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Mock Storyline Leading Up To WM30

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Mock WM30 Storylines:

Storyline One (Main event):

Cena and Orton wrestle to a stalemate at the Rumble. Lesnar beats Big Show but in a shady way. And Batista wins the rumble by last eliminating Daniel Bryan. This leads to Lesnar still claiming to be the number one contender, but Cena also saying he deserves the shot. Big Show still has beef with Lesnar and so he is in the picture as well. Meanwhile, mutual respect is earned between Batista and Daniel Bryan as they team up to fight off the Wyatt family over the next several weeks.

The elimination chamber is set with Lesnar, Wyatt, Bryan, Cena, Orton, and Big Show. Big Show is eliminated first by Lesnar. D-Bry then eliminates Wyatt. As Wyatt leaves, he looks concerned and worried. Cena is then eliminated by Orton as Cena seems to have Lesnar eliminated with the AA, but Orton low blows Cena and rolls him up. The lights then go out. The dong goes off and the lights come back on to reveal Taker with his hands around Bryan’s throat. Massive choke slam and then Taker leaves as Wyatt meets him on the stage. Orton pins Bryan to leave Orton and Lesnar. Lesnar then beats Orton to become the new champion.

It then appears to set up Batista vs. Lesnar at WM, but Orton demands the Authority give him his guaranteed rematch. However, Cena attacks Orton viciously. Authority sets up a Cena/Orton rematch with Ortons rematch on the line. They once again battle to a no contest after Lesnar interferes and that draws Batista into the fight. Eventually this leads to the Authority setting up the four way.

Storyline Two:

After the Rumble, Batista and D-Bry form a friendship to battle against the Wyatt family. This leads to Batista vs. Rowan and Harper, while Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan are participants in the elimination chamber. After D-Bry eliminates Wyatt in the Chamber, Taker is revealed as the head of the family. In the weeks leading up to WM, Taker is revealed as the head of the Wyatt family and he has come to get revenge on Bryan for turning on the family.

Storyline Three:

It’s revealed that the Outlaws took their orders to turn on Punk from HHH. Punk sets out on revenge only to be foiled over and over. Through the weeks leading up to WM, Punk battles his way through obstacles set up by HHH in order to get a match with the game. He fights through a fracturing Shield (who are shown to have constant miscommunication with each member trying to one up each other and show to be the “best”) and the New Age Outlaws. Finally leading to a match with Kane at elimination chamber, where if Punk wins, he gets a match with HHH. Punk wins, but HHH tries to wiggle out of it. Finally HHH agrees to a match, but with stipulations. If Punk loses he must join the Authority. In an effort to even things out, Punk holds Stephanie hostage in order to get HHH to agree to his stip, which is that if Punk wins, HHH must abdicate power. HHH agrees and the match is set.

Storyline Four:

While doing the bidding for the Authority against Punk, Punk continually gets inside the heads of the Shield by playing on the “who’s best” angle. This goes on for weeks, with Punk getting the upper hand each week. In a last ditch effort to show solidarity, Ambrose defends the US title against Damien Sandow at the elimination chamber. The group’s interference costs Ambrose the title. So they decide to have a match to once and for all determine who is in fact the best member.

Storyline Five:

The Rhodes Brothers defeat the Outlaws at the Rumble. But due to the Outlaws friendship with the Authority, they snake their way back into the title picture with a rematch at elimination chamber. This drives the Uso’s crazy as they feel they have been passed up again, and the Real American’s because they feel that they’ve earned a title shot. At the Chamber, the Uso’s attack the Outlaws and the Real American’s attack the Rhodes brothers causing a double disqualification. Back and forth between the teams over the next several weeks, with each getting respective wins. During this time, the Harper and Rowan work their way into the picture as well. This leads to a five team tag match at WM.

Storyline Five:

After Sandow wins the US title at the Chamber, he goes around bragging about how is the only real champion and everyone else is a paper champion. Especially Big E Langston. This leads to several weeks of banter with Big E. Sandow plays up the “dumb jock” angle and brags about his intelligence. Eventually a unification match is set for Mania.

Storyline Six:

After the elimination chamber, Big Show is irate that he isn’t in the title picture and demands that the Authority do something about it. So the authority sets up a MITB match at Mania and calms Show down by making him the first participant. The rest of the participants will be decided over the next several weeks in a series of one on one matches. A chance to go to WM is on the line!

First is Bray Wyatt vs. Kofi Kingston. Wyatt, now more sadistic than ever wins. Next is the returning Sheamus vs. Miz. A great battle, but Shaemus wins. Then we have Ryback vs. R-Truth. Ryback wins. Then there is Bad News Barrett vs. Xavier Woods with Barrett coming out on top. And then finally Health Slater vs a returning from injury Mark Henry! Henry wins and it sets up one of the “biggest” MITB matches ever!

Storyline Seven:

After Batista destroys Del Rio on his return, Del Rio seeks revenge by attacking Batista’s friend Mysterio. Over the next several weeks, Del Rio continues to attack Mysterio from behind and leaves him destroyed. Del Rio involves Mysterio’s family and plays on the Mexican heritage storyline. Del Rio says he wants to humble and humiliate Mysterio and wants his mask. Mysterio agrees but only if Del-Rio will put his career on the line. It’s agreed to and set for Mania!

Storyline Eight:

Clay apologizes to Tensai and they actually work together at the Rumble to put on a good showing. Tensai ends up accidentally eliminating Clay. The next night on Raw, Clay says that there’s no hard feelings and they have a tag match against 3MB. They win and are about to dance and celebrate when Clay attacks and destroys Tensai, putting him out of action for several weeks. This leads to Clay developing into a dark monster during that time, destroying everyone in his path, viciously and after the bell, leading to several “injuries.” After several weeks, Tensai shows up to make the save for someone and that leads to this grudge match at Mania!

Storyline Nine:

Dolph Ziggler enters number one at the Rumble and Christian returns at number two! Each of these guys has a tremendous showing and that leads to a mutual respect. They decide to try to tag together to see how they do. After several weeks of winning it leads to a PPV match against the Real Americans at Elimination Chamber. But they lose and Ziggler snaps, turning on Christian and bringing back a much needed heel Ziggler! This leads to the Mania match and Ziggler debuts with his new manager…Ric Flair!!


Opening Match:

Christian vs. Ziggler

Ziggler debuts with Ric Flair in his corner. They have about a 15 minute match that is exciting and fast paced and a GREAT way to start Mania. In the end, Flair is the difference, and his interference get’s Ziggler the win. (25 minutes total)

Grudge Match:

Clay vs. Tensai

They get about 12 minutes to showcase their power. Each guy gets in their spots, but in the end Clay delivers and get’s the win. (41 minutes total)

Mask vs. Career

Mysterio vs. Del Rio

They get 10 minutes to showcase. Del Rio dominates for about 7 minutes seriously working over Mysterio’s arm. Mysterio makes a comeback to almost win, but then Del Rio catches Mysterio in the arm bar and Mysterio has to tap. In a huge WM moment Mysterio unmasks center ring! (55 minutes total)

Tag Title Five Way:

Rhodes Bros. vs. Usos vs. Outlaws vs. Real Americans vs Harder/Rowan

They get 15 minutes. It’s high energy and fast paced. In the end, Ceasaro is able to isolate Goldust and hit his finisher. New Tag Team champions, the Real Americans!! (1hr. 20)

US/Intercontinental Unification Match:

Big E vs. Sandow

10 minutes of action with Sandow coming out on top. (1hr. 35)


Henry vs. Big Show vs. Shaemus vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Barrett vs. Ryback

25 minutes of hard hitting ladder action. Big Show has the giant ladder that both he and Henry try to use. In the big spot, Show and Henry are at the top and Ryback and Shaemus tip it over sending Show and Henry through a stack of 8 tables on the outside!! Wyatt hits sister abaigal on Shaemus as Ryback powerbombs Barret through a ladder set up between the ring and the barricade. Wyatt then takes out Ryback to climb to the top and get the briefcase! (2hr. 15)

Shield Supremacy:

Reigns vs. Ambrose vs. Rollins

15 minutes for this one. Reigns dominates, but in the end Ambrose is able to sneak a victory roll on Reigns while Rollins is laid out on the outside. For future storylines going forward, Reigns has a hard time with Ambrose going forward. Ambrose is arrogant and boastful which eventually leads to Reigns turning face, while Rollins remains loyal with Ambrose. They can then bring in a “replacement” Reigns (Ryback would be a good fit). (2hr. 35)

CM Punk must join the Authority or HHH abdicates his authority:

CM Punk vs. HHH

20 minutes of great hard hitting action. Kane interferes in the end and HHH wins. The storyline going forward is that Punk is reluctantly a part of the Authority. Orton turns on HHH post-WM feeling like HHH never had his back. HHH uses Punk to attack Orton. Eventually Punk reveals that he isn’t so reluctant after all and turns heel. As a reward, Punk is given a title shot at Batista. (3hr. 05)

Fatal Four Way Elimination for WWE World Heavyweight Title:

Cena vs. Batista vs. Lesnar vs. Orton

30 minutes for this one. Orton is eliminated first after a Batista bomb 15 minutes into it. Then Cena is eliminated after an F5 from Lesnar at the 20 minute mark. This sets up the epic Batista vs. Lesnar battle! Batista wins to complete the comeback and set up Batista/Wyatt Family feud going forward, with Bryan and Punk waiting in the wings. All of which will be good entertainment…And perhaps this can lead to a slow Cena heel turn over the spring/summer, while Orton slowly turns face battling the Authority. (3hr. 50)

The Streak Main Event:

Taker vs. D-Bry

30 minutes here. This is the big payoff for Daniel Bryan as the Undertaker officially “passes the torch,” by being defeated at WM. Crazy back and forth action that eventually leads to Bryan winning fair and square center ring. WM fades as 70,000 people chant “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

Going forward, Daniel Bryan and Batista fend off the Wyatt family. Batista holds the title in defenses against Bray and Punk at Extreme Rules and Payback. Then at MITB, in a rematch against Punk, Batista wins yet again, but Bray cashes in and wins the title. Bray retains in a rematch against Batista at Battle Ground and injures Batista. This leads to Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan at Summerslam where Bryan FINALLY wins the title and get’s to keep it. From there, Bryan can feud with Bray for another PPV and then CM Punk as well as a heel Cena. (4hr 30)

Looking at the time limit factors, Clay/Tensai would probably have to be scrapped and the Ziggler/Christian match would have to be on the pre-show.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Would have been much easier on everyone if you put the matches next to what they were feuding about. A lot of these matches have either happened or I could care less about them. Seriously? Tensai on Mania? Couldn't even get a ppv match with his partner nor against his former partner on C ppvs. Mysterio/Del Rio have faced more times than Rey has faced anyone in the company. I figure Goldust and Cody will be facing at Mania this year. Outlaws actually have a good chance of taking the straps off them. Big E has already battled Sandow for the strap and won. That is the only guy he has beat thus far. MITB is no Mania. That 3 way is a great possibility. I don't want Punk vs HHH, but according to sources I'm getting it anyway. I'd like to see both Orton and Cena out of the title picture. Taker vs Cena if you want the biggest Mania of all-time.

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