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How to book Sting mania 30-mania 32.part 1 The Arrival

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John Cena is in the ring The night after His fight with Bray Wyatt at WM30, He is presenting a promo on how Bray brought him to the limit and showed him he can go to that Dark place in order to reach his goals, Cena says he has one more Goal. He says he wants to make a challenge to a superstar that has dominated and defeated the best of the best.
Just as he is about to announce his ambitions to end Undertakers Streak, the lights go out and the fans pop awaiting the arrival of Undertaker, However instead Metallica 'Seek and Destroy' blast throughout the Arena. The camera pans back and fourth looking for the interrupter... The Camera finally looks up and sees Sting in the rafters pointing a base ball bat at Cena to end the show.

Following week Sting again will interrupt Cena this time from the ramp, he enters the ring and hands Cena the bat and turns his back to John teasing him to attack ( similar to when he first became the crow Sting) Cena drops the bat in disgust as he would never do such a thing and storms out as sting smiles.
WWE begin to promote who Sting is and was and that his where about has been unknown since the end of WCW.

Following week Sting will interrupt a tag team match and does the bat tease with all four men with none of them attacking him. he stills stays silent throughout.
Then he interrupts Bray Wyatt and hands the bat over and turns his back... Just as Bray is about to hit sting, Sting turns and Bray freezes caught in the act. Both Men begin Laughing. Sting suddenly stops smiling and just stares blankly at Bray until bray hands the bat back and leaves the ring intimidated.
That night Sting saves Cena from a Wyatt family beat down setting up a Extreme rule 3 on 2 handicap match Sting and Cena vs Wyatts ( can Sting be trusted by Cena and will sting speak and explain why he is here)
The dream team are victorious but still are not on the same page. With Sting being mysterious and odd and Cena being creeped out and frustrated.

Sting finally explains why he has returned(not by speaking) but by pointing to a wrestlemania sign above the arena and then pointing at the titan tron with his bat which begins a count down of the Undertakers streak victims. Sting finally speaks and says I challenge The Undertaker to his streak. Cena is unhappy and challenges Sting.

Cena vs Sting winner faces Undertaker.

the idea of this match is to give Sting a big win before Manis 31, add Hogan to the feud in a peacemaker type role, The Wyatts add a heel element towards both faces with both men saving each other from random Wyatt Attacks but still unsure of each other. This will represent Stings non trust of the WWE and Cenas and other full timers insecurities of part time past their prime superstars.

Sting will come out on top and eventually get the blessing from Cena to challenge Taker. The match would take place at Summerslam or the Month Before at MITB.

Check out Part 2 when its done if you like my idea. it will focus on the The Streak feud.

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