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Lynx's top 5 least favorite wrestlers currently

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Inspired by AWrestlingGod's thread on current 5 faves in WWE, I decided to give my 5 least favorites. These are my opinions only. Just because you may like these 5, doesn't mean I have to. Also, if you think your favorite won't make this list... then I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS for you. Anyway, let's begin in no particular order...

#1 - Dolph Ziggler - This dude sucks! I know I've seen people go ape shit over his promo but really, it's more of the same shit he's been spewing whenever he gets mic time. This isn't the 80s. Louder no longer means better. Especially when you sound like a Japanese fan girl. To make sure it wasn't just me, I showed this to some of my friends who watch wrestling very casually. The responses I got were "Who the fuck is this guy?" and "Why does he sound like a little bitch?" I get that people like Dolph because he sells moves really good and he's good worker... but that's it. He has nothing else to offer. He's that guy that can't cut promos, shakes his ass and sells the moves of better wrestlers really well. I don't want him to be future endeavored because WWE needs a glorified punching bag but if he does get fired one day. I will not miss him.

#2 - Darren Young - I've never liked this dude, even since his NXT days. Now before anything thinks I don't like him because I'm homophobic, let me say that I'm not homophobic and this has nothing to do with him being gay. If anything, him being gay is a safety to why he won't get fired. Plus it keeps Pat Patterson happy. My problem is with his in-ring work. Like Titus O'Neil said. Darren Young is dead weight. He sucked on the mic because he fumbled over his lines 70% of the time and he's terrible in the ring. I remember he had a match with CM Punk a year ago on raw and it was one of the worst matches I seen in a long time. If WWE plans to keep him, send him back to developmental because he needs all the training he can get.

#3 - Eva Marie - Oh my GOD is this woman terrible. She's is figuratively everything I hate about women in today's wrestling. The kind that thinks it's just a easy meal ticket to catapult her career into modeling or dating a celebrity or whatever their ulterior motive is. She is horrendous in the ring. WORSE than fucking Jenna Morasca. I didn't even think that was possible. She hasn't been on TV much and rightfully so. Part of me wants Total divas to go away just so we don't have a reason to keep seeing her.

#4 - Erick Rowan - I like the Wyatt family but honestly, anyone can fill his shoes. All he does is wear a mask and say "RUN!" While he's not horrible in the ring, he doesn't stand out like his other brethren. I honestly believe if you give Curtis Axel the mask and make him say "RUN!", you won't notice the difference. Speaking of which...

#5 - Curtis Axel - Him being the son of Mr. Perfect and the Grandson of Larry "The Ax" Henning, I REALLY want to like this guy. For anyone who thought he was going to be like his dad or granddad, I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS for you. It's fine that he wants to be his own man but we don't know what man that is. He's already up there in age and the clock is ticking. I think he's great in the ring and he just started coming around as far as promos go but he's got a long way to go before fans give him another look. That Michael McGullicutty gimmick did him no favors either.

So yeah, these are my 5 least favorites at the moment. If you didn't see someone mentioned here it's because I either like them or they serve a purpose. Let me know how you feel about this and if you want, post your top 5 least favorites at the moment.

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    This is all opinion and you are obviously entitled to yours.

    In my opinion. I would only agree with Eva Marie and possibly D-Young making the list, but even then it's harsh.

    Ziggler I can kind of understand, people either love him or hate him. Personally, I love him and I think he's been constantly dealt a bad hand in the WWE. Had he not had that concussion issue when he won the title.. finally, I think he would be in a far better place now as the support was there for him and IMO, He can back it up. I think it was also a mistake breaking him up with AJ, on screen they were both great and were almost like a new Edge & Lita too me. Real shame to see what's become of the ShowOff lately

    D-Young, I have never been a fan myself. Only time I started to kind of like him was when he was paired with Titus. I like them as a team.. Now they are split, Unless D-Young surprises me, I will likely not go back to caring one way or the other.

    Eva Marie, Horrible as you said and that's enough said really. If people are counting "divas" on there list, she would quite possibly make every body's list.

    Erik Rowan, that's a strange one Lynx. I personally think he's done fine. He looks the Wyatt part and okay, he only says.. "Run" but that's why Wyatt is with him. They also got Harper who's decent enough on the mic from what I have seen. Again your opinion dude but for me I would have likely had people such as Ryder and so on before I even thought of someone like Rowan.

    Curtis Axel, at first I thought it was harsh him making your list but actually, I can kind of see why from the points you have made. Like you, I really want to like him and with Heyman.. I did. However now he's without him. I'm back to having no opinion on him really. He's a good wrestler though and he's one where if you want to give someone a good match and make him come off well.. have him face Axel. So in that regard, he serves a purpose and add's depth to the midcard seen.
  2. BadNews Lynx's Avatar
    I wanted to keep it based on people who are actually used. That's why I didn't mention guys like Zack Ryder or Justin Gabriel. I honestly don't want to see any of these guys fired but if they aren't going to be properly used, there's no point in them being on TV in a weekly basis. Have them on Main Event or Superstars or help get the NXT guys ready. They still have their uses but they aren't being utilized to their fullest extent on TV.
  3. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Axel and Eva Marie I agree with 100%
    Rowan is just waaay overshadowed by Bray and Harper but he has his part in that combo and plays well with what he's given.
    I think Titus is the one to look for of the former PTP duo, Young has been pretty useless since the end of Nexus in my book.
    I can take or leave Ziggler, he can sell some moves well but he's fairly nondescript for me personally, he'll never be Main Event material.

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