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Why The Elimination Chamber MUST be an amazing PPV

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Night of Champions, Battleground, Hell in a Cell, All ended with controversy. People looking for refunds because matches were overturned on Raw, or interference, or no winner. Then, and lets be honest, Survivor Series was underwhelming. The heel won TLC, and we all just witnessed the Royal Rumble be hijacked by angry fans. There hasn't been a legitimatly good PPV since Money in the Bank. With the WWE Netork having and replaying all PPVs ever comming up the day after elimination chamber, the WWE would be throwing away a great opportunity if they continued this trend of controverisal or heel driving events.

In the Internet world, fans who arent fortunate (or in recent months fortunate) to not be able to see the PPVs live, flock to dozens of sites like youtube, and dailymotion to find clips and videos of matches, and exciting moments from the previous nights Event. But I dont think in the wake of the Royal Rumble, anyone is going to go back and pull up that rumble and rewatch it start to finish. It was predictable, and the outcome, unfavorable.

Were the WWE to hit a home run and make the Elimination Chamber a Face driven show, with exciting matches the fans want to see, They could go out on Raw last night and essentially say, "Look what you missed last night." When even the casual fan hears that their favorite star won in an amazing match from the previous night, and the crowd was raucus for a good reason, it could drive sales up.

Will this happen? doubtful. The WWE has known that the network has been comming in this iteration for a while. knowing that, they have come up with probobly the most unimaginative and exciting PPVs in recent memory. But, If they pull a fast one on us and actually give us what we want for once, Fans might just impulse buy.

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  1. captainmoonlight's Avatar
    Just because people wanted money back doesn't make it bad, it just makes fans look stupid.

    Other than Dave winning the rumble I've enjoyed the last 4/5 ppv's.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    You said MITB was the last good ppv? What about Summerslam? Arguably the 2 best matches of the yr were on it.

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