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Superstar CM Punk: "CM Punk leaving was years in the making!"

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Recently, WWE superstar, CM Punk decided to leave and take some time off. Makes the Stone Cold comparisons even more valid. However, how long he is taking off is anyones guess. Some say he won't be back. I've been waiting for some time to share the story of how I became a Punk fan(pre-pipebomb) and why at the beginning I hated CM Punk. Leave that and talk about his future in this blog on Superstar CM Punk:

Hate: I didn't have a strong opinion of CM Punk til Survivor Series 06 when fans started chanting his name in I believe Philly when he teamed with DX and Hardyz. I said why the hell are they rooting for him over the vets? A lot of it was misunderstood because not a lot of knowledge of the indy scene at the time. Fastforward, winning MITB out of no where. Why not MVP, Christian, mainly the guys I liked not winning, but him. Wins the world title first go round, but was a huge fail. Why give him another chance? Why was he given oppurtunities over the guys who I thought at the time was better?

Like: I finally saw a glimpse of how good CM Punk was when he cashed in the 2nd MITB on Jeff Hardy. It was genius booking, 1 of the best feuds in the past so many years. Every Hardy fan hated his guts including me. Drugs vs straight edge which I leaned more to Punk's side on that lifestyle, but rooted for Jeff Hardy to win the matches in the feud. This was in 2009, the revolving door year with the world championships. Why Punk's reign was short was crazy. I heard why online, but the thing was we went back to the generic bs title scene. Taker vs Jericho vs Big Show while Cena vs DX. Who wanted to see that?

Must see: Despite holding Punk down during that period, he created the Straight Edge Society. Exclusive to Smackdown during that time period, he was the best part of the show. The part of the show I most looked forward to seeing. Why the stable ended without having a top storyline baffles me today. Facing Big Show at much more horrible can it get? A stable that shoulda made a ton more money off of.

Best in the World: When he did the pipebomb speech, I had to have family and friends watch it who may have missed it. Made some valid points, I was wondering why they had one of their best talents on commentary. He's great on the mic, 1 certainly could say the best there is in the biz still today. Why? He isn't generic, when he does a promo, you turn to the tv and listen. When Cena/Orton/HHH does a promo you sorta waiting til they get through the bs aka same old shit. Punk is still angry til this day that he hasn't main evented Wrestlemania. Can't be mad at him for it, I'd be more mad if that wasn't what him or any other talent wants to achieve. I to am tired on the old stars returning. Punk winning at MITB was a huge moment in recent memory for us wrestling fans as was his promo. The thing that angered me, Del Rio cashed in at Summerslam. Punk didn't get rematch and got to feud with HHH. Which we would have gotten again at Mania. Wins it back shortly after to start that longest reign in over 25 years. Lost to The Rock at Rumble, but some folks forget that the only reason he kept it that long was because The Rock wanted to have the match with him in the first place. I figure Ryback would have been a 1x WWE champion if it weren't for The Great One. Just my thought on it. Any wrestler would love to have just wrestled The Rock. Certainly not the worst guy to lose the belt to. Enjoyed his feud with Taker and his feud with Heyman even though it could have been better.

Quit: Work or not, is what everyone is discussing. Personally I don't really give a crap either way. I think it is a good thing Punk left. Not because I don't want him at WM30, but because I don't want to see Punk vs HHH. If Punk isn't happy and he is is time for a break. Same old guys on top which is what he is sick of as us fans are. Did anyone want to see the world and WWE title to be unified in the main event at TLC with John Cena vs Orton? Same goes for Royal Rumble for the title again. How about Batista to return to win the Royal Rumble and get the main event spot of WM? For those who may claim that he is a baby for walking out because of is a repeated thing WWE has done for the past several years. Rock the last 2 Manias along with now Batista coming in and taking that spot from Bryan. You think if Rock didn't wrestle at Wrestlemania 29 or 28 that Punk would have main evented that respective Mania? I think he would have. Which is the point of why Punk is upset. He didn't just wake up 1 day hear the news of Batista and left. This has been years in the making. Judging by the Mania card this year that was rumored, majority we would have already saw before. So why is it good that Punk left? Well it makes WWE change the card for 1 and we don't get Punk vs HHH. Punk not at WM a good thing? I didn't say that, but what true of a statement that you arn't happy than missing the biggest event of the year. Punk is one of my favorite superstars in WWE. I want him at WM30, but not against HHH. He wants to main event WM before he is done. I don't believe he just left because he didn't get the last match at Mania. It is because another old star came in and took a younger stars spot in the main event. Talking about Daniel Bryan of course. So, in all, Punk left because of a combination of things that built up over the years. Will Punk be back? Without a doubt, but before Mania....who knows. The higher ups in WWE along with us wrestling fans will begin to appreciate Punk more as time goes by.

There you have it!! My thoughts on Superstar CM Punk! Fan? When did you become fan? Did you ever dislike CM Punk? What are your thoughts on this piece? You think CM Punk will be back? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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