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My WM27 card

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HHH vs Sheamus: Loser leaves Raw street fight: HHH returns at the RR and he and Sheamus eliminate themselves. On the Raws leading to EC they keep screwing eachother in matches, backstage attacks etc. Then both go on to compete in the chamber and HHH eliminates Sheamus first like last year. Later Sheamus gets in again and beats up HHH with a steel pipe, allowing Miz to pin him, leading to another street fight at Mania, but this time the loser leaves Raw.

Edge vs Christian: TLC match for the WHC: Edge wins the title from Kane at TLC. After the match his former slaves Hawkins and Ryder attack him. On Smackdown he cuts a promo saying how much fun he had with Christian at the Slammy's, just like back in the day, but now he is a 10-time world champion and Chris is nothing - just a guy on the shelf, just another of his tools, and now 2 more of his former tools are attacking him and he demands to know why. They start feuding with the 2 constantly beating Edge up. Christian returns at the RR and wins it. After the match he grabs a mike and says everyone knows who he is facing at Mania. On SD it is revealed that Hawkins and Ryder were both hired by Christian to make Edge's life miserable. At EC Christ helps Edge retain the title, because he is the only guy he wants to face and then beats him up. They battle at Mania.

Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk: US title match On Raw before RR Danielson cuts a promo saying how much he has achieved this past year - from a rookie to the guy who made the current WWE champ submit a few months ago for the US title. Back then Miz was saying how he will be the first to hold both the US and the WWE championship at once, but that didn't happen and now it's Bryan's turn to try because he is in the RR. At the RR match it's time for a new superstar to enter the match, but there is no music, no pyro, no nothing. Then Punks stands up, removes his jacket and shirt and goes right after Bryan, beats him up and eliminates him. He then eliminates himself and continues the beat up. On raw he explains that after what he did to Even Bourne he was named the n1 contender for the US title, and Bryan attacked him in the back and sidelined him for months, but now it's his time for revenge. They have a match at EC, but Bryan cheats to win and the rematch is set for WM.

Orton vs The Miz vs R-Truth: WWE title match: Miz retains the title at TLC, but he and Morrison lose the title to Orton in a 3 way match at RR. During this time Truth starts winning matches and actually looks strong. He believes it's his time for a shot at the WWE title. Orton comes out and accepts the challange and wins in 4-5 minutes. Truth then loses his EC qualification match agains Miz. At the PPV he distracts Orton, allowing Miz to roll him up, and later (with the help of Sheamus and Nexus) Miz eliminates HHH and Cena to win the title again. During the last few weeks leading to WM Orton and Truth start feuding with Miz laughing at them, but then the GM makes it a 3-way for the Title at WM. Before the start of the match Orton RKOs Alex on the steel steps and he is helped to the back. With no one's help Miz wins and finally becomes a solid ME.

Kaval vs Rey Mysterio: IC championship match: Near the end of the Ziggler/Swagger/Kingston match at TLC, when no one can even move anymore, Kaval's music hits and he comes to the ring and finishes off all of them. He then climbs the ladder, sits on top and raises Ziggler's championship. At SD he gets a match for the Title and wins it, with the rematch at RR, where Kaval wins again. Kaval starts tormenting everyone he wrestles with his Dragon Sleeper and then Mysterio comes out and confronts him. He says this is not right and stuff. Kaval explains how he admires Mysterio and how he has always wanted to be in his place. In this promo they seemingly get along and look all friendly and stuff. Kaval promises to be a honorable and fighting champion and the 2 shake hands. Kaval then low blows Mysterio and a match is set for EC, where Kaval wins with cheating. They wrestle again at WM.

Rhodes/Ziggler vs The Hart Dynasty: Tag Team championship match: After TLC both Rhodes and Ziggler start losing to everyone. They have a tag match on SD agains Kaval and Masters - their rivals. They lose again and start showing signs of understanding/friendship etc. Next week on SD Rhodes has a match with Kaval, which he loses and Ziggler is facing Masters later on the show. With Ziggler already in the ring, Masters' entrance starts, but he is attacked by Rhodes from behind, Ziggler then comes to help him and the 2 beat him up, removing him from the storyline. At the RR Rhodes is in Ziggler's corner for his match with Kaval and tries to help him, but Ziggler still loses. Later they stop the Santino&Kozlov/Hart Dynasty(they are a team again) match and beat them up, setting a 3-way match at EC which is won by the Dynasty. A S&K/Dynasty match is set for WM, but Z&R beat up S&K making them unable to compete at Mania and Z/R take their place in the match.

Kingston vs Swagger vs Morrison vs McIntyre vs Del Rio vs Bourne vs DiBiase vs Tatsu: MITB ladder match: Morrison wins it, obv.. He then attacks the Miz after his WWE title match and attempts to cash it in, only for Alex to come out and save the Miz.

Undertaker and Cena vs Kane and Barret: Tag match with the Streak on the line: At TLC Cena is beating Barret. Wade's constantly looking at the ramp, expecting help from the nexus, but near the end of the match they are shown on the screen beat up by other Raw superstars. Cena gets the distracted Barret up for the AA, wins and all the children are happy. Later during the 4way for the WHC title, just like Barret, Kane is constantly looking at the ramp as if he is looking for someone. No one is there ... and he gets all frustrated and starts screaming. Edge spears him and wins. Next day on Raw, Cena and Barret are talking in the ring. Cena says he has already beaten everyone from the nexus and demands them to be disbanded. They start screaming at eachother and Barret slaps Cena. He gets frustrated, beats him up and gets him in the STF. Barret is screaming for the Nexus and Kane's music hits. He comes to the ring and attacks Cena. Nexus comes to the ramp all confused and Barret tells them to come to the ring. He then tells them to attack everyone and destroy everything like they did on their 1st night and they do it. It all ends with Kane tombstoning Cena and Barret wastelanding Otunga to end the show. At RR Cena faces Barret and Kane in a 2 on 1 match and when it all looks hopeless for Cena the bell rings and Undertaker returns and helps Cena clear the ring. The 4 compete in EC with Cena in the Raw chamber and the other 3 in the SD. Nexus gets in Cena's chamber when only he and Miz remain, KO him, allowing Miz to win, Taker tombstones Kane to eliminate him, but Barret kicks him in the head from behind and Taker is out too. Christian comes in to help Edge eliminate Barret, Edge retains. Cena+Taker vs Kane+Barret is set for mania to end it all. Perfect case scenario would be for Cena to screw Taker, allowing Barret to pin him ending the streak. This would start a REAL "invasion" angle with Kane, Cena and Barret forming a stable to take on WWE, with guys like R-truth, DiBiase, Nexus etc in it, buuut that is next to impossible ...

Nexus vs Nexus: Gabriel+Slater+Harris+McGillabumppy vs Otunga+Sheffield+Tarver+Young - the former members attack the nexus as they are leaving the Raw chamber at EC. A match is set between the 2 Nexus teams with the losers being released from WWE. The Otunga Nexus loses.

Zack Ryder/Hawkins vs Mark Henry/someone random vs The Usos vs Santino and Kozlov: Dark match for n1 contendership for the tag title

If this happens we get a new major storyline - the Kane/Cena takeover, we get some new main eventers like Miz, Morrison and Truth, we get lost of awesome matches between Bryan/Punk and Kaval/Mysterio, we get at least 2 or 3 new tag teams, etc etc. Do you like it? Share your thoughts

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  1. ren's Avatar
    I would give 5/10.
    Pretty boring card, only think I like is that 4way match with UT's streak on the line
  2. Rockstar83's Avatar
    I dont see R-Truth getting a WWE title shot anytime soon, If I recall there hasn't been a black WWE Champion. (Look it up.)

    I don't see The Hart Dynasty teaming up, we all know Vince hates Tag Teams and the belts are ugly and worthless. I rather see Jeff hardy's Shitty title!

    Kingston vs Swagger vs Morrison vs McIntyre vs Del Rio vs Bourne vs DiBiase vs Tatsu
    Sounds good minus Tatsu. I only see this dude jobbing or winning Dark Matches (Off TV)

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