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Top 10 Wrestlers who are Entertaining

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Hey guys, just thought I'd make a blog desribing the 10 wrestlers who actually represent the two main acronyms on wrestling and thats wrestling and entertainment. Haha I know this list is not everyone's opinion. I'm not saying every guy listed below should be world champ, I'm just saying these are the superstars who actually are amazing in the ring and amazing as entertainers.

10. Desmond Wolfe - He has a huge amount of moves and holds that I absolutely love. He gets the job done point blank. Not sure what happened to his push but agree or not, he gave kurt angle some of the greatest matches of his career. He has the funniest voice on the mic but he delivers amazing promos.

9. R-Truth - This guy's in-ring ability is completely amazing and I believe thats why the wwe keeps him around. His gimmick is becoming very stale but wow is he an entertainer. He pulls alot from the audience but I think he'd be better as a heel. He had a good heel run in tna which was classic.

8. Chris Jericho - IDK why I made Jericho 7th on the list he should be around #1 but I'm leaving him here to give the younger guys a push lol. Naw really Y2J is the one wrestler who is just as good of an entertainer as a face or a heel. I mean he put on notable feuds with the likes of Chyna. Damnit he should be #1 I'm too lazy to move him down the list.

7. Dolph Ziggler - He has proven that he is a beast in the ring. He doesn't get much of a chance to talk but he shines in the ring. I mean look at the two recent matches against John Cena, you can clearly see that he called the matches and John followed his order. He's put on classics against the likes of rey mysterio and Kofi as well. He's pretty good on the mic but I think the wwe needs to make vickie the silent partner. She clearly is the mouthpiece and Dolph barely gets a chance to cut a promo because she's always talking but he definitely could be a maineventer really soon if the wwe doesn't drop the ball.

6. AJ Styles - AJ just might be the most talented wrestler listed. His in-ring ability is 2nd to none and shouldn't even be debated. His mic skills are amazing as a heel but not so much as a face but thats something that comes with the right motivation. Right now he's that guy in tna who has fell off but will always have his spot. He's sort of the Chris Jericho of the tna. Chris might get thrown in a stupid angle or no angle or all but will always have his spot.

Bonus - Sheamus - I think this guy has the full package. He was pushed and given the greenlight so early like how did he become so lucky? I feel its so many people you can do that with on the wwe roster and they will deliver. Sheamus is a good entertainment and purely dominant in the ring. I love this guy, I think he's one of those few guys who would be just as entertaining as a face.

Bonus #2 - Zack Ryder - One of those guys that just make you shake your head. The wwe is raping this guy's character. Have you guys seen what he can do in the ring? He's amazing. On the mic he's one of the most cocky and believable. Given the right gimmick he could takeover but its almost too late because we are so used to the crap he does now. WAKE UP, CREATIVE TEAM.

5. Cody Rhodes - So how many people thought that Cody Rhodes would be the Marty Jannety of Legacy??? I sure did. I thought Cody Rhodes would disapear after wrestlemania 26 and appear on superstars. I thought Ted Dibiase would be pushed but I was completely wrong. What I know is that Cody is amazing in the ring and even know how to do a moonsault. The Legacy & DX feud really showed me that Cody was the main guy in the stable. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Legacy vs DX at Hell in a Cell and I believe the submission match was the greatest tag matches I've seen in my life. I challenge you all to watch them and see what you think. As an entertainer, Cody is gold. I like Cody because he has a legacy of his own. At a young age, he's on of the very few 2nd generation stars whom made it to the point where the commentators don't have to mention his dad. And this guy cracks me up when people touch his face.

4. Jack Swagger - LADIES &GENTLEMEN THE BALL HAS BEEN DROPPED. Jack is the most mainevent ready on the wwe roster. How the hell could they tease us like that & throw this guy under the bus after a short title reign? He is the new Kurt Angle. He is a genius on the mic pure gold. NOBODY on the wwe roster can out wrestle him in a real match with no pre-winner. Daniel Bryan comes close but he's too small. Jack is the best I don't give a damn what anyone thinks.

3. Kurt Angle - The greatest ever hands down. Mic skills are amazing he can entertain any crowd. Nobody does it like him in the ring he's a monster. Now he's old but still puts younger talent over. He's a hell of a human being and has done it better than them all for the past 10 plus years.

2. The Pope (Elijah Burke) - I had to put this guy on the list. He is ready to take on the world. I will be honest, he has the most mic skills of any black wrestler including Booker T. Burke is one of those guys who was born to entertain. This guys has it all and in the ring is no push over either.

1. CM Punk - Pretty much has the full package anyone could ever ask for in a wrestler. His size is small which is a plus because we are sick of giant steroid freaks with no in-ring ability or mic skills being pushed. Punk is an in-ring genius and thats one thing I can say about any wwe talent from ROH. He is pretty much the most underrated guy on the mic in wwe history. People blab about the miz but sometimes his promos are over the top. Punk's promos deliver no matter what the topic is.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one and please leave feedback. Thanks & be safe.
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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    (10) Pope
    (9) Big Show
    (8) Edge
    (7) Jack Swagger
    (6) Dolph Ziggler
    (5) Kurt Angle-when he wrestles
    (4) AJ Styles
    (3) HHH-When he wrestles
    (2) CM Punk
    (1) Mr. Anderson-Ken has all the skills to be the next big draw in wrestling.
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Hey. Very nice read.

    8) No matter who he faces, Jericho is always entertaining.

    7) I'm very happy with the lenghty IC title reign they have given Dolph. It makes him a credible champion, and brings prestige to the title which was once held by the greats. I've enjoyed all of this mans work and he has truly been someone to tune in to watch every week.

    Bonus #1: I loved what WWE did with Sheamus this year. With no Haitch around, Sheamus has truly been given his time to shine, and has become someone almost unbeatable and believable as a dominant heel this year.

    4) At first I didn't like Swagger, but after watching him week after week, just like Ziggler he became a thing to watch. I feel that WWE competely dropped the ball on him, and hope that he picks up momentum and wins titles next year.

    3) Without a doubt this man has kept me watching TNA. With AJ in Immortal not doing much(which I really hate, considering that Styles was named Wrestler of the year), Kurts matches have been the ones that I tune into TNA to see.
  3. knox's Avatar
    wow wow wow, how was i dumb enough to forget ken anderson. Yeah Ken would've been number 2 on the list. He's amazing. Im glad he's not in the wwe because I have the feeling they wouldve made him like santino (a big Joke).
  4. knox's Avatar
    @ brown one, thanks for agreeing, yea i dont know what it is about dolph but im a really big fan for some reason. Im also a huge ted dibiase fan but he didnt make the list.
  5. Grinchin's Avatar
    I would like Cody more if he wasnt wearing a diaper sized pair of trunks, and maybe kneepads.
  6. deecee's Avatar
    hi knox great list bit disapointed there was no spot for wade barret tho
  7. deecee's Avatar
    my list
    (10) santino marela
    (9) cody rhodes
    (8) dolph ziggler
    (7) ken anderson
    (6) edge
    (5) jack swagger
    (4) aj styles
    (3) cm punk
    (2) randy orton
    (1) wade barret

    see what ya think
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