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Driving The WWE: Are you happy with the companies direction?

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Do you sit by your tv on Monday nights and wonder what the hell is the WWE thinking with their programming? Of course you do! After reading so many dirtsheets and listen to the IWC rant about how they hate the WWE right now. Hate the direction of the company. Hate that PG rating that stole away their precious Attitude Era. It can only be attributed to a few things. So here they are.
1. WWE has grown as a company, they suddenly realized as many of their performers were winding down and moving on. (Ex. Rock, Austin, HBK, Taker) among so many others, have left leaving a massive gap of talent. What were they supposed to do? During the attitude era , sponsors did not want to touch WWE due to their raunchy , over the top show. So after their bad ass stars left it was a perfect time to reinvent themselves.
2. As WCW died, and WWE began to fall out of the attitude era, circa early 2000-2010, we have watched as our beloved company has moved in a direction that most of the die-hard attitude era fans hate. They went back to a PG, 1980’s style wrestling directed more towards children and families then the 20-30 something attitude filled young men who drove the attitude era to a pitch. Why ? Why lord? Why did you take our beloved era from us?
3. The reason is this , beat the crap out of yourself or let a friend do it, hardcore style for 3-5 years, hell do it for 3-5 minutes. This includes headshots , high spots, table spots and anything else that is extremely physical. Then do it again and again night after night. How long do you think you would put up with it? My point exactly. It’s easy to say we loved the attitude era because it was f*cking intense! However , how many lives did it take to be successful, how many injuries to please the fans insatiable appetite?
4. Here we are now , 2010 and later, our wrestlers are fluff characters and superheroes aimed at pleasing a lower age demographic. Is it a worse product because of that? Debatable. But why is it this way? Because young kids have parents who spend money. Ask yourself how much money do you spend on the WWE aside from watching PPV. Any? Probably not because as an adult you spend less frivolously, you have responsibilities. We are in a new age, and for me it’s a great age. I think right now we have some of the hottest talent in the world putting on some great shows. You may like them or not but tell me when Daniel Bryan comes out you aren’t excited, tell me when john cena comes through the curtain you don’t want to smash your tv. These are emotions that are driven by a good product. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t watch. You wouldn’t bash the product and you wouldn’t love the product. You just wouldn’t care. You wouldn’t be a fan.
5. WWE has made a product , love it or hate it that you can’t not watch as a diehard fan. Sure you wont always like what they are doing , and its your right to bitch about it. But don’t tell me you wont be watching wrestlemania and lose your mind when the Undertakers gong hits, Daniel Bryan has a moment or your favorite superstar makes you believe again and again that nothing can beat the sport that is better than all others combined.

Leave me your thoughts.

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