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Will The Miz be known as a "Glorified Tag Team Wrestler"

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Hey guys Knox here. I'm here to blog about the career of the Miz for a couple seconds. Now the Miz is one of my favorites so I feel its time to address this whole Tag Team situation. He was made into a bonifide maineventer only be thrown back into another tag team which is something I have trouble in understanding.

First The Miz was with John Morrison, then The Big Show, briefly with Chris Jericho, pretty much was in a tag team with Alex Riley and now he's teaming with R-Truth. Where is this coming from?

The Miz's most glorified days as a WWE star: WWE Champ or Tag Team Champ?

The WWE has now got me confused lol. I enjoyed the Miz as a Tag Team Wrestler, it fitted him and it helped solidify his push when he broke from those Tag Teams. But was he more glorified as a tag team partner or WWE champ? I'll leave that for you all to answer on the comments because truly I don't know anymore.

John Morrison:

This is where the Miz was the clean cut 2nd best in this tag team. Morrison was an established upper-midcarder. He was a former ECW & I.C. Champ. This is when I hated the Miz but I always seen potential in him. He had no idea how far this would go but we loved every minute of it and then finally the WWE split them up which was a good move.

The first Miz vs Cena feud:

The Miz used his hype as newly produced singles star and was put into a very entertaining angle with Cena. He walked around in his "No Cena" shirt and delivered. They put on a great match at a PPV and that feud was over, for now.

The Miz in his U.S. Title Run:

On the rebound of his brief Cena feud, he went on to win the U.S. Title and kept it for a long time. He was well on his way to becoming the man.

The Miz partners with the Big Show:

What was the point of this. He was well on his way as a singles superstar. He cut some of the best promos on his own and then they put him with The Big Show? I love The Big Show but it made no sense to me. Hell, the Big Show has been in too many tag teams and stables if you ask me.

The WWE had the Big Show help him defend that U.S. Title.

Money in the Bank, Alex Riley, WWE Championship:

Here's where the WWE dropped the ball. They let the Miz win the Money in the Bank Briefcase. Then he was already alligned with Alex Riley.

They couldn't even book the Miz to beat Jerry Lawler without outside interference from Alex Riley.

The Miz won the WWE Champion and had not one fair title defense. The WWE creative team made the Miz look like the weakest champion ever. Alex Riley bailed him out of every title match. In fact, his I-Quit match vs Cena was basically a handicap match and then within 60 seconds Super Cena went on a run and made the Miz tap.

They gave the Miz the opportunity to not only mainevent Wrestlemania but actually pin Cena but with THE ROCK's HELP. The WWE ruined the Miz's career by making him look like a cheap champion.

Feud with Alex Riley:

Now this is what really destroyed The Miz. After The Miz couldn't do anything by himself. he's finally having the opportunity to kayfabe destroy the guy who's been helping him and they have Alex Riley beat him twice. What does that do for a former WWE champion?

Not only that but Roddy Piper pinned the Miz

Teaming with R-Truth:

So now after all that, The Miz is going to team with The Miz. Expect them to have a legendary run together. The Miz's highest moments have occured when he's in a tag team because there's someone else to help carry the weight.

Conclusion: So we ask was the Miz a better Tag Team Wrester or WWE Champ? And we ask will the Miz be known as a Tag Team Wrestler?

The Miz is a better tag team wrestler and thats were the best moments of his career occured.

They made him an even worst WWE Champion than JBL was and JBL was a great champ, he just rarely won on his own. The Miz is better than that but the WWE allowed this to happen.

The Miz didn't defend that belt one time on his own. He jobbed to Cena and quit in 5 seconds. He had a horrible WWE title run.

But his tag team career has been awesome and I loved it. But if you want to revive his career, why put the "Most Must See WWE Superstar" in another tag team?

Thanks for reading this blog and please let me know what you think folks. Be safe guys and check out my song by clicking the link below.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I think I can see Christian joining them. Make it like a misused superstar faction. But good blog and I agree about Alex Riley beating the Miz was bad for his character.
  2. hollowsandman13's Avatar
    Hey nice blog. I admittedly did not watch much WWE back when The Miz was in the tag team division with Morrison and Show but I did see his WWE Championship run. I agree with the WWE misusing him during this time but I also feel that he has a lot to bring to the dismal tag team division with R. Truth. I do think, however, that Miz will be the WWE Champion again down the road. Perhaps a great heel run in the tag team division followed by a face turn back into the main event picture?
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    I agree with u in Wasting Miz nad esp the A Ri feud..the I Quit match was the lamest of all matches i had seen n that had catapulted my hatred 2wards Super Cena!! But, I hope Miz-RTruth bring back the glory to the TT Division n Miz has a gud reign of World Championship as well!!
  4. Marx's Avatar
    Vince giveth and Vince taketh it away.. I don't feel any pity for Miz being made to look weak, it's all in the game and he is a good company guy. He has enough time ahead of him, and in two years (or something), after a next singles push, no-one will really remember. During his first few runs, Edge didn't win to many matches without cheating, so it should'nt be to big of a deal.

    If Miz keeps improving his wrestlingskills and keeps adding or innovating a few moves now and then, he can be a 'Chris Jericho light'.. I don't think Miz ever will be a true solidified maineventer, but will always be a upper midcarder with benefits. There's no shame in that.
  5. steveorton's Avatar
    Good read but I disagree with a couple of things. Miz is only out of the Main Event scene because with the Cena/Punk/Adr/HHH storyline there is no place for him. I believe making him team with Truth until this main storyline plays out is a good thimg, the promo they delivered last Monday on Raw was just Awesome. I wouldn't mind seeing a tag team feud with Aweseome Truth vs Bourne in Paradise ultimately with Miz and Truth winning the titles. Yes Creative made his WWE title reign look very weak at the start but the weeks before WrestleMania I felt like the Miz looked like a legit WWE champion. There is no doubt in my mind that the Miz will be world champion again because he is that damn good on the mic, I'm jus sayin...
  6. King Scrapper's Avatar
    Great blog. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Miz did have some VERY high points as WWE champ.

    1. He is the only person to actually have to wrestle the opponent that they cashed the briefcase on. He legitimately beat Randy Orton for the title. That was almost enough to make him look like a worthy champ.

    2. He beat John Morrison without any help from Alex Riley. Alex was about to interfere but Morrison knocked him out with an awesome kick to the face. That table match between Morrison and Miz is by far in the top 5 matches of this year. And the Miz one fairly.

    3. If ya smell what the Miz is cooking. Did you guys forget when we all thought the great one had come back to Raw to lay the smackdown on John Cena, but low and behold it was actually the Miz dressed up as the Rock (and actually fooled me quite a bit). he destroyed John Cena that night on Raw and gave him a SCF onto the WWE sign on the ramp. That also was a pretty good way to get him over.

    4. Just wanted to throw this in there. He got a special entrance at WM. Anyone who gets that treatment is destined for greatness lol.

    I do agree that they booked the Miz very badly at times with always needing Riley to help him win, but to play devils advocate it could help his gimmick because he's the type of character that the fans are not supposed to have any faith in but always seems to succeed. it helps the fans hate him and dislike him more. Being liked by fans is not the only way to get over.

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