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Wrestling Fan's Thoughts- Upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV

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Hi there everyone, I usually make these blogs regarding predictions for upcoming PPV's and I will be next week ready for the Elimination Chamber PPV, but this time I thought I'd share what my thoughts are regarding the upcoming E.C. PPV.

I am always exciting around this time of year simply because we are on the Road to WrestleMania! This is a time where storylines are created and legends are created as everyone makes their statement to try and get to WrestleMania. I've seen a couple of reviews and people said they were let down by last month's Royal Rumble PPV, but to me I wasn't all that disappointed. I enjoyed the stealing of finishers and Wyatt Family interference in the WWE Title match, the Bryan and Wyatt match was solid and the Rumble wasn't too bad either. Anyway, moving onto my thoughts for the Elimination Chamber PPV.

I think that this PPV has the chance to be one of the more exciting E.C. PPV's that we've seen, simply because of the matches that have already been announced. True, the predictions for the matches may be predictable as hell, for example Orton retains the title and Wyatts get the win, but to me I'm going to look forward to how these matches fold out and the events that will occur in order for victory to be obtained.

We're gonna get to see Batista in one-on-one action in 4 years and I think this will be a good starting point for Batista to see how good he is in the ring and whether he can still 'go'. I think a triple-threat tag match may be on the cards with Outlaws defending against Usos and Goldust & Cody Rhodes, with them retaining and losing to a possible face team of The Real Americans at WrestleMania or to the Usos, the later option which I'd prefer. If Naomi gets cleared to compete I think her vs. A.J. will be on the card too, and that's a diva match that could actually be quite okay. But the two matches I really want to share my thoughts about are Wyatts vs. Shield and the Elimination Chamber match itself.

Firstly, I have some what enjoyed the feud between the Wyatts and The Shield but I do think some other things could be done to spice up the feud. For example, one scenario that could be good could by the Wyatt's abducting a member of the Shield, most likely Ambrose with Rollins and Reigns trying to find him throughout the night. This would make a change to the constant 6-man tag team matches that we are forced to witness. I'd say leave the 6-man matches until E.C., then let the two teams go in their fresh and get it on! I believe the match will be really good and I'm hoping that the fans get into it, because if they don't, then the match won't have the atmosphere that is needed to make it a classic 6-man tag match.

Moving on, the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I was surprised to see Christian and Cesaro qualify for this match, especially when people like Mysterio, Henry and Big Show don't have matches on the card. However, I suppose Mysterio can't risk being in that sort of a match, Big Show has to sell the storyline of being attacked by Lesnar and so does Henry. Anyway, I have really been enjoying the Gauntlet that Randy Orton has had to go through and think all of the matches he has competed in have been pretty good. Orton has the ability to have great matches with anyone, which I think is an important thing with any talent. The mot surprising match out of all the Gauntlet matches was to me Cesaro vs. Orton. I couldn't believe Cesaro got the win and immediately clapped when he got the win over the champ! Moreover, I do think this will be an incredible elimination chamber with everyone bringing something different to the match. I expect Cesaro and Bryan to really shine in this match and I wouldn't be surprised to see a Wyatt Family interference during the match to cost Cena the match-up. I see the lights going off, music playing and Bray appearing to take out Cena, then mysteriously disappearing. Remember, this sort of thing can happen, just remember 4 years ago with HBK and The Undertaker, HBK coming up through the chamber floor and superkicking the deadman, costing him the World's Championship. Overall, look for this match to be very good but with Orton getting the win and facing Batista at WM, a match in which I think is not best for business and I do think that if it were to occur, the fans would make their prescence felt throughout the entire match with YES YES YES chants. I think WWE knows this and might put Bryan in the match making it a Triple Threat if he wins the chamber instead, but with that being said, I would also like to see Triple H vs. D-Bryan, so it's a hard one to go with in my view!

So, there you have it, my thoughts and views on the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV. I think this PPV has the potential to be very good and I will definetely be watching it! So everybody, looks like we are all on the Road to WrestleMania and that road takes a bump with the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV, a bump that will help catapult the WWE to the 30-year anniversary of WrestleMania!

Leave your comments below and let me know what you think and let me also know about your thoughts for the upcoming Elimination Chamber!

P.S.- if you like reading these blogs then make sure to check out my blog next week about actual predictions for all of the matches on the E.C. Card. Also, I will be doing a blog every week leading up to WrestleMania about the greatest and worst matches of WrestleMania history, so be sure to check them out too!

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  1. evadavid787's Avatar
    If I had to make a guess, The Wyatts will win, and it will be Dean Ambrose Fault, i.e., He tags himself in, Roman Reigns gets mad, distracts him, Then Bray Wyatt Catches Him and Sister Abigails Ambrose, and Reigns doesn't come to the rescue. Then I think Rollins comes in, pissed at reigns for not helping, While rollins is helping Ambrose up from the Mat, Reigns Spears him.

    Big E will beat Jack Swagger with a Big Ending, middle of the ring. Good match, about 15 minutes, it will be fast and physical, but overall, forgettable.

    The Uso's will win by Disqualification against the new Age Outlaws, but the outlaws will retain the titles.

    Antonio Del Rio will carry most of the Match Against Batista, teasing us he may actually win. Batista will power out of a cross arm breaker, and then hit a batista bomb for the win.

    In the Main Event, Daniel Bryan and Christian will Start the match, Order of Elimination will be Christian, Sheamus, Cesaro, Cena, and then Bryan. Orton walks out, but it will be controversial.

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