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WWE prove me wrong

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Now, WWE is a lucrative enterprise and does what it wants with booking and promoting superstars. They used to be really good at creating stars or taking some and making them more popular. For example, Bret Hart, HBK, The Rock, SCSA, Kurt Angle, Christ Benoit, Eddie Guerro, John Cena are stars who benefited from the WWE creative process. There are many more to list but I won't. WWE has the chance to create its next star but they won't for reasons I do not understand.

WWE has not created a star since John Cena. CM Punk made himself through his pipebomb and walking out because he was fed up the WWE. Daniel Bryan made himself in spite of the WWE brass and the WWE universe has attached to him for several months now. He is what the WWE needs at this time because once Cena leaves, there is nobody to be the next guy. CM Punk is not around for many more years and others like Roman Reigns and others who are mentioned to being groomed are years away. DB is already established and the crowd is behind them. WWE tried to stagnant his momentum by joining the Wyatt family but then after ESPN aired a college basketball game with the whole crowd chanting YES, it suddenly switches direction and kills it. For those who say DB can't be a top guy, look at Bret Hart, HBK, Kurt Angle (highest paid guy at one time) so there is more than a line of guys who don't fit the 'look' that WWE desires.

I have been watching old RR and forgot how good they were. There was lots of action and SURPRISES. That is what the WWE misses now, there are no surprises. Look at this year's RR, Batista is going to win and go on to face Orton. Really, that is supposed to be the main event at WM, that is a farce. Last year, Rock wins title and everyone knows that Cena was winning the Rumble. That match was awful last year at WM and the prestige that CM Punk brought back to the title got shit on. Cena could be legit as champ if given feuds that actually mean something like the DB feud or CM Punk feud or Batista feud years ago. I am not knocking Cena because I understand why he gets all the attention and if given proper build then feuds and matches are much better. Case in point, Cena vs Orton tonight has had an awful build and the match will probably be average at best.

There needs to be new feuds and new life breathed into the product. I understand that the talent pool in the WWE is really thin right now with only a handful of main guys (Cena, CM Punk, Orton, Big Show). Previous RR had many guys who could legitimately win and go on to WM. Now you have maybe three guys in the Rumble who could and two won't. This is what could make WWE interesting again, having a surprise winner.

They should capitalize on DB right now. He wins the Rumble which nobody would expect right now. Hear me out, he wins, with the crowd chanting YES as he points to WM. He goes on to face the champ, even I don't want Orton vs DB again. I would have Orton drop the title to either Batista or Leasnar at the EC. Daniel Bryan wrestling either of them at WM would be his WM moment that WWE always states it wants. What better than have 80,000 people chanting YES at the end of the show as DB wins the title. Batista or Leasnar would make DB look even more legit because they are both monsters and they get to headline WM too. Plus, this would build another star in the WWE which they need and he can go on and feud with Cena, Batista, Reigns, Big E or whoever else WWE brass what to promote.

I know that this is a pipedream because it won't happen. WM top matches are booked with DB facing Sheamus, how sad is that. Is this supposed to be his WM moment beating a guy who was been out of the WWE for months. Orton vs Batista is a weak feud because it has all been done before. Look at the current matches DB vs Sheamus, HHH vs Punk, Batista vs Orton, Taker vs Leasnar. This year's WM is just a repeat of matches from years past with the exception of Cena vs Wyatt. WWE do something different and get back to what you used to be a creative and innovative enterprise that produced Superstars!

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Brock vs Db at wrestlemania with DB winning will be a great moment to cherish for DB fans like me..
  2. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Well now some time has passed and the road still sucks! I support your ascertion that the talent pool sucks...from their own doing, however! I wrote over 2 yrs ago there were no surprises, due to poor plans and internet spoilers. Their attempt at surprises were old actor/wrestlers in Main Events and winning titles.

    Nothing big to look forward to, unless STING interrupts Taker's match

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