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I CAN WAIT for Daniel Bryan to be champion!

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Hey all,
I've been visiting this site about a year. This is my first blog post, I guess what I saw at the Rumble was kind of the thing that has motivated me to write about the sad state of affairs. If you are here you probably have had someone say to you "Why do you watch wrestling, it's fake" My reply is easy, it isn't about the results for me, my favorite thing about it is the story lines. The greatest story lines in wrestling I could talk about with other fans for decades. Second thing they keeps me coming back is the athleticism of some of these superstars. I watch guys like Dolph Ziggler, D Bryan, CM Punk going what looks to me like 110% reckless abandonment of there body to give the audience what they came from. So I love wrestling, I'm not always happy with the direction some stories are going but I've started to relax and try to enjoy the show more than criticize it. Which is what I want to talk about, the WWE universe, especially my fellow attitude era members, have become ridiculously impatient.

Daniel Bryan is obviously the man right now. Deservedly so, he took that 18 second loss to Sheamus and let it light a fire under him. He blamed AJ, he got us to hate him, then he got pushed into the Hell No tag team and they entertained the mess out of us, now he's back to singles and he has been putting on 4.5-5star match after another. It's been a long time since I've seen some one so over inside the WWE and outside. So does he deserve the WWE title and a great run. Yes! for sure, but the WWE creative have been a genius about this. I always say the best stories are those that make you wait. Week after week the universe is going crazy trying to make the WWE pay attention to him, and the funny thing is I'm pretty sure they already have. You can't ignore when entire buildings when they are chanting for one guy and completely stopping a segment from continuing on. They know he is the guy but if they gave the WWE universe everything they wanted then he'd already be champion and then what? It probably be over, D Bryan would have reached the goal and the anxiousness would be over. He'd be the next Zack Ryder, remember him, man that dude was fucking over! He struck gold with that internet show and you could tell he was working hard to be relevant. But then what, he got a little bit of tv time, people didn't like the story line and people were over him, I bet creative wish they would have never done the story line now, because I'm sure he's shirts were flying off the shelves before they gave in to the universe and now I doubt he sells half what he was selling before he got on tv.

On to what's ridiculous though. The treatment of the other superstars because they weren't Daniel Bryan was pretty sickening. I'm not the biggest fan of John Cena or Randy Orton but, I've got respect for them because they show up and try to put on a great show. I didn't love there Survivor series match or which ever one it was that Randy cuffed Cena to the ring, but that match at the Rumble wasn't that bad. Sure, they brought in all the signatures moves but I saw them doing stuff that isn't normally in their repertoire. Yet, from the get go the fans were disrespecting them, that crowd had written them off before it got started which is so detrimental because crowd has a huge sway as to how people watching from home believe the match is going. Don't believe me, watch a pay per view without sound first, then watch it with the crowd. Second rumble moment I could not believe is all the boos when Rey was the 30th person in the rumble. Now I know it wasn't directed at Rey but still. I'm sure he felt ready to go give his all after that.

So, I just wanted to throw those observations out there. Like it or leave it no problem. Seriously though, I'm not sure I want to see D Bryan get the belt because he has been so entertaining watching him overcome each obstacle, it will be sad when the WWE sees him like old hat. Kind of like they see Cena and Orton now, which side note, some blogger pointed out that neither guy held the belt for quite some time (like 2011) before these recent title runs. Hard work always pays off, the belt will always come back around. That's it for tonight. One day soon I'm gonna rant about the hatred for part timers. Hope you guys enjoyed!

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  1. Brent A. Brewster's Avatar
    To begin-the fans erupted for DB at WM 28 BEFORE he was screwed and lost in seconds. The smart fans had already picked him as one of their guys. Then it continued to build no matter what HHH and Vince made him do.
    Now-switch gears-WWE is always saying they keep matches short and feuds short because we fans are monkeys with no attention span.
    Then there is this group like you who somehow think their master plan to to keep the belt off DB till WM 35 because it is a great story? Are you all related to HHH or Vince? Because guess what-they are just idiots. They were not planning on some big payoff. With your logic Cena should have never won a world title till WM 25 and Punk maybe could win it for the 1st time this year.
    They waited 16 months to even give DB a legit title shot after he got red hot. Then they screwed him and the fans over, and over, and over again. There was no logic at all in DB not keeping the belt after that feud ended for at least a few months.
    Then-all reports said DB was headed to be in a throw away match with Shemus at WM 30, and Dave getting the main event to promote a movie-and report were correct.
    No-it is stupid, stupid BS. You put your top guys in the biggest WM in 5 years.
    No one can deny Punk and DB clearly get the biggest reactions.
    It defies logic that they are not the last match at WM.
    You can join Chicago Cubs fans and wait around for things-kids who watch and adults who care are not waiting for 5 years-this assuming DB is still wrestling and can-he could be out tomorrow with a serious injury the way he wrestles.
    There is no excuse for the guys who wrestle all year and are the most over to not get the rewards.
    Cena, Dave, Randy, HHH, Taker all have main evented WM. Taker not enough really-but still-they all have.
    Punk and DB never have-this is clearly their time. Reward them-stop punishing the fans-and have the best WM main event in years if not ever.
    How hard is it to understand?

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