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NRB6304 2010 Awards

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So after the Slammy's on RAW I felt the need to post my own awards on here, for viewership, but unlike WWE's award's, mine will NOT be regulated to WWE, but mainly spread throughout WWE and TNA.


(Before I do, may I just say that these are MY THOUGHTS MY AWARDS! Feel free to agree to disagree!)

Who I missed the most this year
Batista (left WWE in May)
Shawn Michaels (left WWE in April)
Desmond Wolfe (left TNA in August though will be back)
The Undertaker (left WWE in April, returned in August left in October)
Triple H (left WWE in May)
Jim Ross (left WWE in October of 2009)
Winner:Triple H When RAW was floundering the most, which granted as been ALL YEAR, they needed one man desperately, a man that could lose every match for the rest of his career and not lose an once of credibility and that's Triple H.

Shining Star of the Year
Established superstars that have taken the most of their opportunities this year
Matt Morgan
Pope D'Angelo Dinero
The Miz
Jay Lethal
John Morrison
Ken Anderson
Winner: The Miz God it's hard not to give this award to ANY of these guys. Morgan, Pope, and Anderson all three have made themselves this year after getting screwed in WWE. And The greatest tag team of the 21st centure...TA DUM...the Miz and John Morrison are both just incredible, but considering that Miz is now the WWE Champion, hands down gets the shining star award.

New Comer of the Year
These are new comers to TNA or WWE not to the world of wrestling
Daniel Bryan
Gen Me
Wade Barrett
Albert Del Rio
Winner: Wade Barrett Hands down Wade Barrett, for being some nobody to main eventing four pay per views, that's just simple amazing, AND NOT BEING SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS! No sir and ma'm, we ASKED FOR HIM! Did we not? I know after Nexus made their debut I wanted all the Nexus I could. I wanted to see Nexus beat down the WORLD! And they did, with THIS MAN at their head. This guy, hands down newcomer of the year.

Best Theme Song
Dolph Ziggler- "I AM PERFECTION!"
Zack Ryder- "o0o0o0o0oh radio0o0o0o0 tell me everything you know!"
Randy Orton- "I hear voices in my head..."
Winner: Zack Ryder God this was a close call between Rhodes and Ryder, but at the end of the day I still love the radio!

Tag Team of the Year
Motor City Machine Guns
Beer Money
Generation Me
The Hart Dynasty
Santino and Koslov
Winner: MCMG As if it were in question?

Face of the Year
Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan
Ken Anderson
Pope D'Angelo Dinero
John "Superman" Cena
Matt Morgan
Winner:Randy Orton What makes Orton a great face is that he's still the same guy he was last year just without Legacy. The FANS turned him face, not the WWE, and that's what it should be. The WWE listened to the fans for once.

Heel of the Year
Wade Barrett
The Miz
Michael Cole
Jeff Hardy
Vickie Guerrero
Winner:Michael Cole The heat this man gets whenever he comes out is 1998 Mr. McMahon. SERIOUSLY. Michael Cole has bashed two great combatant labeled "internet greats". He has supported our current WWE champion since MITB. And has generated the most god awful fan based name ever in "Cole Miners" this man ladies and gentlemen no matter how bad he may be on the mic, can make or break you as a superstar, BELIEVE THAT!

Feud of the Year/Storyline of the Year
MCMG vs. Beer Money
MCMG vs. GenMe
Sheamus vs. Triple H
Sheamus vs. John Morrison
Kurt Angle Climbing the Ranks of the top 10
Winner:Nexus This was probably one of the hardest for me to call because I really wanted to give it to the Guns and GenMe. And while both these storylines are rehashed (Nexus aka NWO) (GenMe/Guns aka Hardyz/EC 98-01) I think both are just awesome. But when I think of wrestling 2010 I will think of Nexus.

Who to watch in 2011
Matt Morgan
Pope D'Angelo Dinero
Ken Anderson
Daniel Bryan
John Morrison
Dolph Ziggler
Seth Rollins(aka Tyler Black)
Albert Del Rio
Winner:John Morrison As 2010 comes to a close I look at two things: TLC this Sunday and TNA Genesis this upcoming January. And with John Morrison having a #1 Contenders match this Sunday in a match I HONESTLY think he WILL win I have NO DOUBT he will be like Jeff Hardy in 2008, without the suspension or bullshit, in the fact that he'll be getting a title shot in January and by the end of the year capture his first WWE/World Title.
LET ME JUST SAY THIS: Each and everybody on this list should be looked out for in 2010!

HOLY SHIT! of the Year
Shooting StaRKO
Jeff Hardy turns heel
Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair jump to TNA
Kurt Angle's moonsault at Lockdown 2010
Bret Hart on RAW
TNA debuts a 4 sided ring
The Miz cashes in MITB and WINS
Sabu steals the show at Hardcore Justice
Winner:TNA Debuts a 4 sided ring This again was quite the conversation between me and my dad. While he firmly believed Nexus was the holy shit of the year, I firmly believe that to see TNA debut their 4 sided ring was my holy shit, only because it took TNA from THIS level, to this level. And a HUGE step in the wrong direction.

Superstar of the Year
John "Superman" Cena
Daniel Bryan
The Miz
Wade Barrett
Kurt Angle
Rob Van Dam
Jeff Hardy
AJ Styles
Randy Orton
Winner:Kurt AngleSometimes TNA f**ks up BIG! Other times TNA hits it on the head, and IMO they got Kurt Angle right on the money this year. He started off with two AMAZING matches with AJ Styles, and then tore up the ring with Ken Anderson. After taking a small LOA he then made us root for him for basically the entire year until October to climb the ranks of the top contenders to get the title. And unfortunately it didn't go as planned, but Angle made it work with a kick ass match with Jeff Hardy and another awesome match with Hardy and Anderson at BFG. Ladies and Gentlemen MY 2010 Superstar of the year is Kurt Angle.

HBK vs. Undertaker (Streak vs. Career Wrestlemania 26)
AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle (TNA Title Impact 1/4/10)
John Morrison vs. Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz (US Title Triple Threat Match Submissions Count Anywhere Match HIAC)
MCMG vs. Beer Money (TNA Tag Titles Victory Road)
Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy (No Surrender)
Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu (Hardcore Justice)
Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles (Sacrifice)
MCMG vs. GenMe (Ultimate-X Match Destination-X)
Mickie James vs. Tara (Steel Cage Match Impact)

Before I post the winner let me just say this, I didn't think there was alot of AMAZING jaw dropping matches this year. Not at all, and just compiling this list to be reasonably sized (I was content to leave it at HBK/UT,Angle/AJ, and the Triple Threat match) was difficult, but as I compiled this list I've found a lot of these matches were extremly awesome and deserve this.
Winner:Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker Career vs. Streak Wrestlemania 26 HANDS DOWN.

Well this concludes my list of 2010 awards, and I hope everybody enjoyed the semi long read. Till next time!

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    I agree with most of what you say. However i think you should have made a Fuc* Up of the year and put "TNA debuts 4 sided ring there. The Holy Shi* category should be for amazing moves.

    I miss HBK more than Triple H..because I know he'l only make special apperances from now on..whilst Haitch will return full time for another few years and then hang up the boots.
  2. alexrules01's Avatar
    I miss Chris Jericho the most
    Out of your list, the Holy Shit moment should have been Shooting StaRKO!
    I said a while it would be awesome if Orton caught Bourne in a RKO from the SSP- And it happened! I was so happy
  3. knox's Avatar
    i agree with your whole post its interesting but theres a couple of categories that kofi kingston and you hit the triple h thing right on the nose. i think the best theme music hands down is sheamus or dolph ziggler.......the superstar of the year definitely is kurt angle, i respect the hell out of that man
  4. Wrestling_Deluxe_08's Avatar
    Daniel Bryan is the Best Newcomer of 2010, IMO. Even when Barrett was around, he was being drowned out by "DANIEL BRYAN" chants after WWE released him for choking out Justin Roberts. The guy is a legend in the making.
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    i agree with your whole post its interesting but theres a couple of categories that kofi kingston and you hit the triple h thing right on the nose. i think the best theme music hands down is sheamus or dolph ziggler.......the superstar of the year definitely is kurt angle, i respect the hell out of that man
    I agree that Sheamus has the best theme its just really catchy and suits his Celtic persona.
  6. nrb6304's Avatar
    Here was my problem with the StaRKO. There was nothing different about it.
    The IDEA that Randy Orton nailed Evan Bourne with an RKO whilst he was doing a SSP is an awesome idea.
    BUT here's my problem with it guys.
    Go look at Evan Bourne miss the SSP.
    Now go look at the StaRKO,
    Same exact thing, Orton barley hooked his head.

    I am possibly and PROBABLY being WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too critical about it, it really was badass, but to me it just didn't make me scream holy shit the way the 4 sided ring did.

    And in response to Holy Shit being for moves only, there haven't been alot of great holy shit moves imo this year, that one and maybe Kofi's leg drop at MITB.
  7. Mazza's Avatar
    For me, Holy SH!T moment was Mickie James Thesz press off the top of the cage on to Tara.
    HBK/UT was probably the best induvidual match, but the Beer Money vs MCMG best of 5 was better than series of matches in a long time!
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