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Booking Challenge: TNA Lockdown 2014

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Lockdown is in March this year which is why I'm doing this booking challenge. TNA Lockdown, 1 of the biggest ppvs of the year for TNA. 10 match limit max as always. So you know how this works, give your best card possible as usual. For those who don't understand the point of the booking challenge, please read the explaination right under this opening beside the *. For the booking challenge vets, here is my TNA Lockdown 2014 card:

*The point of the booking challenge isn't to predict what the actual card will be. It is to challenge wrestling fans to give what card they want to see. Give the best card that not only they want to see, but others would like to see as well. There is no fun in predicting what the wrestling card will be because every card will be basically the same. The point is, you are the booker and you got the keys to the car. People complain all the time including myself about wrestling product. Put your money where your mouth is. You give me the card better than the actual card and dare I say attempt to have a better card than mine. Forget current storylines, give me your storylines and your best card you can deliver in the comment section below. Creates that competitive environment I want, I want the readers to compete with me. Give me their opinion on my card and I'll give you my opinion on yours. That is the booking challenge!! This will be copy and pasted on every single booking challenge since some still don't understand how it works.

X-Division title: Aries vs Sam Shaw-I know everyone including myself would like to see Aries in the main event light more which should happen as soon as he drops the X-Division title to someone. I always want every title on the line. Which is why he is defending it here. Sam Shaw is an interesting character. Up and coming midcarder that it may be too soon for him to get a shot at the strap, but I'm giving it to him. I was thinking of the time when Aries did that thing to Christy when she announced his name wrong a year or so ago to make the feud personal and meaningful. However, would people remember it or would TNA want them to. Either way, emotions get the best of Shaw and Aries experience is the reason he retains the X-Division title.
Tag team titles: Bromans vs Gunner & James Storm-I was thinking a singles match with Gunner and James Storm, but I thought the better route was for the make up. Storm & Gunner go for the straps 1 more time only for him to turn on Gunner inside the steel cage beating the crap out of him. Bro Mans retains vs another tag team because of Storm. Figure the turn will happen on Impact before the ppv, but wouldn't it be genius inside the steel cage. Not many tag teams to feud with anyways for BroMans.
Abyss vs Eric Young-EY helped Abyss with controling the monster, I guess one could say. You have EY cut promos about it saying he knows what makes him tick. He knows his blood boils when he is busted open. Come Lockdown, EY isn't waiting for the bell to ring to cut him open. Abyss: EY would like to think he had control of me, but he never did. He and everyone else would like to think they can control the Monster Abyss, but they can't. In the monster's ball, I left you laying after the match. At Lockdown, you are inside the steel cage with a monster where you can't run or hide. I won't leave you laying in the ring "evil laugh" what does that mean? I'd book him to probably to big of an extreme to the insane asylum for those who watched TNA in the early years with his manager James know what I'm talking about.
Triple threat KOs title: Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim vs Lei'D Tapa-There is no chance Madison Rayne can retain her KOs title against the best TNA Knockout of all-time and her body guard I guess 1 could say. Somehow, the Queen Bee retains the KOs title. Gail Kim of course gets in Tapa's face and blames her for the loss. Tapa is slapped in the face only for Tapa to respond with a shove to Gail Kim to the ground. She allows Gail to run off to begin the feud between the two.
Lethal Lockdown for Control of TNA: Bobby Roode, Bad Influence, Bully Ray, & EC3 vs MVP, Wolves, Jeff Hardy, & Joe-Ego faction is back on Dixie's side. Bully Ray vs Mr.Anderson again was a thought, but come on these two had been going at it for far too long. Not a big fan of Anderson, so the story of the casket match with him losing and staying away for a while makes Jeff Hardy perfect replacement. I think it was a pretty dumb decision not to have EC3 battling on Dixie's team in reality because the Carter name and control of the company is on the line. 5 on 5 is better than 4 on 4 even for Survivor Series. I'm a traditionalist!! I think it is too soon for Joe vs Magnus for the strap. Joe could and should be built up better. Just came out of no where really.....give the man who is on the hot streak and the true main event talent who is the top babyface who is proven to be the biggest challenge for Magnus. Anyways obvious set up win for MVP. I hope in reality this match doesn't main event the ppv, but for some reason I think it will.
World title: Magnus vs Kurt Angle-Arguably the greatest in ring performer of all-time, 10+ time world champion, and now a TNA Hall of Famer vs a young up and coming star who has defeated everyone in his path from AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and even Sting. However, outcomes have been questionable with all Dixie's helpers. Now you are in there with companys best inside a steel cage designed to keep both in and to keep Dixie's helpers out. Kurt Angle is on a hot streak defeating Roode, Bad Influence inside the cage. Recently into the Hall of Fame and now plans on adding another world title to his impressive resume. Magnus retains after Angle costs himself the match by missing the moonsault setting up a comeback by the world champion.

There you have it!! That is how, I personally would book TNA Lockdown 2014. Like or dislike the card? What would you change? Agree or disagree on Joe vs Magnus being too soon? How would you book TNA Lockdown 2014? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!! NEXT:WRESTEMANIA XXX!!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I posted this the 19th, but it was never posted. I deleted it today and posted it again. I contacted website about not being posted for several days, but never did end up being posted. Sorry about the delay. As far as the tag titles that changed hands during live events with The Wolves.....I certainly would have had them won their first tag titles on a bigger stage. Not just some random show so fans "can't miss" impact365. Havn't been on the roster long enough for us fans to even give a damn with they win the titles or not.

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