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DWO: Wrestlemania 30 realistic dream card

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My ideal WM30 card:

Randy Orton (c) vs Daniel Bryan - WWE Heavyweight Championship

*DB enters the Rumble in the last minute and wins, faces orton

John Cena vs The Undertaker

*Cena has done everything but beat the streak, can he cement himself as the most successful star ever?

Brock Lesnar vs Batista

*Simply put, The Animal vs The Beast, it just has that epic feel to it

The Shield vs The Wyatt Family - US Title match, *if Wyatts win, Bray wins title

*Lets face it, everyone wants to see this before The Shield inevitably split up

CM Punk vs HHH

*CM Punk, the modern day Stone Cold, the renegade of the PG Era faces HHH in a battle to overcome the Authority

The Usos vs New Age Outlaws (c) vs The Real Americans - WWE Tag Team Championships (Tornado tag, elimination tables match)

*A great way to finally put over the Usos, with a few broken bodies flying through tables whilst at it

Cody Rhodes vs Goldust

*Cody makes it to the final three in the rumble match, Goldust holds down the rope out of nowhere as Cody goes for the disaster kick, he gets eliminated, Cody goes after redemption

AJ Lee (c) vs Tamina Snuka - Divas Championship

*Tamina turns on AJ Lee, goes after the title

Big E Langston (c) vs Mark Henry Vs Big Show vs Ryback - Intercontinental Championship

*WWE's own Monsters ball, this time with the company's monsters going toe to toe for not only the title, but the honur of beings the company's top big man

Pre show: Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara

*Allows for the world record for number of people wearing masks to be completed and a chance to see who is the top Mexican wrestler in the company

So that is how i would like to see WM30 pan out, obviously not every star can fit onto the card, but I believe this would be an epic WM if it were to go down this way, feel free to comment on the outcomes these matches, or anything you would change, this is just my opinion!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Half and half I like and don't like. Mexican thing, Monsters, tag, Punk vs HHH, hate Orton main eventing Mania.

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