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Is Vince Mcmahon really a wrestling Genius?

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We all know Vince Mcmahon is responsible for bringing pro wrestling into the mainstream media, and that he ruthless tactics enabled him to grow the business and bring its fans countless hours of entertainment. But, is vince still a wrestling genius, better yet, has he been a wrestling genius since the 1990s? Vince brought the WWF/E to staggering heights in the 1980s by securing television deals, raiding other organizations talents, putting his product on PPV, ect. He was able to bring in numerous entertainers to be guess hosts during his wrestlmania's which also brought in coverage from the mainstream media. He built an empire with pure genius.

Now during the 1990s, vince seemed to have gotten a bit complacent. It could have been due to the steroid scandal (which pretty much why we had a Bret Hart or Shawn Micheals, because without the scandal, Vince would still have been pushing only huge muscle bound wrestlers). The product was not as good in the early 90s as it was in the late 80s. Imo, looking back, the new generation era was good...not great.

Then the monday night wars began with WCW. WCW was able to kick the WWF/E's ass for the better part of one and a half years. Vince was treading water at this point. Vince really didn't have an answer for WCW, inswtead he went on television literally crying and saying "why can't we both just co-exist" (kinda sucks when somebody else is raiding your talents and putting you outta business huh vince).

This is were most people really get pure luck confused for Vince's genius...the creation of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Austin-Mcmahon war. Austin became Stone cold pretty much during the king of the ring tourney where he first used the phrase "Austin 316", but originally Austin was never suppose to win. HHH was suppose to win but he was being punished for the curtain call, Austin was then just thrown into the position to be a last minute filler. It was kismet that HHH was being punished because Vince didn't really see the potential Austin had until the crowd reacted to his phrase and kept doing so.

The other act of pure luck was the fact that Bret Hart took a shot at vince backstage during the 97 survivor series which was documented in brets DVD...therefore it became public. Now Vince was a "heel" due to this and could not act that he was onlt an announcer for WWF/E, but the actual owner...which led to the Austin-Mcmahon era.

Imo, vince hasn't been a wrestling genius for a good two decades...he, however, had/has a huge lucky horseshoe stuck up his ass and has been carrying him through rough patches. For god sakes...he beat the United States government in court during the steroid scandal!!!

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  1. tittle97's Avatar
    I don't know about this man. Vince might have been treading water as far was ratings were concerned, but every week WWF pushed the envelope further and further and developed storylines and new superstars. Raw had better matches week in and week out. Austin's attitude was born in ECW. He might not have been Stone Cold yet, but even ECW was a huge part of WWF's success. And Vince was smart enough to work with ECW, not just buy out their talent like WCW did and bury them. The NWO, the best part of WCW besides the cruiserweights got stupid and watered-down in less than a year. The cruiserweights never got what they deserved for busting their asses every night and putting on stellar matches. Look at Rey Misterio and how much merch he sells in WWE NOW. WCW had him for years....and they make him take off his mask???? Not even market the guy? He looks like a damn super hero for gods sake! And when did Vince ever cry on tv tring to co-exsist? Don't remember that. I don't think luck has much to do with his success. He is a total asshole yeah, but an amazing businessman also.
  2. Sony's Avatar
    Vince actually cried on a show up in Canada called "Off The Record". To be honest, imo Raw never had the better wrestling, WCW did with the cruiserweights and wrestlers like Benoit, Eddie, Melenko, Jericho, juventude, ect. The best of 5 series between Benoit vs Booker T were all classic matches. As far as NWO getting watered down...yes it did, but every storyline gets watered down, escpecially when upper management is telling you what kind of storylines one can use and they have to be green lighted through them first. Being handcuffed creatively never helps the storylines or product. A perfect exampkle of a storyline being watered down and over used (like the NWO) is the (any wrestler) vs Mr Mcmahon. The Austin Vs Mcmahon story was good, but it was done to death with sooo many westlers it became annoying. Austin vs Mcmahon, Taker vs Mcmahon, Mankind vs Mcmahon, HHH vs Mcmahon, Shawn vs Mcmahon, Cena vs Mcmahon, hell even Bret Hart vs Mcmahon. It became so annoying watching the same storyline being rehatched over and over again for over a decade. As far as Mysterio is concerned, yeah WCW dropped the ball with him, But once can say WWE has dropped the ball on wrestlers also such as Elijah Burke. The guy is huge in TNA right now...its comparable to the mysterio situation,
  3. nrb6304's Avatar
    wCw CLEARLY had the better undercard. I mean when your talking about: Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Eddy Guerrero, Chris Beniot, Juvi, LA Parka, Dean Malenko etc. your bound to have CLASSICS! I mean Rey Mysterio and Eddy Guerrerro 97 Halloween Havoc.
    You've never seen it?! It should have main evented the freaking PPV!!
    When it's 97 and Hogan and Piper (a match seen 12 years prior) is main eventing a PPV, something is SERIOUSLY wrong.

    As for the WWF, their mid card was SO FREAKING WEAK! I mean 97 your talking an underdeveloped and established Rocky Mavia, The Sultan, Jesse James The Roadie.... :/
    Awesome main events. Austin hitting his peak, Bret Hart, HBK, Undertaker etc.
  4. tittle97's Avatar
    Those 2 Starrcade's back to back were REALLY bad. Hogan looked terrible. As far as your comments, WCW had a better mid-card, but they became main-eventers when they came to WWE. Vince is still a genius though. You can't deny that.
  5. Sony's Avatar
    In my opinion, Vince was a genius many years before the attitude era...many, man years before. I just find that during the 90s, most everything that worked for vince/wwe was just pure luck. The Stone Cold character and the Mr Mcmahon character (the main reasons WWF/E was able to beat WCW) were never planned but just happened out of circumstances = pure luck. There is no doubt that Vince was a wrestling genius, but the genius well seems to have ran out long ago.
  6. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Everything relied on pure luck. Heck, the whole idea of Wrestlemania was a gamble that was luckily caught on.

    Besides, while circumstances called for things to be done, Vince at least used that to his advantage. An example of WCW, after Buff Bagwell came back from a life threatening injury, with genuine babyface appeal, he came back as a heel. If WCW was smart, a face push would have been money.

    If Vince isn't a wrestling genius, he's a fifth grader in a Preschool class: Not as smart as higher grades, but a lot smarter then the competition.
    Updated 12-14-2010 at 09:13 AM by Rassling_Fan
  7. Sony's Avatar
    Wrestlemania was a educated gamble, knowing whats a stake...what can be loss and what can be achieved. Wrestlemania was planned, it didn`t just happened. Thata was the era Vince was a genius. Being lucky and taking a educated gamble are two different things. yeah luck plays a small part in an educated gamble, but research and knowing what your getting yourself into is also a huge part of the equation. Luck, such as the Austin-Mcmahon era, is exactly that...Luck
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