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I want to stop fast forwarding through this Mediocre Era

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Thank god for VCR to DVD recording. Thank god that my ex didn't throw my most prized collection of tapes and thank god all those hours I spent transferring my tapes to DVD were not in vain.

I was recently watching episodes of Raw and Smackdown in order of course from the time HHH came back from his first quad tear all the way through Wrestlemania X8. I particularly like those few months because HHH was a face and he had been away for a while, The Undertaker was killing it with his big evil biker badass heel persona. Remember when he beat up David Flair at the gym. Kurt Angle was at his best headlining Raws and Smackdowns against Austin and HHH. Chris Jericho was the first Undisputed Champion and was fueding with Rock. The What chant was fresh and Austin was hilarious. Stephanie Mcmahon was pretty good here too. Fake pregnancy, fighting with Debra, split from HHH, aligned herself with Jericho. She was pretty busy. Booker T was getting stink faced by Rikishi and was having funny moment after funny moment. Hell we even saw the Undertaker fued with Rock. Does anyone remember Taker teaching everyone the word RESPECT? We saw the return of the NWO and it was really good until Hogan turned face and Scott Hall got canned and Kevin Nash got hurt again. Stacy Keibler was with the Dudleys and wow. Trish was women's champion. We had badass bitches like Jazz and Jacqueline. Ric Flair was playing co-owner of the WWE. That great tribute video with Kid Rocks Lonely Road of Faith. In my opinion it was the greatest tribute video ever in the WWE.

Ok thats enough my point has been made. Every segment was entertaining even those Billy and Chuck segments. Its been many years since I have watched a full episode of the current product and not had to fast foward through most of it, if not all of it. The only reason I keep watching is to keep my collection going and to hopefully not miss something awesome like CM Punks promo, Lesnar returning, Edges farewell speech, Bret Hart coming back. I mean can the WWE get anymore stale? Can they become anymore mediocre?

I fear the answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!!! How do they expect to keep their fanbase paying $9.99 a month for this WWE Network if they are going to be putting on this type of performance week in week out. If anything there shows and pay-per-views will only get worse under pressure. I don't have the answer to what will be the next big thing to lift up professional wrestling but I do know I'm not the only one fast forwarding through this mediocre era.

Professional Wrestling used to be a Saturday morning event when I was a kid. It was a huge party when I was a teenager. I remember we used to have Raw and Nitro parties and we would have big parties for their pay-per-views. It was something too look forward too. Most of my friends that used to watch don't watch anymore and I really don't blame them. I ask myself sometimes why do I keep watching. The answer is simple its not just the WWE that's gotten mediocre. Most t.v. programs are mediocre as well. Do I want to watch one of the million reality shows out there? Nah, unless its Hardcore Pawn, that show is awesome. So might as well watch the only wrestling program out there. I know theres TNA and I do watch that as well but they never get through a storyline. Wrestling is one big storyline and that company thinks 5 star matches is going to get and keep an audience. I do think they have a tremendous roster and hopefully they can get some momentum going.

Theres a million CSI shows, theres so many talk shows, cop shows, vampire shows, reality shows, political shows. Every type of show you can think of, theres at least ten more like it. There's so many of the same out there in t.v. land. Theres only two wrestling shows out there. Ok before everyone starts screaming ROH or some other promotion the only shows that are being considered here are WWE and TNA. Would I like another wrestling promotion to come up and start competing? Of course I would but until that happens lets hope that we can get through this mediocre era and still have at least one professional wrestling show to watch.

Do I still record Raws and Smackdowns? Yes I have quite a library. Its gotten easier to collect these the past 10 years but believe me when I tell you it was quite a hobby getting my collection in order.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I want to as well stop fast forwarding or do something else while Raw is on. I stopped watching Smackdown again, I can't stand going through all the Raw video packages. Get the rematches on Raw that happened on Smackdown. Do have good promos here and there, but not worth it if you ask me. Sad part is, now days.....I don't even care about the main event. Sheamus vs Orton, didn't watch....same with Cena vs Orton on Raw before the chamber. Cena vs Cesaro however I enjoyed as did the Big E vs Cesaro match that was on tonight. If it is the same guys wrestling, it is like what is the point? How many times did Kofi vs Miz happen?

    I watch all 3 wrestling programs. I like ROHs main event scene where you believe Cole can be beaten. Rest of the show is pretty ugh...not that good. I do like ROH TV champion though and I like AJ being there. While TNA just does things that make you scratch your head as to why they do it. Wolves win tag belts on a live event show after what? A month in to the company. Fans havn't even got a chance to really care about them winning the straps. Why is Aries back to the X-Division? Why does your champion have 10 guys helping him win a match every week?
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    DVR is the only reason I still watch wrestling, and other TV shows for that matter. Over 3 hours a week (just for Raw) equals over 1500 hrs a year, most of that being filler.
  3. iamcorwo's Avatar
    This is possibly the greatest blog I've ever read on this website. I couldn't agree more! There's so much wrong with the current product it's ridiculous.
  4. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    I wish I could even see ROH but where I live & with Directv, I don't get it. Between Impact & Raw I actually watch little over an hour of wrestling a week. Haven't even checked out the WW Network yet not sure if its worth the money. Although what I've just read about the NXT Arrival show seemed to be exciting and judging by the WWE standard lately nose picking is an extreme sport now, so I may just drop the $10 to see the NXT show. Wrestling is in the Great Depression Stage of the sport right now & sadly we just have to ride it out until the next boom period comes.
  5. madnonsense's Avatar
    I only record RAW on my DVR. But skipped on Smackdown since that show is not taped live, plus you can always read the spoilers on this website. On a 3 hour RAW, I can skip through most of the useless crap and watch the final 5 minutes of the match. Thus I can finish watching the show in under 60 minutes.

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