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Genesis 2014 - Did TNA deliver?

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So the other night I finished watching part 2 of TNA's Genesis TV show.

Part 1

The twelve man tag to kick off the show was a great way to start things off. It was fast paced and didn't drag on like some of the other standard tag team matches we've seen recently. Would have liked to have seen a finisher-fest at the end, but regardless it was an entertaining way to start the show. Hopefully we will see more of these huge tag team matches in the future.

The Bully Ray vs Anderson match I have a slightly negative opinion on; not because of what happened in the match itself, but because of the build up. There practically was none. I cant imagine that segment in the funeral home made anyone that exited about their latest match. Plus Bully has faced Anderson many many times over the last few years, in standard matches, falls count anywhere matches, and last man standing matches. Considering Bully's somewhat new homicidal and darker attitude, wouldn't it be a perfect time to raise the gimmick match bar a little to separate this match from their previous encounters? Maybe a "Clockwork Orange-First Blood-Coffin Match"?
Anyway the match itself was quite good, hopefully they will wrap up this feud soon so both men can move on to different storylines.

Madison Rayne defeated Gail Kim with one of the lamest finishing moves ever. I like Madison as a face but I cant help but think the only reason for her being a face is because TNA is running out of ideas for the knock out division. Ok match.

EC3 vs Sting wasn't very entertaining, everyone could see an assisted win for EC3 coming a mile away. Makes me wonder what TNA are actually going to do with EC3 now that he has a "win" over a legend like Sting. The main event picture is awfully crowded at the moment and it seems he will take a back seat to Magnus for a while. Not complaining.

The segment with Magnus and Sting at the end was good and just goes to show that Sting can really make a crowd hate someone even more when he is given the mic time. Magnus is getting a lot of heat now, which is exactly what TNA should be looking for.

Part 2

Gunner vs Storm was a good match, although a little short, was still entertaining. Glad Gunner still has the shot at the world title, but I don't think they will put Gunner vs Magnus on a ppv main event, more likely a heavily hyped Impact taping.

Aries vs Sabin had the potential to steal the show, and although this was a great match, it was not their best match yet. It seems TNA is playing hot potato with the X title at the moment and the division looks like it consists of 2 people (3 if you include Velvet Sky, tbh you might as well). Aries and Sabin are 2 of the best that TNA have right now and they are without doubt the two best people to be the face of the X Division, but it would be refreshing to see them go against different competitors in different types of matches occasionally. (like 12 man X-division tags for example, see paragraph 1)

Kurt Angle vs Roode was of course the best match of Genesis '14. These guys put on a great match whenever they are in the ring together. Really glad that Kurt can still go for the moonsault off the cage spot, looks awesome every time. I doubt this will be the end of their feud however, I reckon at least one more match to settle it. Either that or Angle will step up to take Stings place against team Dixie, perhaps even challenge Magnus for the world title in the near future.

Samoa Joe vs Spud was a squash match, so there isn't really much to say about it. The Impact Zone seems to really hate Spud, he has almost as much heat as Dixie.

The main event of Genesis was Magnus vs Sting, Title vs contact.
This match wasn't promoted weeks in advanced, but I understand that they had to settle the AJ vs Magnus feud before AJ's contract was up, so fair dues.

This was apparently Sting's last match in TNA and to be honest, the match itself looked like a slowed down, duller version of the Magnus vs AJ match. Loads of interference, but just didn't have that excitement that the AJ match had. I am a huge fan of Sting and I know he has done a lot for TNA. I just thought that TNA would give him a better send of than this match. The ending was poor as well, with that really slow count from Earl. I actually would like to see Sting in WWE, but that's another topic altogether.

Overall Genesis wasn't a bad show, of course it is all a huge build up to Lockdown, which will most likely be headlined by a Team Dixie vs Team "Investor" Lethal Lockdown match. Me personally, I'm just looking forward to seeing the wolves take over the tag team division, and seeing what they will do with Jeff Hardy when he eventually comes back.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    The twelve man tag to kick off the show was a great way to start things off. It was fast paced and didn't drag on like some of the other standard tag team matches we've seen recently.
    Tagmatches in TNA are always entertaining than those in WWE...
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    I liked the over all show..Kurt/roode being the main attraction besides Sting/Magnus face OFF...

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