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Creative Writers In Big Promotion Pro Wrestling.

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I am new to this site, but have been a long time Pro Wrestling fan, and now its time to vent.

Something that has been irritating for me for quite sometime is the lack of "creative writing" in both WWE and TNA. I understand that Pro Wrestling is now a part of sports entertainment, but what is going on is ridiculous. I would say that the WWE is by far more superior in story lines and angles than TNA, but lack the wrestling to support it. With that being said TNA is far more superior in wrestling, but lack the angles to support it as well.

I have been looking at what it takes to be a writer for both the WWE and TNA. Both require experience in TV or Film production is some aspect. That might be a skill needed seeing as both companies are on TV, but I dont think it is necessarily a crucial skill needed. Along with that there is also a requirement to have a BA or Masters degree in either Film, TV, Communications or something related to the three. As I have seen and I'm sure everyone else has, Pro Wresting is starting to turn into an actual Soap Opera. Pro Wrestling has always been described as a Male Soap Opera, but now it is getting ridiculous. Angles being done with no end or ending in an unbelievable way, retarded romances, a ton of build up without any payoff, and a lack of content as well. There is a reason why women mainly watch Soap Operas and not men. We as men want to see something good and interesting, not something half ass. As most of you know Pro Wrestling is choreographed and scripted, but when done correctly you forget all of that and believe in the characters and stories just like you would a Hollywood Movie or TV show, as you begin to hate the Heel and Love the baby face.

I think this message board can prove that you dont need some college education to write great Pro Wrestling angles. Take a look at the Be Your Own Booker forum here, there are plenty of examples. Thats just a small taste of the ideas going on everywhere else outside the creative teams. What has become a huge problem in the writing is that there are either no or close to no real wrestling fans on the creative teams for both WWE and TNA anymore. Vince Russo as an example says in his book that he is tired of writing "fake wrestling". The only time fake wrestling is written is when the writer is a fake as well. Vince Russo strives on creating wrestling that is sitcom based. Just because its a weekly program shown on TV, doesnt mean that it needs to be like everything else on TV. When Pro Wrestling had its biggest ratings with the WCW and WWF war, it was so much different than everything else on was wrestling.

I also blame the lack of competition in the wrestling business. There is no more weekly programming going head to head anymore to push everyone to be the best they can be in all aspects of the business. Raw is on Monday, Superstars is on Thursdays before Impact and Smackdown is on a Friday. With there being no competition I think it allows writers to not write to their full potential even if they posses it. I honestly think this is why the UFC and MMA in general has become so popular. The fights are built up, you get to know the fighters and decide who you want to rally behind, and finally you get to see a winner. That used to be the basic formula in Pro Wrestling along with some added pieces to the angles to make it Pro Wrestling.

For me Pro Wrestling has always been a passion of mine and have loved the business since Hulkamania was FIRST running wild. I keep hoping that something will change and pray that we will see it soon. I wish TNA would get some real wresting fans to write. With the in ring ability that the TNA roster posses along with a better writing staff (not including Vince Russo), TNA would be close to unstoppable.

Thank You.

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  1. Rated_PG13's Avatar
    I agree and I am actually an independent film producer/director/writer. My ultimate goal is to be a writer for WWE some day, or maybe even TNA. I love wrestling and I'm always thinking of new and different ideas. I think it's about time some of the writers on staff in both companies really looked at what they were doing and try to see it from a fan's perspective.

    Having said that, there are a lot of reasons why wrestling isn't as popular today as it was ten years ago. Two big reasons are that there was a lot less choice (less internet presence as well, no iPods, etc) back then for your entertainment time than there is today - and that what the WWE (and WCW) did had never been done before. It was all fresh, brand new; it was cutting edge TV. Everyone wanted to see what would happen next. Nowadays, it's very hard to do something that hasn't been done already. It's not impossible, but it is difficult.

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