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With a Great Heel comes Great Responsibility!!!

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With a Great Heel comes Great Responsibility!!!!
Daniel Bryan is without a doubt the greatest talent WWE has currently, he is by far the most “over” on the entire roster and don’t tell me that when he walks through the curtain you don’t through your hands in the air and chant “yes,yes,YES!” just like everyone else.
While Daniel is awesome no doubt, he is nothing without his great heels to put him over and make him look that much better. In all of wrestling history , time and again our greatest heroes were only that great because the heel they fought against lent them the credibility and believability to be super!
Hulk and Andre the Giant , Stone Cold and Vince McMahon, Stone Cold and The Rock, Bret Hart and HBK, Mankind and HHH. Some of the very best feuds were always about the the underdog hero or the average man vs the powerhouse or authority as you were.
The same can be said about the current Daniel Bryan vs the Authority. So many people cry and say they hate HHH and that inside their head HHH buries people backstage at his own expense. I have one question. Are you there? Did you get personally wronged by HHH? No. Period. So many fans are so closed minded that you forget that during the course of his career HHH has been one of the most evil villains ever.
Also a year ago we had an almost non-existent tag division, now there are so many teams I almost feel like we are in the 1980’s again. Who is the orchestrator of this revived division? HHH , and im pretty sure that building a great show like RAW has become again isn’t burying anything.
But more than that he put other talents over so often that he would I dare say exemplify a great worker! He put over Jeff Hardy for the IC title, he put over the rock , Stone Cold, Undertaker, HBK, Mick Foley, Y2J and many , many more! For all the times he won and yes he won a lot , he lost a lot. Do you honestly think that if Daniel Bryan had beaten John Cena clean and HHH had never pedigreed him causing RKO to cash in MITB at Summerslam that you would have loved every minute of his title run over the last 9 months?
The answer is no, the reason you cheer and love DB is because the Authority and everyone associated with him holds him down. Just remember , Stone Cold wasn’t always about the title. He was about beating Vince’s ass over and over. DB and HHH is this same scenario all over again and the longer the machine holds him down , his end game victory will be so amazing that the moment in time will leave you saying , “Yes, Yes ,Yes.” Thus with being a great hero requires a great heel and that folks is what you are watching.
Leave me your thoughts,
Peace and Love ,

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  1. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Truer words have never been spoken or is it typed!! Great work!

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