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Ring Rust Radio: February 11th; My thoughts on their opinion of WWE.

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I admittedly have only just discovered Ring Rust Radio recently. As a big WWE fan, Bleacher Report was normally my haven to outlet frustration or my own personal thoughts on the WWE's direction and Mike Chairi's RRR article would be one i would read a lot, but i normally would just bypass the option to download the podcast. But as of late i have begun listening and it is a very good show to hear the ideas and opinions from people who obviously love pro wrestling; Donald Wood, Brandon Galvin and Mike Chairi. I agree with lots of the stuff they say, but some things i can't understand, so i have decided, (although maybe only 5 people will read it) that from now on i am going to give my thoughts on their show.

The show opens as previous ones have; a prolonged intro to the show. They then begin their RAW review:

Orton as Champion: I agree he is probably the worst booked champion in recent memory, the groveling at the beginning of RAW was unbearable and it was just another element to Orton's lackluster reign as Champion. His in ring ability is effortless, but he is a very mundane character and the wrong choice to be the "top" heel heading into Wrestlemania; that could have been CM Punk.

Who should win the Chamber?: Daniel Bryan has to win; Network Launches the next night on RAW and WWE will want the biggest audience possible. How many fans will they irritate to the point of not watching RAW and even more dramatically, not buy the Network if Bryan doesn't walk out champion? It has to be a Bryan win. Brandon Galvin then goes on to say that Cena should walk out as champion and give Bryan a shot like he said he would last year. This would set up Bryan vs Cena Vs Batista, That is an awful idea. Cena in yet another main event, in yet another title match at Wrestlemania? Awful, yes he is the face of the WWE, but the reason fans scream YES and force WWE to alter their plans is that they want a change, they want a new FACE , they want a more deserving person to be in that main event spot. Does Batista deserve it? No, he's just back. Does Orton Deserve it? No, not because of the awful build he has had as champion. Does Cena? No, he has had his time, more than enough times. He needs to start putting his stature as a icon against the younger, upcoming talent. And Wyatt is perfect for that. Although it is not in any way ideal, i can't see any other way than Bryan vs Orton vs Batista, or possibly Batista vs Bryan, but let's face it Batista couldn't keep up with Bryan and would struggle more so if it was one on one.

Bryan/Kane: I would like to see them give Bryan double duty at Elimination Chamber. They could have him win without a lot of effort, maybe a roll up like at Summerslam 2012, but then have Kane destroy him. HHH could then state that Bryan cannot compete in the Chamber (with a devilish grin). The crowds reaction would be that of The Rumble crowd who would feel the exact same thing is happening again. But maybe Kane is set to replace him and Bryan defiantly comes out and renders Kane unable to compete, re-taking his spot in the Chamber. And winning it of course.

The Curious Case of Boring Batista: I share their disdain for Batista, i really do. His return is going to go down as one of WWE's biggest oversights; a disastrous error of judgment. It got me thinking about why Punk was supposedly irate with creative. Now rumors are things not to be taken seriously, but sometimes a rumor comes along that actually comes to fruition. I remember late 2012 seeing a rumor that Cena and Rock where stated to be in a title match at Wrestlemania 29, i remember seeing that Punk was scheduled to face Undertaker. Those things happened 5 months after a rumor broke. Of course 90 percent of things are lies, but what about that rumor that was circling about Punk facing Orton for the title at Wrestlemania? Was that one of the 10 percent? Had they promised Punk a main event match with Orton? Only to take it away because Batista was back. It is possible, It could be a very valid reason as to why Punk has left.

Tag Team Division: The tag team division did have a little boost mid 2013; you had the Shield, Real Americans, Rhodes brothers, Usos, PTP, Los...Matadores, Wyatt Family, but now? Well they have brought in The New Age Outlaws to try and bring legitimacy to the Tag title division, but ironically it has became more dull since they arrived. They are entertaining and i think they are funny, but in the ring? They are slow and don't have much of an arsenal anymore. The Shield and PTP no longer are a tag team and Real Americans and Rhodes Brothers are on track to splitting up. So we are left with Usos, New Age Outlaws and Rybaxel (Wyatts seem to have stepped down from tag team competition for now) Not exactly strong is it? I agree Usos will get a payoff at Wrestlemania and win the titles, but it isn't the most compelling of things to see.

Mark henry: Quite simply needs to be a heel, but sadly i think his time has been and gone. The thing with building him is an unstoppable heel is...well it's impossible now. What if he picks up yet another injury in the middle of a feud? He had an amazing 4 months with the Hall of Pain and another 15 minutes before Cena cast him aside, but i'm afraid he is now on the downward slope to an actual retirement.

Shield/Wyatts: Besides optimism for Bryan, this is the only thing in WWE worth mentioning right now, it really is compelling stuff. As for Chairi and Galvin's downplaying of Wyatt? Well i lost a bit of respect , because Wyatt is a gust of fresh air in the WWE. He has the potential to be a great in ring wrestler. Yes he hasn't exactly had a lot of matches, but the one with Bryan at Royal Rumble was enough to show me that if he is in the ring with someone good, he can put on a show. And he will at WrestleMania against Cena. His promos may be cryptic, but if everyone cut promos that where direct wouldn't it be very repetitive? He is different and that is what WWE needs; he speaks in metaphors and they all mean something. He is one of the best things about WWE. Another highlight in WWE (for over a year) has been the Shield, but i don't expect a split until after Wrestlemania and i hope i doesn't happen. It would fall down the card and be left behind HHH, Taker, Batista, Cena. It's not the time to pull the trigger yet. I think Reigns will face HHH and Rollins and Ambrose will either tag together or be in a triple threat/fatal 4 way for unification of U.S Title and Intercontinental Title. I don't see how it is overkill to have 2 triple threats in the same event. It has been done before.

Lita Hall of fame/AJ: Lita is a great addition to the HOF and i have stated in my WM XXX card that unless Lita was taking on AJ, then a divas title match - if there even will be one - will be stuck on pre-show.

How to use RVD/Ziggler/Miz/Fandango/: RVD vs Ziggler; Ziggler deserves a great one on one match at Wrestlemania. The Show Off vs The Whole Damn Show. And as for the rest for the meddling mid card well what about Money in the Bank? Yes it has its own PPV, but what is the point now. Lets call a PPV Money in the Bank and have one MITB match; stupid. They had TLC last year and had one...i repeat ONE TLC match. Utterly stupid. Have Money in the Bank and that will have place for 8 wrestlers to be on the card and a chance to shine.

They then do their skit on dirt sheets, ridiculing rumors and laughing at the avalanche of lies that pummel the Internet on a daily basis. p.s Road Dogg was at fault for not catching Cody Rhodes.

It's then a run through of e-mails and they mock names for whatever reason, for example someone called Matt e-mails a question and they laugh because he has only one stated his first name. That "humor" unfortunately creeps in now and then. Desperate attempts at humor. In the midst of this Jerry Lawler takes some welcome criticism. The man is sucking enjoyment out of Raw due to his cringe-worthy commentary and nonsensical narrative.

An Interview with Jim Cornette then takes place and a very quick look at TNA; well worth the listen....the Cornette interview, not the TNA part. If you're not a listener of RRR and are a fan of pro wrestling then you should be listening to it. I'm sure there are droves of people who have been listening for the whole duration and see me as a neophyte, but i am now an avid listener.

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