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WWE Network : Not over the top?

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The WWE Network is right around the corner and its getting ready to launch and change the way we experience professional wrestling forever. Its over the top and revolutionary. It is changing the way we watch WWE programs. So here's your whats in it guide to The WWE Network. "WHAT"

It's over the top, its the new WWE Network. I can't wait to relive all those great moments wrestling has given us all these years. Remember when Austin beat up Vince Mcmahon in the hospital? How about when Austin broke into Brian Pillman's house and had a gun pulled on him. What about the Nitro when Mick Foley had his first championship announced. I would love to see that Nitro with Goldberg winning his first title against Hogan. "You Can't See Me"

Those are just a few moments that you will never see in the WWE Network. In fact there's countless memorable moments that will be left out of the WWE Network. So much for over the top. The WWE will not I repeat not be airing past Raws, Smackdowns, Nitros etc. They will be airing every single pay per view. But we are just going to have to imagine the build up to all these past pay per views because if you want to see the attitude era you might as well YouTube as much as you can because you wont find it in the new WWE Network. If you want to see how good Nitro once was you can probably buy every single episode from someone in China because your not going to see that in the WWE Network. Remember the first Smackdown with the Rock and HHH main eventing and Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee? Well you can google it and try to find as many clips as you can because your not going to see it in the WWE Network. " Tell me you didn't just say that "

So I have told you a lot of what your not going to see. So here's a little of what your going to see. Your going to see brand new programs like Legends House. You know a reality show that has past legends living together under one roof trying to follow a reality script. Theres a show titled Monday Night Wars which gives you clips and pieces of the great Raws and Nitros but god forbid they let you choose which parts were your favorites by letting you see the full shows. No they will take the same clips and the same interviews and the same point of views that we've heard for over and over again. You have a show titled Countdown which is pretty much not worth taking the time to explain what it is. Pretty excited yet? "Its true, its damn true"

Well here's the main attraction. They are throwing in every pay per view they have ever had and all future pay per views. This is how they are going to pick pocket you. For years now they have been suffering bad pay per view buys and only a few of their pay per views actually live up to the hype. Even this years Royal Rumble was horrible, except for the opening match. That in my opinion is their best pay per view of the year, except for this year. So if their pay per views are this bad now when they are charging $60.00 for them. Whats to keep them from stinking up the joint again and again because they already have your money. Whats the incentive of being innovative? WWE's pay per views have been stale for years now so why not devalue them to a $9.99 a month fee. "It doesn't matter what you think"

So are you going to sign up for the WWE Network? Do you think its a good deal? How would you feel if you went to a movie and only saw the ending of the movie? That is basically what the WWE Network is selling. You get all the past pay per views but you have to imagine the build up to all those pay per views because they are not going to show you the Raws or Nitros that lead up to that pay per view. I want to see every Raw 1996 - 2002. Thats over the top! Let me see the whole two years of Nitro when they were kicking WWEs ass in the ratings. Thats over the top. How about all you extreme fans out there. ECW the original ECW had a weekly show for a while there and I'm sure I missed some shows and would love to see them. That would be over the top!
" I got two words for you, SUCK IT "

So there's your guide on the WWE Network. Vince Mcmahon wants at least a million subscribers by the end of 2014. Once fans realize they cant see old Raws and Nitros and relive some of the greatest moments in wrestling history will they dump this Network? Most pay per views dont even come close to the hype that WWE makes them out to be. The best moments happen on Raw, Smackdowns, Nitros etc. How many times am I going to see the same pay per views without being able to see the original build up to those pay per views? I hear they are going to put new episodes of raws and Smackdowns but what about the attitude era? What about seeing the Hart Foundation? What about the creation of DX back when they were really good. What about the two man power trip with Austin and HHH. What about those hilarious moments with Kurt Angle and Austin. What about countless other great moments that happened on their weekly shows? "DAMN"

If the WWE Network doesn't offer this then I as a fan have no reason to purchase this network because its useless to me. I never really cared much about pay per views but those weekly shows used to be pure liquid gold. The WWE survived because of their weekly shows and merchandise not pay per views. So the network is not offering any merchandise and no past weekly shows from 1990-2012. "Have a nice day"

Vince Mcmahon are you going to be offering the fans past Raws and Nitros? What?

Is it possible that this could fail like the XFL? Tell me you didnt just say that.

What about the casual viewer who's not in your niche market? You can't see me.

I hear DISH has stopped offering your pay-per-views? DAMN!

I don't think this is any different than your 24/7 on demand service? It doesnt matter what you think.

Their is still a lot of people that don't use Internet as their main source of watching T.V., what words do you have for those people? I got two words for you Suck it!

Many people are calling this revolutionary and say your a genius? Its true, its damn true.

Will this network devalue your pay-per-views? What about getting new fans to buy this network? How long do you think this network will survive? Have a nice day.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Didn't really think about it when WWE 24/7 had it. I just went ahead and figured they'd air the same way. I'll give WWE Network a try, granted ppvs have sucked since Summerslam mainly because the screwjobs they've been giving WWE fans. Not just the smarks on the internet either, even former talent and even employees who still get paid from them spoke about their displeasure. I'm talking about Mick Foley, JR, and others. I wasn't planning to re-up after the 6 month commitment due to the bad ppvs. I was planning to re-up around January of 2015 if I liked the WWE network. I doubt it will stay at that low price, I figure it will raise as time goes on. Give it a year and a half price won't stay the same. So if there is a time to try out the WWE network, now is probably the time with WM coming up. Extreme Rules is a pretty good ppv as is MITB with Summerslam probably included. Original content like Legends House, Total Divas along with the lame pre and post shows really arn't a reason to be excited. Just the past ppvs, monday night war interviews that look new with the deadman giving his take. Live ppvs included currently in the deal is just a plus.

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