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My thoughts and hopes for WM 30

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I'm really hoping Wrestlemania 30 will be the greatest ever. WWE seems to be getting the right mix of stars, past and current, on the roster for it. Adding Sting would be such a bonus - but nothing that I think is necessary. Actually, I think Sting would cause some booking issues. Here's my IDEAL card for the show with my thoughts on each match.

Pre-Show: Big E vs Ambrose to unify the US Championship and Intercontinental. Give the match 10 minutes. Both guys look strong. Ambrose wins clean. After the match, Reigns and Rollins claim they all should own equal share of the belt since they're a 'team'. This sets up a 3-Way match later in the show for the Unified US/Int Championship.

Goldust vs Cody Rhodes - I think this would be a perfect way to start the PPV. Even though it's a mid-card matchup on paper, this would kind of have a big time feel to it. Both guys would be fighting with so much energy knowing it's probably Goldust's last match. After 15 minutes back and forth, Rhodes pins Goldust for the win, ending Goldust's career. They embrace at the top of the ramp, Goldust leaves on a good note.

New Age Outlaws vs Usos Vs Real Americans vs Rowan/Harper - With the tag team division kind of on fire right now, I think you give it a match at Mania. Real Americans win.

Ziggler vs Jericho - This would be a nice match to throw in because both are such great ring workers. Ziggler's energy eventually carries him to the win, sending him in a nice direction for future story lines.

HHH vs CM Punk - This match needs to happen, which I think it will. With the recent spat between Punk and Kane, a natural story line will be made between HHH and Punk. Only thing is, I feel this match needs to have a hardcore stipulation. Maybe a Pedigree through the Spanish announce table. Punk with a flying elbow through a table in the ring. Punk wins.

Ambrose vs Reigns vs Rollins - This match will be for the newly unified US/Inct Champ that Ambrose won on the pre-show. Solid match that a lot of people want to see happen. All guys look good. Reigns hits a BIG double spear on Ambrose and Rollins, pins them both at the same time to win it. Sends Reigns off in the right direction. Shield is officially separated. Rollins and Ambrose both remain in hunt for that belt.

Piper's Pit with Hogan and Ultimate Warrior

Lesnar vs Orton - I originally thought of Sheamus vs. Orton, but I think this would carry a little more pop. Lesnar being upset that he didn't get his fair shot at the belt while Orton was champ, he promises to destroy Orton. Match takes place in a Cell, with a heel Brock hitting the F5 onto a table from under the ring to defeat a babyface Orton (babyface due to The Authority putting him against Batista at EC).

Bray Wyatt vs Sting - Yes, this can only happen if Sting is officially signed and willing to wrestle WM. But I think this would be good. Both kind of eery characters. Sting shows up in the trench coat and baseball bat. Wyatt does his creepy crawl. Sting wins after using his bat while the refs were distracted by Rowan and Harper.
(NOTE: If Sting is not with WWE, I'd put Lesnar vs Wyatt in a Cell Match. and have Sheamus fight Orton in a singles.)

Undertaker vs John Cena - This, I think, would be epic. Cena's the only guy on the roster who WWE would ever chose to possible end the streak. Make it a clean singles match. Give it 30+ minutes. Let the two just make magic. The suspense would be killer. So many 2-counts and near falls. I could see a Hell's Gate reversed into the STFU. Taker wins after hitting a second TombStone.

Daniel Bryan vs CHAMPION Batista - Yes, this would involve Batista winning the belt at Elimination Chamber or Raw. Bryan becomes #1 contender after beating Big Show, Lesnar, Cena, and Sheamus in the EC match. Maybe 'burying' Bryan was a ploy by WWE to make him seem to be even more of an underdog. After 30+ minutes of Batista's power vs Bryan's technical skills, Bryan pins Batista with a Running Knee. Place goes nuts. Broadcast ends with 70,000+ people doing the YES chant.

I think Batista eventually regains the belt before SummerSlam - just in time for his movie. Lesnar becomes #1 contender and faces Batista at SummerSlam.

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