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The Road to WM just plain sucks

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Usually the build to WM is well planned and creates lots of interest into the biggest PPV of the year. However, the past couple of months have done nothing to build the PPV for a number of reasons. Bad booking, lack of pushes and stale gimmicks are diminishing what normally is a stellar build.

Punk quitting has hurt the WWE as one of its biggest draws no longer is on TV (still a top seller in merchandise, even has beat Cena recently). Ever since he walked out the product has suffered because he makes whatever segment in is in entertaining and his matches are great. Now, how he handled his business can be debated on many levels but the fact is the reason he walked is very valid. Look at the pushes happening and who is not getting pushed and it is easy to see how you get burned out. The main event is probably the worst main event they have had in years or maybe ever which is a crock since this is the 30 year anniversary. Nobody and I mean nobody gives two shits about Batista coming back and he has done nothing for WWE. His promos are awful and his matches are even worse which says something. He should not be used in the main event picture but rather supplementary feuds to build guys. Orton is just a stale as Batista and he cannot get over with the crowd as a heel and has been a worse champion than Cena which says something. Orton should not be in the main event at WM as he draws as much interest as a his movie career (think 12 rounds reloaded). The real main event should include Bryan for the title because he is the most over guy in the business right now and his work in the ring is unmatched since Punk walked out.

The recent raws and ppvs are just recycling the same matches over and over. Everyone remembers the Cena vs Orton, yeah that was great, thank for that booking. Hell the crowd chanted they wanted Divas over those two, why, because we are tired of watching the same crap in the ring, over and over. Now, we are getting Sheamus vs Christian for the 15th time and the crowd is apathetic even though the matches were decent. How many times do we need to see Big E vs Swagger or Cesaro just for the other one to interfere or cost the other the match. Now if you are trying to build for WM then just replaying the same over and over again is embarrassing. Seems like the whole WWE network approach except we would choose what to watch over and over and not be forced it. I understand that WWE higher ups have their own agenda and do what they want for two reasons: one they can and two people still watch the garbage product (I have not watched Raw consistently for two months or the ppvs because there is nothing truly fascinating being promoted). Case in point, the Daniel Bryan HHH feud which was makeshift because of the Punk situation. HHH just wants to have his ego stroked and be in another WM match and also probably wants another MOTY selection so he picks the best guy in the business for it. Stephanie has been awful on the mic and does not generate any hype and tries to be like Vince as the evil power boss but just comes off like a crappy D-list actor. DB should not be relegated to a match that has no point because it does not help DB get over or propel him into the main event picture. Now they created this Andre the Giant Battle Royal and are trying to promote it like it is a great match or that WWE superstars want to be in that. Let's be honest, that match is not going to have any of the top guys in the match because it is stupid (no disrespect to Andre) but it is a filler match to give guys who should be pushed like Ziggler a chance to part of WM. Nobody will care about who wins that match, they should put Orton and Batista in that match because they deserve to be in that match then the main event. I wish that the booking was better because Cesaro (I know he is getting a push now but he should have been pushed sooner than now), Ziggler, Rollins and Reigns (push better than others), Sandow, Cody Rhoodes to name a few should be the real stars of WM with your throw ins like Cena, Taker, Lesnar, and Daniel Bryan who are staples in the company.

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  1. MP.Brouser's Avatar
    Lol at "Orton cannot get over with the crowd as a heel"

    The fucking man gets the biggest heat compared to anyone on the roster right now.
    Have you listened to the reaction he's been getting the past weeks?
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MP.Brouser
    Lol at "Orton cannot get over with the crowd as a heel"

    The fucking man gets the biggest heat compared to anyone on the roster right now.
    Have you listened to the reaction he's been getting the past weeks?
    Yea, because the heat is because of Orton's antics. It is working because his plan has come together as a character. Has nothing to do with Orton as to why he is getting heat. Hell, it has nothing to do with Batista's character as to why he is getting heat. They are getting heat because of where they are on the roster. Fans don't want them there. They want Bryan there. They didn't give a flying crap about seeing Cena/Orton at the Royal Rumble as they crapped all over the match. Even Orton gets frustrated over the crowd reaction he is getting. Fans are reacting the way they want to. He doesn't hold us in the palm of his hand. Anyone would be getting heat for being in that spot.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Problem is, no real great heel to feud with Bryan which is why he should be champion feuding with someone like HHH to take the strap off of him. Orton doesn't belong in the main event as you said, but a rematch of Brock vs Taker doesn't belong in the main event either which makes it even worse. The WWE title match will be the main event of Mania with Bryan hoisting the WWE title over his head hopefully. That is exactly why I quit watching SD and just watch certain parts of Raw.
  4. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    WWE has become their own worst enemy, using part time, old and washed up wrasslers to win titles and Main Event PPV. They have failed to create and promote new and younger talent in a sustainable manner. The wasted chances with Ryback, Ziggler, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan in favor of promoting their name and company by having the tired-assed Rock and his catch phrases come out of retirement and take spots from other guys...repeated now by Bautista. Talent performs day-in-day-out and gets replaced by these guys...Taker ( wrestles a couple of times a year)...with predictable outcomes. Then Dusty's spawn and Old Aged Outlaws win titles! Cena, Michaels, HHH, Rock and Austin were middle of the road, mid-card guys that chances were given to...they established themselves...developed credibility and eventual gold and glory! Time to move on...out with the old, in with the new!

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