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Superstar Brock Lesnar: "Brock vs Batista for the prize....I'll endorse it."

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I was going to do a blog on Batista return, but with so many Batista blogs, the average reader won't read it. So I go with "The Next Big Thing", Brock Lesnar!! Another superstar who just returned looking to challenge the WWE world heavyweight champion no matter who it is after the Royal Rumble. In this blog, gonna talk about Brock's first run, departure, return, and dream matches of course!! So, here is Superstar Brock Lesnar:

First run: Lesnar's debut destroying several talents during a hardcore match including Spike Dudley with Paul Heyman by his side. Feuding with one of the top tag teams of all-time the Hardyz destroying them. Go on to win King of the Ring to challenge 1 of the biggest superstars this business has ever seen The Rock. Winning the WWE championship in such a short period defeating all kinds of legends along the way, Brock was a made man. His feud with the American Badass was awesome. That Hell in a Cell match was one of the best in my opinion of all-time. His feud with Angle is also memorable especially the night he went for the shooting star at WM19. F5ing the Big Show at MSG was another huge moment especially at the time when no one really ever picked up the Big Show during Show's WWE career. Only 1 time I can remember a man actually lifting him, which was Kane during the Royal Rumble. His match with Eddie Guerrero is also a memorable one where Eddie won the WWE title.

Departure: Goes on to face Goldberg at WM20 with Stone Cold as the special guest ref in a dream match in MSG. A night where everyone knew both men were leaving, voiced during the match as both really just walked around the ring for several minutes as fans booed. Didn't expect an HBK type of classic bout, but I did expect a better smashmouth type of match that really didn't get going at all. Looked back as a horrible match not just by wrestling fans, but the men who wrestled in that match. His career ended with a Stunner as did Goldberg as I cheered for obvious reasons. They deserved that for leaving!! Brock wanted to play in the NFL, he actually was on a Madden game which I noticed thanks to a friend showing that he was in FA I believe in Madden 06 game. He was rated like 54 or something like that. Didn't last that long. Didn't really hear about Lesnar again til I heard the news Kurt Angle defeated him for a world title. I believe it was the IWGP world title. So I guess he went back to wrestling even though he can't wrestling in the US until like 2010 or something like that. You heard about Brock in the UFC obviously winning the world title and all. I tried to get into UFC, but it isn't me. I'm proud of Brock though for all he accomplished as a wrestling guy who is regarded as not tough by some because it is called fake by the haters out there. Loved hearing about the FU by Brock to UFC fans who still had E in his blood.

Rumors/Return: UFC didn't allow Brock to do something he wanted which was compete with the Deadman at WM27. All kinds of great things were rumored to happen that year including Sting possibly coming in, but instead we get HHH. Been waiting for a Brock return for some time as many other wrestling fans. He returned the night after WM28 F5ing John Cena. Their 2nd meeting I believe Cena shed some blood with superstars trying to break them up. Extreme Rules main event was huge. Lesnar didn't win, but it was regarded by many one of the best matches of that year. Lesnar goes on to face HHH 3x too many and we get a great feud/match with CM Punk. Is considered the uncrowned match of the year. Let's be honest, WM29 match with Rock/Cena should have ended a bit sooner than it did. Lost count the amount of finishers were used in that match. It shouldn't be called match of the year.

Now:Brock is returning to UFC? Didn't happen, like a lot of rumors in the past. In any case, Lesnar is back to challenge the WWE world heavyweight champion. I personally don't like the idea of him holding the belt again as a part timer, but if it ends up with Brock vs Batista for the prize.....I'll endorse it. Especially if Batista wins the Rumble because I don't want to see Orton or Cena vs Batista for that prize. Sick of rematches for gods sake. Rumors of who he could face, likes of Taker, Big Show, and so!! I want something new, fresh, and different!! Who should Taker face if not Brock? Well, you'll have to wait for WM29 booking challenge to find out.

Dream matches: So who do I want to face Brock Lesnar in the future? Obviously I've said on several times, I'd like him to face Batista and Randy Orton. Virtually guys I pick are either top main event talent or has a beast like look. Ryback vs Lesnar was intriguing matchup way back at WM29, but now not so much. Even though Sheamus is boring, I'd like to see these two monsters go at it. Could you imagine the showoff vs the Beast....LOL! Daniel Bryan is intriguing even though he is small, he could put on a great match like Punk did with him back at Summerslam. A random name that I'm going to throw out there hasn't been in WWE since 07, but I always wanted to see the match between Lashley and Lesnar.

There you have it!! My thoughts on Brock Lesnar, topics of his first run, return, departure, dream matches, ect. Are you a fan of Brock Lesnar? Who would you like to see him face? What did you think of his return? His departure? Leave that and more in the comment section below....thanks for reading!

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