hear Randy say something along the lines of that. I think he said "You son of a---" and then they cut him off and panned to The Miz so you couldn't see Ortons mouth move and tell that he swore.
  3. cubco's Avatar
    I have faith in the youth movement of the WWE. One day, the WWE are going to be prime again and it is going to be must see t.v and you won't want to miss it! That's what will happen in 5 - 10 years time if it all goes well.

    The only problam I have with the WWE is the Tag Division. Build that up and then the WWE will be back on the path to prime.

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