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How WWE Lost Its Fans

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First, Let’s look at the past year that Daniel Bryan has had.

-He was a one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. That team, Hell No, was more over with the crowd than any team currently on the roster.
-After the Shield’s debut, Daniel Bryan was the first superstar to claim a win against them when Bryan made Rollins tap
-Daniel Bryan’s popularity had risen even more with his appearances on Total
-John Cena lost clean to Daniel Bryan, as Bryan became WWE Champion.

From that point on, Bryan began chasing the WWE title, only to come up short or get cheated out of it every time. He went from underdog, to fan favorite, to being a cult icon. “YES!” chants have taken over actual football and basketball games. My brother dressed up as Daniel Bryan this past year at a comic convention, and almost caused a chorus of “YES!” chants. People complain that this is the worst WWE product in years, however they are finally creating a new hero for people to love other than Cena. The biggest gripe amongst the IWC over the past few years is that the WWE isn’t giving their younger talent a chance. We are all tired of having John Cena forced down our throats, right? They are creating their next “superhero”, and all people do is complain. A hero has to know defeat before they know what it takes to win. That is the story WWE is crafting. So, why are people complaining?

We will come back to this. First, let’s look at the C.M. Punk situation.

C.M. Punk quit on his own accord. He was not fired. He is tired and worn out due to his constant work schedule. I understand that. I also understand that he feels like he deserves to headline Wrestlemania. I completely agree. I think he should be there. He has problems with WWE booking, how the company signs part-time veterans, and the direction of his character. All of these are valid complaints. Personally, I think he should have given WWE some notice, and not walked out less than an hour before RAW went on the air Monday. Looking around the IWC, people are up in arms because they say WWE forced Punk to quit. They treated him so badly, that he had no choice but to leave. People are straight angry, and threatening to boycott the WWE because of it. Let me rephrase this: People are mad at WWE because C.M. Punk quit. Fans are mad at WWE (more specifically HHH) because one of their employees walked out.

C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan are not the first superstars for fans to support and ultimately not get treated the way fans want. So why are these shows getting hijacked? Every time there is a main event caliber match that does NOT feature Bryan, the competitors in the ring are ridiculed with “Daniel Bryan” chants. Similarly, this past taping of NXT featured constant C.M. Punk chants, complete with tons of C.M. Punk signs being confiscated by WWE officials. Why are fans speaking their mind, trying harder than ever to let their voice be heard?

Because WWE encouraged it!

Think about it, with all of the social media WWE embraces, they are constantly telling their fans to get involved. Fans are given the chance to vote on the participants of matches. Whether these polls are rigged is irrelevant to this discussion, because WWE is telling their fans that their opinion matters. They are airing 30 second Touts sent in by fans who are voicing their opinions. They have made the WWE “Universe” a part of the show. We are no longer the audience, we have a role. They have told us that the characters on screen are supposed to give us, the Universe, what we want. But WWE does not give us a script to follow. They try to give us hints and “trick” us in to playing the role they want us to play. As we saw with the abrupt ending to Bryan’s battle with the Wyatt family, we see that WWE WILL change its plans, based to the role we play as the Universe. Is that smart business? Instantly, I want to say yes. Yes, give the customers what they want. But they just proved that we have the power to elevate someone to the main event picture. Luckily for them, the Universe may never totally agree on another superstar again. But for the time being, we have all rallied behind Bryan.

At first I thought it was classless that fans would chant Bryan’s name during other matches. While I don’t mind voicing your opinion during a match with main eventers, I still think it’s classless to chant “Daniel Bryan” during a match with Kofi Kingston or other midcarders. Midcard guys are not taking a spot away from Daniel Bryan. Now, if you want to chant for “Tyson Kidd”, I have absolutely no problem with that.

With all of that being said, I think it’s time for us to let the WWE have it. Hijack every single show, and yell for who you want to see. If you demand that they bring C.M. Punk back, make your sign and yell at the top of your lungs. If you want to see Daniel Bryan, let them know how badly you want to see Daniel Bryan. We are the Universe that they created, and we are just playing our role.

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  1. A_Double's Avatar
    "They are creating their next “superhero”, and all people do is complain. A hero has to know defeat before they know what it takes to win. That is the story WWE is crafting. So, why are people complaining?"

    This a million times over.

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