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Impact wrestling: Finally some total nonstop action

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The main storyline thread throughout IMPACT WRESTLING was Bobby Roode and co’s attempt to take out Bully Ray. However the gangs assault failed, Bully Ray got back to his feet and went after revenge on his attackers. Later, Bully attacked Zema Ion and The BroMans in the locker room, which led to one of my favourite quotes while watching wrestling: “Its a bad night for The BroMans, their DJ’s just been wedgied”. Then, Bully Ray attacked Ethan Carter III backstage, while EC3 was being interviewed about his upcoming match with Bobby Lashley.

Finally Ray took to the ring to explain his actions at Lockdown; explaining that he realised that wrestling didn’t need Dixie Carter to run it into the ground. Ray then called out Bobby Roode, Roode came down and wasted little time in getting into it with Bully. Bully got the upper hand and introduced a table to the fray, only for Roode to nail him with a spinebuster. But, just when it looked like Roode was going to put Ray through the table, Bully broke out, hit a cutter and powerbombed Roode through a table to end the show. This was a decent ending to IMPACT, and although it wasn’t a match, at least it had “Action”. Roode vs Ray is going to lead to some simply fantastic matches between the two and is the kind of feud that could bring back some of TNA’s hardcore fanbase.

The rest of the show featured some splendid action, MVP opened the show, talking about his new role as director of operations, Magnus came out with The Monster, and explained that he didn’t need Dixie, because he had a monster, and unlike James Mitchell and Eric Young, Magnus was going to treat ABYSS like a star. Samoa Joe came out and MVP made a match between Joe and ABYSS. The match itself was a good big man match, with Samoa Joe nicely selling the injury he sustained at the hands of Janice. EY ran down and attacked ABYSS to give Joe the DQ victory and protect the prestige of all involved.

Brittany had a nice, albeit, quick bout with Gail Kim. Post match the relationship between Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa imploded. Good move, in my opinion, that relationship was always too close to the AJ Lee/Tamina relationship in WWE.

Sanada and Tigre Uno looked great in their tag team win over The BroMans. They were fast and slick and nailed some impressive moves. In fact, they impressed me more than The Wolves have since joining TNA. I know that Davey and Eddie are tremendous talents but I feel they’ve been slightly holding back. Sanada and Tigre picked up the win. Two great talents, with hopefully great futures.

Rockstar Spud’s promo work was outstanding, it managed to be completely exaggerated without losing its believability. The video package and the reading along with referring to EC3 as “Supple young Ethan” was pure comedy gold. It seems like Rockstar Spud has a touch of the Chris Jericho (ala WCW) about him. He isn’t given particularly great roles but he makes the most of what he’s given. This kind of enthusiasm is hard to find in wrestling these days.

MVP interrupted Spud and announced that Spud must fufil his obligations as a wrestler and face Willow! And that EC3 will face “The Boss” Bobby Lashley next week. Lashley came out and stared down EC3. Spud got in Lashley’s face and got the portrait of Dixie over the head for his troubles.

Mr Anderson took on Samuel Shaw in a heated brawl, Anderson won with a mic check. I didn’t like the manikin that Shaw brought to the ring, I felt like that was overkill. Having said that the “Creepy Bastard” chants are great.

The Willow vs Rockstar Spud match was a good, it was nice to see that aggressive side from the Willow character. I can see spud really selling his injuries in the coming weeks.

Downsides to the show include: the Angelina Love/Velvet Sky segment which was way too long (as were most promos on the show). There was no Gunner, James Storm, Austin Aries or The Wolves, while TNA is understandably trying to cut costs, no to follow up with these crucial components of the Lockdown PPV was a mistake. I fear MVP will suffer from the fabled “Authority figure overkill” in the coming weeks and months.

With that said, this is one of the better IMPACTs in recent memory. There was a lot of content and not much of the annoying recap videos. The crowd was alive for the first time in a while and the segments and matches were good. The match of the night for me was Sanada and Tigre Uno vs The BroMans, a reminder perhaps that the X-Division has always been TNA’s strongest USP.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Ah, seen better. Didn't like the recent impact because it came really out of no where with some of these things. Bully is the special guest ref? He costs heels the match after being one of the top heels for a long time? Ok surprise factor, but why not plant seeds? Beat up Bully Ray and when Bully got his revenge same night? Why not next week to sell? The way he got his revenge was pretty soft if you ask me. Bully got beat up a helluva lot worse. All he did was sling them against the wall and punch or kick them a couple times.

    liked the upset by the new knockout.

    a lot of it just came out of no where like the knockout reunion as well. Don't like raining on parades which is why I was 2nd guessing commenting.

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