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The way I See things on the Road to Wrestlemania

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I see this as them eventually going to turn The Wyatt's face and fued them with The Shield. So here's how Id love it to play out.

Royal Rumble: Brock Lesner beats Mark Henry, Orton beats Cena, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, Batista, The Shield are the final 6 in the Rumble. They all are up and stare at the Wrestlemania sign Batista and The Shield look to be on the same page and just as they are about to gang up on D-Bry and Bray Batista eliminates Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns and Dean immediately jump off Wyatt and Danielson and start beating up Batista eliminating him. They then eliminate Bray but start arguing over who is going to win and start fighting and just as Roman Reigns eliminates Dean D-Bry throws him over winning the Royal Rumble.

Raw(Next Night)- D-Bry says he cant wait til Wrestlemania and wants to fight Randy tonight! Paul Heyman says that Brock changes his mind he doesnt want a title match yet as their is something more prestigious and more loved then the title and says they will return when its time. Backstage Triple H tells the shield get their stuff together and end the fighting. Dbry and Randy Match is back and forth for 20-25 minutes until randy goes for the rko Dbry pushes him away and hits the running knee and just as he's about to pin him the shield start attacking him and just as they are about to triple powerbomb through the announcer table the arena blacks out and Wyatt entrance is playing except instead of walking they are running and start fighting the Shield DBry and Randy start throwing fist in the middle of the ring as the Wyatts and Shield fighting outside and thats the end of raw

Next Raw: Triple H is in the middle of the ring saying that was DBrys last chance at the Unified title until Vince Enters the arena doing that his entrance and he tells Triple H wait a second even though I dont care for that little Troll some people do(pointing to the crowd) the crowd starts chanting YES! In the middle of the show Vince announces the Elimination Chamber for Unified title with qualifying matches. The winners are Punk, Cena, Batista, Del-Rio, Sheamus(Heel/Tweener), and of course Orton. Triple H is backstage with Steph freaking out about what Vince did and she agrees. The Main Event is The Shield(Roman and Rollins) vs The Wyatt Family(Harper and Rowan) the match is a dq finish as it ends up being an all out brawl.

The Go Home Raw til Elimination Chamber: Main Event is 6 man tag with Chamber participants. Vince, Steph, and Triple H are in the ring and Triple H says even though Dbry has a shot at the title at Wrestlemania if he is hurt he cant go so at Elimination Chamber D-Bry faces Kane! Vince says(Triple H starts rolling his eyes at everything Vince says) with the last two raws ending with Shield and Wyatts fighting it will end at Elimination Chamber in a 6 man No DQ match to finally end this. The 6 man match is Faces win with Punk pinning Del-Rio.

Elimination Chamber: Starts with Cody and Goldust losing tag titles to Mysterio and Big Show(Idk who else the wwe would put the titles on) then some same old filler matches with BIG E retaining IC title. Then it is Shield vs Wyatt Family with the Family winning because of Dean Ambrose tagging as Reigns is setting up for the spear. DBry beats Kane. The Main Event ends with Cena pinning Sheamus and as Sheamus gets up to leave he brouge kicks Cean letting Orton get the pin.

Raw: Goldust and Cody fail their rematch at the titles, The Undertaker returns only to get attacked by Brock Lesner, D-Bry and Orton contract signing. CM Punk promo telling Triple H that Hunter is Stephs bitch and continues calling him out. Triple H and Punk start fighting except Vince comes out and tells Triple H "You cannont attack talent that isnt tolerated YOU'RE FIRED" Triple H freaks out Punk grins. Cena calls out Sheamus saying you want some come get some they brawl. The Shield loses a 6 man tag against D-Bry Rowan and Harper and the Shield start fighting.

Raw: Brock and Heyman formally challenge Taker he accepts, Goldust challenges Cody saying it was their dream and its time to see if Cody will be the "MAN" Steph freaks out on Vince in the ring over firing Triple H as CEO. Cena and Sheamus fight yet again! Punk has promo on Triple H but gets attacked from behind by Triple H. Triple H grabs a mic saying even though he might not be CEO he is an active wrestler.As Reigns is about to challenge Ambrose he gets attacked by Rollins. Randy Orton faces Luke Harper in main event and wins. Batista challenges anyone at a match at Wrestlemania with Dolph Ziggler accepting

2nd to last Raw: Triple H tells Vince at Wrestlemania I dont want my job back I WANT YOURS! Vincence agrees as he feels Triple H only cares about Triple H not the fans but if Triple H loses he is gone for good in the WWE. CM Punk comes to Vince saying eventhough they dont see eye to eye all the time he wants to be the guy to get rid of Triple H Vince accepts. Paul Heyman tells Taker dont even show up to Wrestlemania as it will be your last. The Shield agree to a triple threat with The United States title on the line. Cena and Sheamus agree to fight at Wrestlemania. Randy Orton/Kane vs D-BRy and Bray Orton tags out every time D-Bry is about to hit him with Kane losing to D-Bry by the knee.

Go Home Raw til Wrestlemania: Rollins vs Reigns ends in DQ as Ambrose hits both with his belt. Orton and Bray Scheduled to face off tonight. Triple H has Contract Signing with Punk and Vince they agree to NO Dq stipulation. Cena and Sheamus fight in a tag match with Cena winning. Orton beats Bray and as he is about to Punt Bray D-Bry stops him ending raw in face off.

Cody Rhodes(W) vs Goldust
Roman Reigns(W) vs Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose
Batista(W) vs Dolph Ziggler
Triple H(W) vs CM Punk after Batista and Kane interference.
Wyatt's(W) vs Tag Champs
Sheamus vs Cena(W)
Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan(W)

IK Sandow, The Miz, Bray Wyatt, Kofi, Mysterio, Big Show, Big E, Mark Henry, Ryback, and other people dont have matches but thats all i could thing of.

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