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HHH V Paul Levesque, Art immitating life?

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Who is HHH? who is Paul Levesque?...well, obviously they are the same person, HHH, the stage Character of the company COO, and Paul Levesque Vice President of talent Relations. I am sure they are two very different people, but perception is everything. No matter how different Mr. Levesque is from Mr. Helmsley in real life, The fans perception right now, is they are one in the same. The problem is, the people who know him, have met and worked with him, you know, in real life, know who really is Paul Levesque. They don't have the same perception of the man the fans have.

Who is HHH? He is the game, the cerebral assassin, who after a hall of fame wrestling career is semi-retired, and who's day job is tending to the day to day operations as WWE's #2 guy now that Vince McMahon is himself is beginning to wind things down and focus on other endeavors.

Who is Paul Levesque? Mr. Levesque is a guy who loves the wrestling industry, more specific, the WWE. it is his family and home. He married the bosses daughter, is a family guy with 3 kids, but ultimately he is in charge of the superstars, and essentially creative. Next to Vince, he is the #2 guy as far as what we see go on TV.

On Paper, they are very similar, no matter how different Levesque and Helmsley really are. When Fans see HHH bringing back Batista and having him win the rumble, and running around with Orton as champ, knowing he mentored both of them and broke them into the WWE as main event stars (to which they owe him their career for doing), That is all you have to say before you can make an assumptive conclusion that he is the typical corporate guy, and this is an act of Cronyism.

The whole uproar against WWE creative right now isn’t JUST about burying Daniel Bryan, as many people attribute it to be. It is also the fact that as of right now, it is hard to tell who is the Real Guy in Charge, HHH, a Son-of-a-Bitch who is partial and wants his guy to win, or Paul Levesque, the corporate Crony helping douche-bag. Right now, both guys are Heels.

So what does this have to do with WrestleMania? The whole upcoming Orton/Batista feud will be hollow and unacceptable by the fans. It doesn't matter how the product is presented to the fan right now. If Randy Orton wins, or if Dave Batista wins, Even if Batista goes full on Anti-Authority Baby Face. He CANNOT ever go all the way over with the fans, because in real life, he got there being a close personal friend of Paul Levesque. Either way, the SAME GUY WINS! HHH wins or Paul Levesque wins, hell, maybe they both win, maybe HHH supports Batista in the match and he walks out Champ, then Paul and Hunter both go home winners.

No Matter how you slice it or dice it. If the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match card reads, Randy Orton (c) Vs. Dave Batista, Paul, Triple H, Levesque has won WrestleMania XXX.

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  1. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Interesting blog. Some of which sounds incredibly accurate(from a fan perspective), none of us know any of the people involved but the outcome of the perhaps most booed main event in Wrestlemania history has the one winner you have suggested!

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