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My WrestleMania 27 Card Wish list

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Please tell me what you think about my custom card and if this turns out well i may make some more blogs.

WrestleMania 27
Lumberjack Match Streak On The Line: The Undertaker vs Wade Barrett
Since Taker vs Lesnar is unlikely to happen WWE may make this.
Taker Returns at the Rumble and eliminates Barrett for attacking him at Bragging Rights and costs Barrett a shot at the main event of Mania. Barrett wins a No.1 Contenders Match to challenge The Undertaker at WrestleMania (Like HBK vs Kozlov before WM25. To stack the deck against Undertaker, Barrett makes a stipulation that lets the rest of Nexus be Lumberjacks in this match at WreslteMania.

E vs C World Title: Edge vs Christian
This is the match I think all the fans want to see.
Christian Returns and Wins The Royal Rumble (Much like Edge did last year)
and chooses to vs Edge at WrestleMania for the World Title (which Edge won at TLC). meanwhile on the Smackdowns between Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber Christian gets his payback on Alberto Del Rio

WWE Title: Randy Orton vs CM Punk
Randy Orton some how wins back the WWE Title and fights of The Miz and the No.1 Contender John Morrison at the Royal Rumble. The CM Punk returns at Elimination Chamber and wins the WWE Title. Randy Orton gets a rematch and the match is set up at WrestleMania.

NO DQ: Sheamus vs Jack Swagger
John Morrison beats Sheamus in a loser leaves Raw match and Sheamus goes to Smackdown. At Elimination Chamber Swagger pins Sheamus and costs Sheamus the World Title in the Chamber Match (Much like Sheamus vs HHH). Sheamus challenges Swagger to a NO DQ Match at Wresltemania and Swagger accepts and turns into a face/tweener.

Jericho's Career on the line I Quit Match: John Cena vs Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho returns to the WWE in the Royal Rumble Match and is thrown out of the ring within 10 seconds by John Cena. during Raw Jericho and Cena are in tag team match etc and Jericho always seems to be screwed by John Cena. Jerichos anger builds up every week towards John Cena, he hates everything about Cena. In the Elimination Chamber Match when Jericho finally screws Cena for the WWE Title. Jericho's hatred to Cena builds and wants Cena to quit the WWE. Jericho wants a match against Cena and even puts up his Career at WreslteMania in an I Quit Match.

John Morrison vs The Miz
Miz and Morrison lose at the Royal Rumble in the 3 Way Match for the WWE Title. Miz offered to Morrison to team up on Orton in the match but Morrison declined and hit starship pain on the Miz and Orton stole the pin. Miz is angry at the fact his own former friend would go to great lengths to make sure that the Miz didnt have the WWE Title. Miz managed not to win the WWE Title in the Chamber Match due to Morrison. and Morrison challenges the Miz at WrestleMania and Miz says yes, but on one condition that he can beat the Miz and Alex Riley in a handicap Match on Raw. Morrison pins Riley and the match is made for WrestleMania.

Inferno Match: Triple H vs Kane
Triple H wanted to vs Undertaker at WrestleMania but was screwed by Kane in the No.1 Contenders Match against Wade Barrett. Kane wants Triple H to "burn in hell" and Triple H says "not if I burn you first" and Triple H makes an Inferno Match at WreslteMania.

Divas Title: Beth Phoenix vs Natalya
Natalya and Beth Phoenix fight off Laycool in a 4 Way Divas Title Match at Elimination Chamber and Natalya retains. Shortly after the match Phoenix turns on Natalya and tuns heel. Phoenix becomes No.1 Contender for the Divas Title and the match is made for WrestleMania.

US Title: Kaval vs Daniel Bryan
Kaval some how ends up on RAW and in the Royal Match Bryan and Kaval cross paths. they cross paths again The Raw after Elimination Chamber after Kaval beat Evan Bourne in a No.1 contenders match for the US Title. Kaval says at WreslteMania he will bring the "Ring some Honor" by brining his A Game at the grandest stage.

8 Man Gauntlet Match IC Title: Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio vs Drew McIntyre vs Cody Rhodes vs Kofi Kingston vs The Big Show, Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Masters
Alberto Del Rio wins the IC Title from Dolph Ziggler and Rey Msyerio in a 3 Way Match by cheating. Del Rio defends his title at various times against McIntyre, Kingston, Show and Masters (By Cheating). Teddy Long says "Thats the last time you will screw anyone over player" at Wresltemania there will be an 8 Man Gauntlet Match for "YOUR" IC Title.

And of course there is a Pre Show 27 Man Battle Royal.....Meh

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    Didn't you already make a thread about this?
  2. wwetna100's Avatar
    sorry im new here and i didnt know if i was to post it in blogs or the forum.
  3. Rokudo's Avatar
    I would hate it!! There are some nice things like EvsC and Jericho vs Cena, but the majority SUCKS!! People switch brand, feuds end or mix up for no reason, Miz and Morrisons' pushes end and they become midcarders again, Sheamus gets screwed to a complete midcarder, Punk gets thrown at Orton with no build up ....
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wwetna100
    sorry im new here and i didnt know if i was to post it in blogs or the forum.
    No problem. Either is fine, but most people read and discuss topics on forums.
  5. simo87's Avatar
    some of them are good e vs c is a great idea cena vs jericho is good but only if jericho wins. the undertaker well this is prob last match ever so if ur gunna wast it on wade barrett then ur a dickhead. but everybody if ur gunna wast ur time watching wwe over tna then ur an idiot

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