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How to Handle Sin Cara

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Sin Cara has been misused. It seems as though the WWE doesn't know how to handle him. Here's what I would do. Sin Cara is backstage and showing some moves to Rey Mysterio. He is proclaiming himself as "The Best Luchador Ever!" Rey is just laughing. Behind them Hunter and Stephanie approach and Hunter is sipping a cup of coffee. When performing one of them he spills Triple H's coffee all over him and Stephanie.

This enrages Stephanie and she shouts at Sin Cara "Do you know who you are dealing with?" But Hunter just smiles, tells Stephanie "it's all right", pats Sin Cara on the back (hard) and they walk away. You can see the relieved look on Mysterio's face.

Later in the show Hunter comes out to the ring and makes an announcement. "We have many great wrestlers in the WWE, but I am so happy tonight to announce we also have THE GREATEST LUCHADOR OF ALL TIME! Sin Cara come out and take a bow!" You see Sin Cara appear and seems reluctant to go to the stage and you see Mysterio give him a little push from behind.&nbsp;<br><br>Sin Cara finally comes out and the audience cheers and he takes a bow, and he starts to get into it and does a couple of moves. Then Triple H starts again. "In order to PROVE that Sin Cara is the Greatest Luchador of All Time, I have contacted WWE representatives all over the World and they are going to scout for worthy opponents for Sin Cara. The first match will be NEXT MONDAY NIGHT!"

So over the next 10 weeks or so, WWE brings in wrestlers from all over the World like Averno, La Parka, Extreme Tiger and Volador Jr. and each week Sin Cara wrestles them all and defeats each and every contender. And each and every week, Triple H gets madder and madder.&nbsp;The matches though are full of high flying and thrills and the audiences love them. And each week Sin Cara's ego gets bigger.

Finally Rey Mysterio has had enough, as week after week Sin Cara is seen partying with women and he people are telling Rey how good Sin Cara is. So Rey approaches Triple H and asks for a match. As Rey walks away, you can see Triple H's evil smile. The match is granted and takes place at whatever PPV happens to be taking place at the time.

The match goes back and forth but whenever Sin Cara appears to be winning, one of the Luchadors that he had beaten in the past does a run-in and gives Mysterio the upper hand again. This is finally starting to frustrate even Rey He looks at the stage and there is Triple H and Stephanie, smiling and pointing and laughing. Sin Cara gets the advantage again, but when the next Luchador appears to help Rey, Rey takes him out with a 619. When that happens, another 10 masked wrestlers run to the ring and together Rey and Sin Cara take them out with some amazing moves.

Rey and Sin Cara hug then shake hands but when shaking hands Rey takes Sin Cara out and pins him for the win. This then starts Rey's heel turn with other wrestlers, and Sin Cara becomes the lead character in the new WWE Network reality series focusing on the "Lives of Masked Wrestlers". Which features interviews (translated) but also a featured Luchador match each week.

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