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Rey. Don't Retire. Just take a break. A LONG one.

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First off, I want to thank you guys for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you enjoy it.

Now. I'm presuming everyone who is reading this blog has heard the news that Rey Mysterio has injured himself, yet again. The sad part is he JUST recovered from an ear injury that kept him from doing much in his matches. Now he has a tear in his shoulder that will probably prevent him from doing even MORE stuff. We also can't forget that the poor guy's knees are shot (again), which prevents him from doing his classic entrance where he shoots up out of the stage. In addition, he does not do any of his hurricanrana variations or any of his spectacular maneuvers because of his condition. All we see from Rey is Seated Sentons, kicks, Angel Splash, and the 619. Maybe once in a while we'll get a cross-body, but you get my point, right? You tell me when was the last time Rey did a Tilt-A-Whirl Hurricanrana or a somersault dive to the outside? In case some of you guys forgot how athletic Rey Mysterio is and can be I ask that you take a look at the YouTube video down below: - Top 45 Moves of Rey Mysterio.

After watching that video, it is no question why WWE is highly favorable of him. Yes, the fact that he is a merchandise magnetic may concern WWE more (reason #1 why he is still on TV now), but I doubt the company would like him as much if he was not as athletically skilled as he is now. So you have to understand me when I say it is kind of sad watching how Rey wrestles now. It was just a year ago he was putting on great matches with Y2J, Morrison, and Dolph Ziggler. Now he can barely pull off good matches with Alberto Del Rio and his feud with him is pretty lackluster to say the least. Let's face it. It is getting to be about that time for Rey.

No, not retirement. Just to take a long, extended vacation.

I personally believe Rey has TONS to offer in the world of wrestling and I seriously do not want to see him retire. However, I do yearn to see him wrestle like he used to and I think a long, extended vacation is what he needs to get back on his feet. Once he has had time to rejuvenate, I'm positive Rey Rey will be cutting it up in the ring again. I mean, it is not like WWE is limiting his move set.... I don't think.

Who knows? Maybe Rey just does not want to wrestle that way anymore and prefers to wrestle the style he does now. If so then fine, but I still think he should get a vacation real soon. Perhaps after he has finished this feud with Del Rio, he will get just that. Besides, he needs to step down anyways and let some of the younger talent have the spotlight. I think Kofi Kingston would be a GREAT replacement for Rey Mysterio as a top babyface. If not him, then Christian. Whoever it is. My point is, I believe things would be a lot better for WWE AND Rey if they gave him a break and let him rest of wounds. So when he comes back in full condition, he can reminder us all of how spectacular Mr. 619 is.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    yea man i agree with this blog, im glad u showin rey props, im not the biggest mysterio fan infact im not really a fan at all but i respect his in ring ability i mean there arent much people around that can do the moves he does and also the man is tuff as nails....with most of his injuries he still performs through them, most wrestlers like the undertake, triple h and orton take whatver break they can get wen dealing with injuries...and i admit rey has taken time of plenty of times but he still performs 90% through imjuries
  2. Daniel Bryan's Avatar
    i agree especially about the younger talent when he comes back from the vacation he will still have the huge pop he always gets so to give him a break like that would be great for him and the WWE and the type of break i was thinking is the one HBK took to recover from his neck and all other things
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    Even tho Reys not as athletic as he used to be, I still watch him week after week on SD. But I do agree that after a long vacation he'l be back and show us some of that athleticism from his early career.

    Also, I agree that Christian should be top babyface on SD. He already gets the loudest pops besides Edge so why not.
  4. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    Agreed. If Rey got a long vacation (like the one Taker has had the last couple of years), I'm sure we could see him back at his best doing all his high flying moves. I think he still has the ability to do most the stuff from the videos, but he's obviously holding back these days because of injury.

    The problem is, there is a lack of top babyfaces on Smackdown (probably why Zeke has been moved). And that's why they won't let him take an extended period of time off.

    They aleready missed the boat with Matt Hardy (who is in awesome shape at the moment, check his latest videos to see!) and MVP. Both could have been top babyfaces on Smackdown. I say elevate the likes of Kaval and Chris Masters to the next level, and the sooner Christian comes back, the better!! If he doesn't get a push after he returns, I have a feeling he might leave!!

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