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Sting to WWE? Could 2014 be the year? maybe, maybe not

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So we're at that time of year, they time of year where everyone wonders "is Sting going to resign with TNA or is Sting going to finally sign with WWE?"

Now I've read a lot of comments on various websites stating "Sting is to old", "WWE won't benefit from Sting signing" or the one I see most, "i don't want to see Sting vs Undertaker anymore"

Well let's start with Sting being too old, ya he's 54, will be 55 by Wrestlemania 30, but look how active he is, people have talked about how Sting wouldn't be a match for Undertaker, but look at their careers, Takers been a once or twice a year wrestler since I think his 2nd Streak match vs HBK(HBK cost him WHC at EC). Sting on the other hand has been an active member of TNA during those years, wrestling on Impact, PPV and even house shows. ya granted he's not what he used to be, but the fact that his body holds out week after week is a sign that he's got something left in the tank.

WWE not benefitting from signing Sting is one of the most insane things I've ever heard, let's look at merchandise alone, Sting had/has probably one of the most marketable gimmicks in the history of the business, right up there with Hulk Hogan, NWO, Undertaker, DX, ect... if Sting were to sign in WWE, WWE would put out numerous shirts and those shirts would sell and not just to Sting fans, but I could see the younger members of WWE Universe, kids/teens who might not know much about Sting buying up his merchandise, because of his gimmick, there is potential of very cool shirts, but it doesn't stop at shirts, the Sting masks and even Sting gloves could be high sellers for WWE and that doesn't even include the general merchandise that WWE puts out like phone cases, hats, dvd's, piggy banks, ect... his sales would be right up there with Cena/Punk/AJ Lee, 3 of WWE best sellers on their website. so what does WWE get from having Sting? Millions of Dollars, Millions of Dollars, Millions of Dollars.

on to the most important comment, not wanting to see Sting vs Undertaker, all I gotta say I WHY, I can understand younger fans cause they don't know him like the old school fans, but for those old school fans saying that, shame on you, the nostalgia alone is worth it, it's the Undertaker, It's Sting it's like 2 decades+ in the making. now I don't know either, but from what I've heard, when it comes to wrestling both are very driven, mean even at their respective ages, both would go out there and give 200-300%, push their bodies past where they maybe should. this could very well be Takers last Mania, if that's the case, you bet he's gonna bring it in every way possible, as for Sting, it would be as he has said a "dream match" of his and to top it off, at Wrestlemania, so Sting will do everything in his power to make it as memorable as possible.

there are also a lot of people who say why would Sting come to WWE now, after all these years, what makes 2014 the year? well I see a few things being the reason that now is the time.

1) it's Wrestlemania 30, WWE are going all out, mending fences with numerous former talent(eg...Ultimate Warrior, Jake Roberts, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan to get them to appear at the biggest Wrestlemania to date, it's 30 years, 3 decades, WWE are going to do whatever it takes to make WM30 the best ever.

2) WWE Hall Of Fame, some people don't take HOF in WWE too seriously, but the wrestlers do, at least i'd think most do, it's world wide recognition for your career and even though Sting hasn't been in WWE, they own everything WCW and Sting was the WCW. Stone Cold/Rock have credit of swinging the ratings in WWE's favor at the end of Monday Night War or Wars(whichever) well Sting/Hogan/Nash/Hall were the ones that took the ratings from WWE and gave WWE a reason to fight, without WCW, without Sting, there may have never been a need for the Attitude Era and maybe WWE would have just faded into obscurity, definitely wouldn't be the empire Vince has now. so Sting in WWE HOF is a must.

3) HHH, as I said in a previous blog did something last year that Vince himself hasn't been able to do, get Bruno Sammartino to agree to be inducted in HOF, we all know Hunter has an ego, you can't make it in WWE without one, well i'm 100% sure he's gonna want to top that this year, now some might say, he got Warrior back in WWE, well that's true, but I don't think that's big enough for him, HHH is establishing a legacy not as a wrestler anymore, but as an executive, he wants to prove he can do what's best for business and Sting in WWE HOF is Best for Business.

4) Sting himself, like I said above Sting's dream match is a match at Wrestlemania against the Undertaker, with this being possibly Taker's last ride(see what I did there), 2014 might be Sting last chance to make that come true, a chance to make a hefty pay check and there is nothing wrong with that, he deserves to be paid the big bucks finally.

So in closing I fully expect that in the month or so, Sting to either be announced as a HOF inductee or for him to actually debut in WWE with a long awaited confrontation with the Undertaker, if this is the case as I've said in comments on this site, I think Sting will debut in WWE on Feb 24th edition of Raw, also the date WWE Network goes online, they'll want to give people a reason to subscribe immediately and a Sting Debut with Taker is something that will get all the WWE talking and wanting more info which might be available on WWE Network, specifically Raw post show that debuts after Raw on The Network, plus lots who may not know him as much, might check out his old matches on it, so once again, it would be Sting benefitting WWE, getting subscribers for their WWE Network.

anyways I could be completely wrong and wasted time typing this, but then again.....The Only Thing That's For Sure About Sting is That Nothing is For Sure

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Why don't people want to see Sting/Taker? They think they are too old to carry one another through a good match. Rather it not happen since both are one could say over the hill. The age both are on, neither can really take the bumps or carry the match. Both need to be carried by younger men which is the case sometimes for older talent.

    I agree with everything basically. I want to see Sting finally join WWE and battle at WM vs Taker. I don't expect both in their primes stealing the show. Face to face moment could be one of a Rock/Hogan from Mania 18. Not saying they are superstars of that magnitude, but it is a dream match fans of all ages have been craving for a long time. This isn't 97, Sting wants to compete at Mania before he is done. Who better than the Undertaker? That is one of his goals and I hope he achieves because lets be honest.....he is going in the WWE hall of fame at some point.

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