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Michael Cline

2014 Royal Rumble entrants

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Just having a little fun with projecting how I would book it.

1. Dean Ambrose
2. Luke Harper -
3. Antonio Cesaro
4. Mark Henry - Gets beaten on by the above three heels.
5. Big E Langston - Rescues Henry, they team to eliminate Dean Ambrose
6. Erick Rowan - They almost get Mark Henry over the ropes
7. Daniel Bryan - Has a stare down with Langston... runs off to land a flying knee that sends Henry over the ropes to the floor.
8. The Great Khali - Basically buys some time as the heels beat on him, but fail to eliminate him.
9. The Big Show - Teams with Khali and Langston to eliminate Cesaro... and leads to a staredown with the Wyatts.
10. Jinder Mahal - Gets squashed and tossed by the Wyatts within 10 seconds.
11. Ryback - Goes after Big E... some close calls, but no eliminations here
12. Bray Wyatt - Khali and Ryback are both squashed and tossed.
13. Santino Marella - Appears terrified of everyone... begs Bray Wyatt for mercy and Wyatt turns his back on him. Marella grabs him and almost throws Bray over, but his momentum sends himself out while Wyatt holds on.
14. Batista - Gets a huge pop, and eliminates Erick Rowan during his initial flurry. Bryan goes for a flying knee and get's caught for a sitout powerbomb.
15. Roman Reigns - Teams up with the Wyatts to beat on Big Show while Batista and Langston go at it.
16. Seth Rollins - Joins Reigns and the Wyatts... but end up eliminating Luke Harper when presented with an easy opportunity.
17. Curtis Axel - Teams with Batista to attempt to eliminate Big E, but ends up being clotheslined over the rope by E. Wyatts and Shield turn on each other.
18. Wade Barrett - He joins Batista in attacking Big E and Big Show... the Wyatts begin to gain the upper hand on the Shield.
19. Shawn Michaels - Surprise entrance... Bryan looks like he's seen a ghost. He runs in and hits Sweet Chin Music on Big Show to send him over. Then sets his eyes on Bryan where we get some sweet one-on-one stuff while the Shield pummels Bray Wyatt.
20. The Miz - Focus stays on Michaels vs. Bryan... Miz gets his head taken off by Batista and proceeds to roll under the rope.
21. Albeto del Rio - Assists Batista in clearing the ring... they finally eliminate Big E Langston and Wade Barrett.
22. Brock Lesnar - Everyone watches while he enters the ring at which point he begins exchanging blows with Batista.
23. John Cena - Gets in the middle of the fray between Lesnar and Batista.
24. Dolph Ziggler - Cena/Batista/Ziggler manage to eliminate Lesnar with a triple team, but Lesnar re-enters the ring and throws Cena and Batista over.
25. Cody Rhodes - Joins Ziggler and Michaels in attacking Bray and Bryan. Ziggler is eliminated by an oppotunistic Seth Rollins. The Rollins is eliminated by a disaster kick from Rhodes.
26. Goldust - Big pop with the tag champs in near the end... They quickly dispose of del Rio but Cody ends up accidentally eliminating Goldust. Words are exchanged and Michaels sends Cody Rhodes over while his back is turned.
27. HHH - Booing ensues as it's assume he didn't earn an entry. He and Michaels take out Roman Reigns, which leaves just Bray/Brian/Michaels/HHH.
28. CM Punk - Runs in and tries to attack both HHH and Michaels. The Wyatts join him, in a surprising move, and literally carry HHH to the ropes and throw him over. Shawn Michaels does his old "beg in the corner" thing and gets hit by Bray's Sister Abigail. Bryan puts him in the Yes Lock until Punk pulls him off while Bray thows Michaels out. Bryan ends up feigning a high-five with Punk, and ends up putting him in a submission instead.
29. Sheamus - Big pop... he runs in and smashes Daniel Bryan which results in a broken submission. He and Punk align themselves against the Wyatts in an absolute melee.
30. Chris Jericho - Boom! Now its three vs. two... or so it seems until the Miz climbs back into the ring from his hiding place underneath.

What happens from there would require several more pages to do it justice.

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