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The Hit Man

Booking the Road to WrestleMania: My Way

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The Road to WrestleMania hasn't quite met my expectations so far so I thought I'd show you guys what I would have liked to see. Starting from the turn of 2014 I'll blog about how I would have booked The Road to WrestleMania.

I wouldn't change much about the lead up to the Royal Rumble, the only things I would change are:
- I'd scrap the Lesnar/Big Show feud
- When Batista comes out wanting to win the rumble, Lesnar makes his return and says he's winning it
- I would have kept the Daniel Bryan face turn till later
- I'd play up the fact that Ryback gave Ziggler a concussion
Royal Rumble Card
30 Man Royal Rumble Match: Last four = Bryan, Wyatt, Reigns and Punk (in that order)
Randy Orton (c) v John Cena: Cena wins via DQ
Divas Championship Match
AJ Lee (c) v Naomi: AJ wins via help from Tamina
IC Championship Match
Big E (c) v Damien Sandow: Big E wins
Tag Team Championship Match
Rhodes Brothers (c) v New Age Outlaws: NAO wins

Rumble Highlights:
-Bryan protects Wyatt from being eliminated throughout the match
-Bryan wins Royal Rumble after last eliminating Wyatt, turning face
-CM Punk eliminated by an already eliminated Kane
-Batista eliminates Lesnar then Lesnar eliminates Batista
-Reigns out shines Rollins and Ambrose in the rumble
-Ziggler returns and goes straight for Ryback, eliminating him

In the lead up to the Elimination Chamber the following storylines occur:
- Orton must defend his championship inside the chamber. Orton is annoyed at HHH. HHH tells Orton that guys like Cena wouldn’t complain. All guys look like legit threats to Ortons championship
-Batista constantly calls out Lesnar but to no answer until Paul Heyman explains that Lesnar will come out when the time is ready
-CM Punk continues his feud with Kane culminating in a match on Raw
-Bryan and Wyatt feud over him leaving the Wyatt family
-Ambrose seems jealous of Reigns inclusion in the chamber
-A now heel Miz sets his sights on the IC title
-Ziggler wants revenge on Ryback

Elimination Chamber Card
Elimination Chamber WWE/WHC Match
Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena vs CM Punk vs Sheamus vs Batista vs Roman Reigns
Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt: Bryans wins by pinfall to end feud with Wyatt
Dolph Ziggler vs Ryback: Ziggler wins
Street Fight Tag Team Championship
New Age Outlaws (c) vs Rhodes Brothers: NAO win again after Cody accidently pushes Goldust off the rope into a table
IC Championship Match
Big E (c) vs The Miz: Big E wins
No.1 Contenders Match
The Usos vs The Real Americans: Usos win
US Championship Match
Dean Ambrose (c) vs The Big Show: Big Show wins despite interference from Rollins

Chamber Highlights:
-Batista is last to enter. Before he enters Lesnar attacks him from behind and leaves him out cold. Lesnar takes Batista’s spot and Heyman locks the chamber for the match to start.
-Orton comes in forth but is quickly eliminated by Sheamus with a Brogue Kick
-Reigns eliminates Sheamus with a spear
-Reigns is eliminated by Cena with an AA
-Lesnar is eliminated by a combination of a GTS and an AA
-Lesnar takes out both Punk and Cena
-Batista comes in to get revenge on Lesnar
-Triple H comes out to stop the brawl but sees both Cena and Punk laid out
-HHH brings up Cena only to pedigree him and Punk gets the cover for the win
-HHH and Punk celebrate together. Punk turns heel

Leading into Mania:
-Punk crowned new face of the company by HHH. Bryan says Punk has sold out. Punk says that people should be chanting his name and not Bryans. Jealousy feud of who is the better wrestler.
-Cena is furious at HHH for costing him the title. HHH says Cena took his spot of being the man when he wasn’t ready to give it up and doesn’t want him as part of his company. Cena is forced to sign a contract that if he loses his career is over. Mr. Mahon returns and adds another stipulation: if HHH loses, he retires.
-Undertaker returns but before he can speak, the lights go out again. Sting appears and the two have a stare down. Over the weeks they start off complimentary to one another as a sign of respect but eventually dark mind games come into play.
-Batista continues to try get his hands on Lesnar. He finally accepts a match at Mania. Several brawls between the two happen. Their time at OVW is brought up. Who is better? The Beast or The Animal?
-Orton in a fit of rage brutally attacks Sheamus for embarrassing him at EC. Orton makes it personal when he attacks Sheamus’ good friend Finlay.
-In a bid to show The Wyatt Family are still dominant, Bray sets his sights on the bickering Shield and looks to wipe them out to show they are the most dominant faction in wrestling today. The Shield take exception, can they work together to overcome the Wyatts?
-After multiple losses for the Rhodes Brothers, Goldust takes his frustrations out on Cody. Dusty tries to calm things down between the two brothers but can’t seem to do it.
-Lita returns to challenge AJ for the Divas Championship as AJ says there is no competition left. Can Lita bag a championship as well as a HOF induction?
-Mark Henry returns but turns heel on Big E as he wants the IC title and his place as strongest man in WWE
-MITB returns to Mania, after 6 qualifying matches and two returning entrants who will win the briefcase?
-After costing The Usos their shot at the tag titles, The Real Americans become involved in a 3 way feud over the titles.
-Ryback challenges Big Show for the US Championship.
-Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara look to break a record.

WrestleMania XXX Card
CM Punk (c) vs Daniel Bryan
Divas Championship
AJ Lee (c) vs Lita
Career vs Career
Triple H vs John Cena
The Streak vs The Icon
The Undertaker vs Sting
The Beast vs The Animal
Batista vs Brock Lesnar
Street Fight
Randy Orton vs Sheamus
The Shield vs The Wyatt Family
Brother vs Brother
Cody Rhodes vs Goldust w/Dusty Rhodes as Special Guest Referee
Intercontinental Championship Match
Big E (c) vs Mark Henry
Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio vs Bad News Barrett vs Christian vs Damien Sandow vs RVD vs Chris Jericho
WrestleMania Kickoff
Tag Team Championship
New Age Outlaws (c) vs The Usos vs The Real Americans
US Championship
The Big Show (c) vs Ryback
Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara

- Bryan beats CM Punk to become new WWE/WHC. Punk says earlier that he wants no interference
-Cena defeats HHH, both Kane and Mr.Mahon get involved. HHH is now retired as an in ring competitor
-Taker defeats Sting to make it 22-0
-Lesnar defeats Batista in a gruelling match
-Orton defeats Sheamus
-Wyatt Family defeat The Shield. Reigns knocks out Ambrose after Ambrose blames him for the loss
-Cody defeats Goldust. Emotional ending with all three Rhodes men embracing. Goldust announces his retirement
-Big E defeats Henry to retain
-AJ Lee defeats Lita to retain
-Ziggler wins MITB
-Usos win the titles, pinning Swagger
-Big Show defeats Ryack to retain
-Mysterio defeats Sin Cara

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    The fact you'd be booking the some of the same mistakes WWE made in the first place makes me critical of this post. John Cena vs Orton again at Royal Rumble? Why? Why not CM Punk? I don't agree with NAOs winning tag belts again either. Why not Rowan/Harper win tag belts? Why not PTP? Why not new young blood? What would you replace Wyatt/Bryan match with? Leaving a 20 minute hole there....better book another match.

    Big Show defeating Ambrose for the US title? Genius!! That title run will mean something.....not! Big Show should be used to elevate talent like Reigns, Big E, ryback, Cesaro, Barrett, and others. I'd rather see unification with Big E or some young blood defeat him. Even Shield members all battling for the strap at Wrestlemania. Big E vs Miz.....yea lets put him in a match with a guy who has no shot at winning the belt. Why not Big Show vs Big E? At least than, I'd believe it would be a challenge. A legit 1 right before he faces off with Mark Henry. Miz can't elevate anybody. He can't even get matches on the actual ppv any more. Rollins to just be on the show would bring more meaning than Miz. All 3 Shield members in championship matches. All plan to leave with gold on their shoulders. The fact Punk wins the same way Orton did at Summerslam makes it even worse booking.

    The fact that the pre-show only has 1 match on it speaks volumes to your 3 you have on your Mania card. 13 matches total.....and some don't even belong on the Mania card. Can't even get booked consistantly on ppvs.....You think booking a match that was crapped all over on Raw should be booked again at Mania with Sheamus vs Orton. Most of the matches on your card are good or simply rumored. I'd tell you which ones I'd have on my card, but would rather save it for my booking challenge which is a month away featuring WM30. I did make 1 right after WM29 oh, but a lot different today.
  2. The Hit Man's Avatar
    Why not CM Punk vs Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble? I wanted CM Punk heading into WrestleMania as the heel champion. I’m not sure how you turn a face heel when he’s against a heel like Randy Orton who has no support from the fans. Also, CM Punk was already in a feud with The Authority so why would they grant him a one on one match with Randy Orton? Doesn’t make much sense. I went for John Cena as he was already in a feud with Randy Orton at the time. Also, Triple H was hinting that he may make Cena the face of the WWE instead so I felt that giving Cena another shot at the title was a good way to build up to a match between Triple H and John Cena at WM with HHH eventually turning on Cena.

    NAO winning the belts was booked for the same reason why WWE booked them winning the belts... Whoever beats them will just have beaten one of the greatest tag teams ever in the WWE. I don’t know about you but that seems like a great way to get over as a great tag team. You’re really suggesting PTP as tag team champions even though they have no momentum whatsoever?

    What would I replace the Bryan/Wyatt match with? Erm... pretty sure I replaced it with Big E vs Sandow? The tag title match got bumped up to the main card if that is confusing you. If you notice I didn’t use a pre-show title in the rumble card...better read more carefully.

    Again Big Show winning the title was not for his title run. It serves two purposes... First, it advances the storyline of Reigns believing he is better than Ambrose. Ambrose loses his first title defence in months and Reigns makes a good showing in both the rumble and chamber. Second, Big Show is a former World Champion so again whoever beats Big Show for the US Championship will have a better chance of getting over. Just like you said, Big Show is being used to elevate talents like you just mentioned but Big Show also has to win for a win over him to mean something.

    I’m personally against the title unification with the mid card belts. I thought it worked in the AE with the IC and European championships so why not now but instead with the US? Another young blood defeat him? Why would you derail his push? I disagree about Miz not being able to elevate anyone. You play up the fact that he is a former WWE Champion, he defeated John Cena in the main event in WrestleMania and a win over Miz seems pretty credible. Also, people turn heel or face tend to pick up some momentum so to say Miz would have no chance of winning is unfair. He would obviously be booked strong in the lead up to the match. The idea for Henry vs Big E at Mania is for Big E to have his biggest test to date. You put him in a title match with Big Show before Mania then you could argue that Show was high toughest challenge. I’ll give you the Rollins one though, that’s a good idea!

    The Punk booking is purely to ensure he gets a heel reaction. There’s not many ways you can get Punk to turn heel due to his popularity. Siding him with Triple H would make it happen. I thought the way Orton won it at SummerSlam was great! It was shocking, and it would be even more shocking for Punk to do it! the way Orton won it at SummerSlam was great! It was shocking, and it would be even more shocking for Punk to do it! You could even incorporate that into the Bryan/Punk feud, you need to give them some sort of storyline heading into Mania. A face v face storyline I think would be boring.

    What one match on the pre show are you referring about? I’m confused with that one. The Maina pre show was intended to be one hour long, therefore you could easily fit in 3 matches. I should probably have mentioned that in the blog, my bad – it’s my first blog! The actual card only has 10 matches, yes it is ambitious but there have been WrestleManias in the past with 10 or more matches on the card so not unrealistic. There would be matches on there that wouldn’t be too long either, mainly the Divas and IC championship match. In fact I wouldn’t see Taker v Sting going any longer than 15 minutes. What matches do you not think belong on the card? I think it’s pretty solid. You can’t really leave the guy who has been WWE Champion since SummerSlam off the card. I’m curious to see who you would have put Orton up against? Also can’t really see Sheamus off the card either. This match was admittedly due the fact that they were the last two main eventers left over. I was aware of the fact this match got crapped all over on Raw last year so that’s why I made it a Street Fight. Through in tables, chairs, kendo sticks and you’ve got yourself a pretty decent match.

    I look forward to reading your blog. It’s good to find out people’s different opinions on how they see/like things playing out. Sorry for the long post, just felt that I had a lot of explaining to do in reply to your comment!

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