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Batista Vs Brock???

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This is my first time doing this, but I cannot help but wonder what peoples opinions are on this matter. It seems as though everyone is pandering for a Batista vs Brock match, and it certainly seems as though it is going to happen, but my question is "why??" I mean looking at this logically sure it could be a draw, keyword there, "could" looking at their pasts, I don't what all the joy is about. I will give credit where credit is due, they had successful runs, Brock was an amazing college wrestler, he used to be able to move with ease for his size, Batista had a rather long run his first time in WWE because he was supposed to, he garnered a fan base which like most faces slowly dropped off the face of the map. The one thing they were both good at equally during their respective runs however, and Brock in his current one(that bump last night from Big Show was terrible), you are looking at two of the biggest botchers since the 80's. I get the 'Clash of the Titans' aspect of this, I really do, but I never cared for these two guys during their original runs, never hated them, just felt indifferent the entire time, however their performances almost always being lackluster and the constant mid-match botching, this match just doesn't appeal to me. This is just my opinion on this match and as I said before, I am simply looking to see if other people have the same opinion or if they feel that it would be a good match and why, because I fully understand the draw of most matches and who they are meant to appeal to, but this one I just don't.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    If you are not a big fan of Brock or Batista, that is why you don't care for the match. Especially if you are a fan of technical wrestling where you are expecting a 5 star match. I'm not expecting a 5 star match especially from Batista.
  2. micsprstrlee's Avatar
    Brock could wrestle but he is gonna go with his mma crap. Not that MMA is crap. I fucking love MMA. ANDERSON SILVA. But brock in mma was crap. He fought has beens. Once he fought a good MMA fighter and got beat he quit. I understand the money aspect of business. He bought in a lot of money. Like channel sonne. But enough with MMA. Look at brock vs angle. Amazing matches.

    Batista will he cant wrestle. And he cant really talk. But I guess he brings in money. He sucked at MMA. Just like most figured. Just because he is big and strong means nothing.

    There match could be nice. Or it an turn out to be Goldberg vs Brock type of crap.

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