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Top 5 best and worst Royal Rumble victories of all-time!

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I know the Royal Rumble is over for 2014. Everyone including myself is angry over the ppv results including Batista Royal Rumble victory which is one of the worst of all-time. LOL! So I thought, why not talk about the best and worst Royal Rumble victories of all-time! Excluding Batista to give more love and hate to the history of the Royal Rumble match. What is the definition of best and worst in this topic? Formula for me is what did it do, what did it result in at Mania. What happened afterwards? Did the Rumble win do anything to help further his career, did it make him a bigger star, and main event talent like it should if you are battling for the world title at Wrestlemania. So here is my top 5 best and worst Royal Rumble victories of all-time:

5.HHH-1 of my favorite builds to the royal rumble actually happened in 02. All kinds of different top guys came to The Rock saying when they win the rumble they are going to face him at Mania. HHH, Austin, Taker, ect. Rooting for Stone Cold obviously, but HHH ended up winning. The problem with his return I had was him returning as a babyface. I just couldn't get behind him and root for him to win based on his heel tactics in the past with the sledgehammer to the babyfaces I love. Obviously, Austin, Rock, and Mick Foley. About 11 years old at the time, didn't like HHH as a babyface and didn't like his run. Obviously not successful because he shifted back to a heel shortly afterward to have an amazing program with HBK. In any case, went on to Mania and watched it live. No bs about it, after Rock/Hogan I was wondering what was left. 1 of the worst and awkward main events in the history of Mania.
4.Randy Orton-I'm not gonna lie, I did enjoy the story that was told with Orton vs McMahons going into Mania. I just didn't want to see HHH/Orton again. Why it ended the show is still a question us wrestling fans ask today. Going into the Royal Rumble that year, did anyone expect anybody else to win. What was the payoff? 2009 wasn't a good year by any means as far as the main event scene went. Doing a bunch of rematches for the strap something they are still doing today. CRAZY! Orton fan in 09, but not any longer.
3.Edge-Really didn't have much of an idea of who was going to win the Rumble in 2010. You heard the rumors of Jericho vs Edge since his injury while they were trying to form a tag team in the summer of 09. I didn't think the match needed a world title for it, but it was an addition. Edge came back as a surprise at #29 while Jericho won the world title at the Chamber. The embarrassing fail of attempt to get fans to chant for spear. Match didn't live up to the hype. Edge wasn't made a bigger star out of it. Didn't think any more of him after the Rumble victory.
2.Del Rio-40 man Royal Rumble winner was Del Rio who everyone saw big things for in 2011. 2014, I skip the parts he is on. I think Del Rio is one of the reasons WWE went roster combined. Why do I say that? Entering his feud with Edge, Lawler had no idea who he was. Wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't know who superstars are today who appear on Raw weekly the way he pays attention. Didn't make Del Rio a star or main event talent. I still don't see the money that others of the higher ups in WWE still see. I'd rather have seen Christian vs Edge for the world title at Mania.
1.Lex Luger-The silly celebration after winning by DQ at Summerslam 93. You thought he may win the WWF title at Mania 10. Rumble ended in a tie with both Bret/Luger. Both got seperate single WWF title matches vs Yokozuna. After that loss at Mania 10, he was never the same. His career WWF is forgotten after that. Followed up the next year opening Mania teaming with Bulldog. However, Bret Hart was made big time after WM10. He was the legit and he was the man no question about it after that.

5.Yokozuna-Defeating everyone in his path eliminating everyone including the Macho Man Randy Savage. Entered at the #27 entry and for some odd reason Savage went for a pin. Macho Man was thrown over the top with Yokozuna on his back. Yoko looked impressive afterward and dominant there after. Main evented several ppvs over the WWF title. Vs the likes of Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Luger, Undertaker, and so forth. Won the WWF title at WM9 vs Bret Hart after salt to the face of Bret by Mr.Fuji while in the sharpshooter. Challenged Hogan afterward, lost it afterward in like 9 seconds. However, defeating Hogan at King of the Ring, big deal of being body slammed by Luger during the summer of that year, and main event Mania after Mania after that. No one can deny Yokozuna was a made man after the Rumble victory.
4.Batista-The storyline I really enjoyed with HHH/Batista. A rematch I actually wouldn't have mind seeing which I don't believe we ever got after the classic. Survivor Series time was probably the start of the tease around the time when they were battling to be the GM of Raw for 4 weeks. Batista kept staring at the world title like the rest of his teammates. New Years Revolution when HHH didn't break up the count towards the end. A babyface he was becoming slowly, but surely. Stayed on Raw and challenged HHH with the thumbs down putting him through the table. Amazing story and HHH made Batista the man. 3x he beat HHH before he went to SD. 1 of the biggest stars since the attitude era. I think Batista is or at least was the 2nd biggest star WWE had next to Cena even above Orton. When Batista went to SD, I thought the better world champion went to SD. Comparison of competition of Raw and SD during that period was a big difference. Batista has been one of the biggest stars WWE has created in the last decade.
3.Bret Hart-1994, Bret had won the WWF title, but really wasn't the man yet in some folks eyes. When he won the the Royal Rumble with Luger after his injury he suffered thanks to Owen earlier in the night. You really got behind him. Bret had a match with Owen and feuded with him during the year that is a memorable us wrestling fans remember. However, the Rumble win, Owen feud, and defeating Yokozuna helped make Bret the man. The site ending Mania 10 is a site no one ever can forget with everyone in the ring with the strap over his shoulders with all the talent in the ring. Bret is regarded as one of the greatest performers ever to grace a wrestling ring.
2.Ric Flair-#2 is what many people will say, but when you see #1 you will understand. The only Rumble with the WWF title on the line which obviously alone makes it one of the biggest Rumble victories of all-time. Arguably the biggest world title win in Flair's career of 16 world title reigns. Flair one of the greatest of all-time with a tear in his eye, won the world title at entry #3 in arguably the great Royal Rumble match of all-time. 92 rumble is still talked about today among wrestling fans. Stars in the Rumble match top to bottom from Piper, Jake Roberts, Hogan, Sid, and so forth. Not being near top of any list would be crazy.
1.Stone Cold-His 98 Rumble win is the one I think was the best based on the impact it had. WM14 is still one of the most under-rated WMs of all-time. The thing I loved about the match was when the glass broke and every single entry turned to the entrance waiting for Austin based on every single one of them have been on the receiving end of a stunner. Came from behind and opened up a can of whoop ass. Austin became the man when he won the WWF title from HBK. Through the segments with Tyson that is remembered til this day and feud afterward with Vince which is the greatest storyline WWE ever produced. Turned around the Monday Night Wars. Impact of the Rumble win and the victory at Mania is bigger than any Rumble win in my eyes based on where WWF was up til that time. That is why Stone Cold's 98 win is #1!

There you have it! Top 5 best and worst Royal Rumble wins of all-time. What is your top 5 for each? Agree or disagree with my picks? What is your #1s for each? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Brent A. Brewster's Avatar
    Ok-your list really has nothing to do with the Royal Rumble. It is a list a likes and dislikes in booking world title matches at Mania and if you think the entire program from RR to Mania and beyond paid off.
    Your list is fine under all those factors.
    But-a actual list ranking RR winners should to me only be about the RR match-not the events following.
    Obviously RR with guys starting 1-5 and winning stand out. I will list a few that I remember the most because the match itself told a great story.
    1. 97-honestly-one of the worst lists of wrestlers in the match-and yet-one of the best stories. Austin comes in #5 and at times is alone waiting on his next victim. Everyone is waiting for the man to come down to eliminate Austin-Austin is once again alone and waiting-but this time the guitar hits and Austin's reaction is priceless-kinda like-"oh no-I forgot about him!!!"
    Bret Hart comes down and the war begins. Match boils down to Vader, Taker, Bret, Austin and "fake Diesel" who would be Kane. Bret throws out Austin-refs miss it because 2 other guys are fighting outside-Austin sneaks in and throws out Taker and Vader, as Bret throws out Diesel, Austin sneaks up behind to win! Bret is outraged. Austin wins and laughs knowing he pulled one over all of us.
    2. Loved the 2009 with Randy and Legacy using the numbers to win.
    3. 2004-Beniot-the guy that was the best in the ring finally wins the big match. Started at #1 and lasted to win.
    4. 92-Flair starts #3 and beats maybe the best group ever in a Rumble-and the only Rumble for a world title.
    5. 2005-interesting because the only Rumble to have a restart. Cena/Batista tie-and go at it again for the tie breaker. The 2 emerging stars at the end. This time Batista gets the win.

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