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Popularity is a Star Killer

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i've noticed a trend, not accusing anyone of anything but it seems any time a wrestler reaches a certain level of popularity we pick them apart. Cena, Orton, HHH... etc. just a reality check on my part here lets look at Super Cena.

Wrestling skill, CRAP really? no he has skills he may not have the greatest move set but he can sell he's one of the better people at LOOKING like he's getting his ass kicked. Does he need a Heel turn, no, why not? because he sells well heels need that skill less as they are usually on top in the match win or lose.

Mic skills? not gonna be very popular for this but the man has charisma, and a great way with a mic, i miss his funnier promos and agree he should be given more opportunity to be sarcastic, but he is one of the best in the business on the mic.

Story telling Skills? he has em. he's good at getting the story across, true his stories are usually pretty simple, but he is a good in ring story teller.
i'd love to see him in more interesting situations, and use more of his skill set but he's not BAD, he's just a bit "disney" if you know what i mean, but actually for a a disney kind of wrestler he does it well.

Orton, honestly i think orton is one of the best wrestlers out there, great move set ( screw the RKO that hangman ddt looks sick as shite) one of the few wrestlers that truly can pull off menacing and disturbed. he can tell a good story and take a bump.

where is he weak , Mic skills... but his character doesn't need them as much. The Apex Predator doesn't need mic skills, he's supposed to be a nothing to talk about i'm gonna kill you kind of guy.

HHH is basically a combination of Cena and Orton, great mic, very good ring skill, and one of the best intro songs ever ( sorry had to mention because Lemmy is god)

now lets look at our recent chosen son, who we as internet fans are all about.

Daniel Bryan
some of the best ring skills i have ever seen, some fo the best story telling out there, from what i've seen not so much on the promo's I hear he dose better than he's been given, i hope to see it but for now I'm not hugely impressed. he's our next Benoit, send him out to make the top guy scared, but don't really ever push him.

I HATE miz, which means he's doing his job right... not bad in ring, 2 yrs ago i'd have thrown up in my mouth a bit saying that but i'll give him credit, his ring skills have gotten honest to god legit, Can't sell a story in the ring, sorry i can predict him too easily and it's mostly spot to spot, if he didn't irritate his way into major heat he would not have the belt. GREAT mic skill like WOW, how does he sell an injury don't know they don't let him. I really wish WWE would go for real heat not this cheap Miz Vicky annoying heat.

as for the tendency to toss a disparaging comment on how many botches some of the newer faster Faces have... ever notice that these guys are also the faster high risk types, more spots means more mistakes, if all of them would be mat wrestlers WWE would be a snore fest. Guys like Bryan couldn't stand out.

i'm not really a Cena fan, he's a little too Disney for my consumption, but are we being honest or do we hate him because the kids love him and we're getting sick of seeing him?
just my few cents

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Updated 12-09-2010 at 09:00 PM by Frank

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  1. Sony's Avatar
    Cena sucks...end of thread :)
  2. 2xtreme's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sony
    Cena sucks...end of thread
    That was never in any doubt
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 2xtreme
    That was never in any doubt
    Hes one of the hardest workers in the biz but have to agree with you
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