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How I would have booked it: part 1

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While having a sort through my documents I found these ideas I recorded, detailing how I would book the survivor series to WrestleMania season. So in the following three part blog, I will share with you how I would have booked things. This blog is not to knock the way WWE did things, but is just a different interpretation. For example, I would have had Daniel Bryan triumph at Hell in a Cell and win the WWE Championship from Randy Orton, while this was the victory many fans were waiting for, the fact that Daniel Bryan has been kept away from the top prize has only served to get him over further. Other things I obviously didn’t consider when writing these ideas were: the returns of Batista and Rey Mysterio as well as the departure of CM Punk. I hope you enjoy this retrospective blog, feel free to leave your comments/thoughts.
Survivor Series/TLC

Build up:
At Hell In A Cell, Alberto Del Rio defeats John Cena with the help of The Real Americans, this will place heat on Del Rio for siding with Zeb Coulter and turning on his “people”, John Cena is angered by this and pins Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro in the same night to earn another title shot at Survivor Series, post match and The Real Americans & Alberto Del Rio beat down on John Cena, until Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow run out to make the save. Can John Cena beat Alberto Del Rio and take the World Heavyweight Championship? And can Dolph Ziggler trust Damien Sandow as he teams with him to take on Swagger and Cesaro?

- CM Punk wins a fatal four way match including; Big Show, Randy Orton and Ryback to earn a WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series, which sets up a Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk main event, after Bryan came out victorious inside the Hell In A Cell. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have met for the WWE Championship before, but this is a new Daniel Bryan who is on top of the world against a reinvigorated CM Punk, after he finally put to bed his rivalry with Paul Heyman at Hell In A Cell. Despite the mutual respect that exists between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, both men are willing to do anything to leave Survivor Series with the WWE Championship.

- With Randy Orton no longer in the WWE Championship picture and Big Show reinstated to the WWE Roster, the two men are named captains of opposing Survivor Series teams, Orton quickly enlists the three members of The Shield and the returning “Bad News” Wade Barrett to be his five. Big Show gradually recruits: Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Big E Langston & The Miz to make up his team. Team RKO look dominant in the weeks heading into Survivor Series with The Shield defeating Rhodes and Goldust and Wade Barrett pinning The Miz all be it in controversial fashion. Can Team Show rally and get the win or will Randy Orton finally silence the Big Show?

-Since debuting in WWE this summer, Bray Wyatt has been on a twisted path of destruction, taking out the likes of R-Truth, Kofi Kingston & The Miz, however one of Bray Wyatt’s most illustrious victims is back! Kane returned to Raw and took out the The Wyatt Family. Kane promised that revenge would be his at Survivor Series in a Casket Match! Bray Wyatt promised Kane that his sole would die at Survivor Series, Wyatt makes a stipulation whereby if Kane loses he must “follow” Bray Wyatt. Can Kane get revenge on the eerie Wyatt or will Bray Wyatt acquire on of WWE’s most dangerous weapons?

WWE Survivor Series 2013

WWE Championship Match

Daniel Bryan (c) vs CM Punk

5 on 5 Survivor Series Tag Team Match

Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Miz & Big E Langston vs Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns & Wade Barrett

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs John Cena

Tag Team Match

Dolph Ziggler & Damien Sandow vs The Real Americans (Jack Swagger/Antonio Cesaro) w/Zeb Coulter

5 on 5 Survivor Series Tag Team Match

Team AJ Lee (AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, Layla, Aksana & Alicia Fox) vs Team Total Divas (Brie Bella, Cameron, Naomi, Natalya & JoJo) w/Eva Marie & Nikki Bella

Casket Match

Bray Wyatt vs Kane

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

5-Way Elimination Match
Curtis Axel (c) w/Paul Heyman vs Kofi Kingston vs Fandango vs R-Truth vs Santino Marella

Survivor Series Kick off

Tag Team Match
Los Matadors vs The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family def Los Matadors: In a squash match making Luke Harper and Erik Rowan look strong.

Curtis Axel def Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella, R-Truth, & Fandango to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship, Curtis Axel retains the championship after Paul Heyman and Ryback got involved.

The Real Americans def Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow: It seems that Dolph Ziggler can trust Damien Sandow as they fought side by side in a close encounter with The Real Americans, it is their advanced experience as a team that allowed Cesaro to pin Ziggler following a spinning forearm.

Bray Wyatt def Kane in a Casket Match, as a result Kane must follow Bray Wyatt, Bray Wyatt promises to resurrect Kane on Monday Night Raw!

Team AJ Lee def Team Total Divas, this is the end of AJ Lee’s feud with the cast of Total Divas, AJ pinned Naomi last to win the match. AJ Lee and Tamina were the sole survivors.

Team Big Show def Team Orton, Cody Rhodes pinned Randy Orton after The Shield turned on Orton!: It came down to Big Show and Cody Rhodes against Randy Orton and Roman Reigns, Reigns speared Orton leaving Rhodes to get the pin, The Shield left through the crowd to an ovation.

John Cena def Alberto Del Rio to win the World Heavyweight Championship, post match attack from Del Rio and The Real Americans, Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow come down to make the save, but Sandow hits Ziggler with the briefcase then cashes in on Cena...
Damien Sandow def John Cena to win the World Heavyweight Championship

Daniel Bryan def CM Punk to retain the WWE Championship in a long building match

Build up to TLC

- Damien Sandow begins his first reign as the World Heavyweight Champion. After defeating Dolph Ziggler in a heated street fight on Friday Night Smackdown, Sandow was attacked by John Cena who announced that he was cashing in his rematch clause at TLC in a chairs match. Over the course of the next few weeks, Sandow tried to convince the WWE universe to stop mindlessly following John Cena and to instead idealise a true champion, Damien Sandow! Damien Sandow says that he fooled everyone into thinking that he was allying with Ziggler and Cena but it was all a ploy to get the World Heavyweight Championship! Cena came out and said that people were sick and tired of being told what to think by Damien Sandow, John Cena promised to shut Sandow up come TLC. The two also exchanged a number of Chair attacks on Raw and Smackdown in the lead up to their clash. Will John Cena be able to silence the intellectual saviour of the masses or can Damien Sandow continue his reign as the World Heavyweight Champion?

- The Shield say that due to lack of respect and lack of opportunity they decided to turn on The Authority! Triple H comes out and calls them traitors and vows to end The Shield! Dean Ambrose wants Triple H to lace them up and step in the ring himself. After a number of insults from The Shield Triple H accepts! He makes a six man tag team match: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Triple H, Randy Orton and Bad News Barrett! Triple H had one main tactic in the build up to TLC divide and conquer, placing each member of The Shield in gruelling matches in order to wear them down. Will Triple H, Randy Orton and Barrett gain their revenge on The Shield? Or will The Shield triumph at TLC.

- Paul Heyman demands that Ryback be given a WWE Championship match, Big Show comes out and says that he captained the winning team at Survivor Series therefore he deserves a WWE Championship match. CM Punk comes out and says that at Survivor Series, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan had an amazing match and the fans want to see Punk vs Bryan II at TLC! Triple H comes out and makes a fatal four way TLC match for the WWE Championship at TLC! Daniel Bryan will face his toughest test to date. The four square off with each other in a number of singles match in the build up to the event. The last of which happening on the last RAW before TLC where CM Punk and Daniel Bryan square off, the match ended as a no contest when Ryback charged in and took out both men! Big Show came out but Ryback laid him out too, the show ended with Ryback standing tall with the WWE Championship.

In other feuds:
- AJ Lee issues an open challenge begging for some real competition for the WWE Divas Championship at TLC: This challenge is answered by the returning Victoria! (I envisaged Victoria returning for a few months ala Chris Jericho)

- Cody Rhodes and Goldust take on two of their biggest rivals in The Usos and The Real Americans in a match that has become synonymous with great tag teams, the triangle ladder match.

- Bray Wyatt welcomes Kane into The Wyatt Family and wants to know if anyone is going to try and touch him with his new favourite demon by his side. The Miz steps up to the plate, wanting revenge for the savage beatings at the hands of Wyatt. The Miz manages to pull out wins over Erik Rowan and Kane in the build up to TLC, but usually finds himself outnumbered and outstrengthed. The Miz gets his chance to go one on one with Wyatt at TLC but The Wyatt Family won’t be far away.

- Big E Langston gained a pinfall victory over Curtis Axel and as a result earned an Intercontinental Championship match at TLC. Axel disrespected Langston by slapping him in the face as a result Big E put him through a table. Axel tried to return the favour on Main Event, but Langston put Axel through a second table. It was no surprise that when Big E Langston got to name the stipulation he chose a tables match.

- Smackdown rivals: Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler do battle on the pre-show.
WWE TLC 2013
WWE Championship Match
Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match

Daniel Bryan (c) vs CM Punk vs Ryback w/Paul Heyman vs Big Show

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Steel Chair Match

Damien Sandow (c) vs John Cena

Six Man Tag Team Match

The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) vs Triple H, Randy Orton & Wade Barrett

WWE Divas Championship Match

AJ Lee (c) w/Tamina Snuka vs Victoria

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Triangle Ladder Match

Cody Rhodes & Goldust (c) vs The Usos vs The Real Americans w/Zeb Coulter

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Tables Match

Curtis Axel (c) w/Paul Heyman vs Big E Langston

Singles Match

Bray Wyatt w/The Wyatt Family & Kane vs The Miz

Kick Off

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler def Alberto Del Rio: The Zig Zag picks up the win, does this put Dolph Ziggler in a good position for a shot at the World Heavyweight

Bray Wyatt def The Miz after Kane hit the chokeslam on The Miz
Curtis Axel def Big E Langston to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship: Axel power bombed Langston off the top through a table to retain.

The Usos def Cody Rhodes & Goldust & The Real Americans to win the WWE Tag Team Championship: In an epic triangle ladder match, The Usos finally win the big one!

AJ Lee def Victoria to retain the WWE Divas Championship: It took an interference from Tamina Snuka and the Black Widow to keep the title with AJ Lee.

Damien Sandow def John Cena to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in a steel chairs match.

Daniel Bryan def Big Show, CM Punk & Ryback in a TLC match to retain the
WWE Championship. Ryback speared Big Show through a ladder! Daniel Bryan pushed Punk off a ladder through a table at ringside to allow him to go up and grab the gold.

The Shield def Triple H, Randy Orton & Wade Barrett, Roman Reigns pins Triple H following a spear!

Thank you for reading all that! next part: Royal Rumble/Elimination Chamber.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    only good thing about this is that Daniel Bryan was the champion. Daniel Bryan vs 1 of the top babyfaces right off beating Orton is bad booking in my opinion. Hell, HHH vs Daniel Bryan would have been my main event.
  2. eboy's Avatar
    I see what you're saying, for me, CM Punk is not a clean cut babyface. The angle I was going for was that Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have both come off long personal feuds. Bryan finally overcoming The Authority and Punk finally expelling Heyman and Ryback. I think to contrast these two long and storyline heavy feuds. It would have been a nice departure to just put two great wrestlers together and let them go. Punk and Bryan would have been a hell of a lot better than Orton vs Big Show.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by eboy
    I see what you're saying, for me, CM Punk is not a clean cut babyface. The angle I was going for was that Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have both come off long personal feuds. Bryan finally overcoming The Authority and Punk finally expelling Heyman and Ryback. I think to contrast these two long and storyline heavy feuds. It would have been a nice departure to just put two great wrestlers together and let them go. Punk and Bryan would have been a hell of a lot better than Orton vs Big Show.
    No kidding, I would have probably did Bryan vs Punk in the main event at Mania or at least for the strap on the ppv. Only problem is, if I was booking Wrestlemania this year, Taker would be in the main event either vs Sting or John Cena. Anything really would have been better than Big Show vs Orton. Buyrates show larger than life superstars don't sell ppvs. LOL!
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I enjoyed the read bud. Kind of had me wanting more. That being said; It'd be awesome if you created your own storylines in 2k14. Would've loved to have played them. Either way, keep em' coming bud.
  5. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    This was ok IMO.
    I liked some things but I really didn't like oters.
    The best thing about this for me though was definitely the storyline leading up to Sandow winning the World Heavyweight Championship.
  6. eboy's Avatar
    Obviously at the time I was disapointed with how SuperCena returned and mowed through Del Rio and Sandow. There was that strange couple weeks l when Sandow turned face(ish) I like the idea of Sandow striking when you least expect it. seems to fit his character
  7. The Hit Man's Avatar
    This was a really good read. Looking forward to reading the next installment!

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