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Top 10 gifts: What I want from WWE/TNA in 2014

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It is that time of the year again, talking about the best moments and matches of the year. Wondering who is going to win the Royal Rumble and who is going to have a big year next year. It is time to make a Christmas list, a list of things I want from both TNA and WWE. Let's be honest, it is all about what us fans want. At least, that is what they claim. Here is what I want from TNA/WWE in 2014:

HM: Grant James Storm's promise(TNA); A hungry Ryback(WWE)-I remember a time when Hogan shook the hand of Storm's when he gave a world title oppurtunity to I believe AJ Styles claiming they had bigger plans for him or something like that. I've been waiting for something big from Storm after a terrible year. Feuding with Bad Influence while continuing to job to Bobby Roode consistantly. Going back to the tag division with Gunner of all people. Time to stop saying sorry and taking what is there. Main event scene plz! As far as Ryback goes, disappointing every time you see him on TV. Turn him back to babyface and feed off some heels.

10.PTPs tag team champions-You want the tag division to be worth "Millions of Dollars"? Put the tag belts on the Prime Time Playas!!
9.Give us a new AJ-I'm tired of the Divas division being AJ and everyone else. It is time for someone to step up in the Divas division that we can get behind. Whether it is NXT or on the main roster. I want something more from the Divas division. The annoyance of Total Divas plug every week....ugh! Don't get me wrong, AJ is my favorite Diva for several reasons, but she needs a challenge or a foe to tango.
8.Aries vs Angle feud-Why continue to torment me? Give me what I want! Angle/Aries battling in a series of matches of who is the best in the world. It baffles me it hasn't happened yet. It is so low because it would be crazy not to do it in 2014.
7.Cody Rhodes=main event-As much hell Randy Orton receives among wrestling fans, he brings out the best in talent. Look at the main events this year several weeks in a row, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Big E Langston, Miz, ect. Those matches make you remember or realize how good these men truly are. Who didn't root for Cody Rhodes to win the WWE title that night? It is Cody Rhodes time, no more IC or midcard title bs. He is a main event talent. I want Cody Rhodes at least challenging for the top prize in WWE in 2014.
6.Samoa Joe TNA world title picture-I've discussed before how much Joe has fallen since Slammiversary of 09 when he joined the MEM. However, it is time for Joe to get back in the main event and possibly win the world title in 2014. What is it I'm trying to say? I want Joe to murder someone in 2014! LOL!
5.Damien Sandow=champion-How great Sandow is, it is time for him to wear championship gold. I do mean singles championship gold by the way. I don't care if it is midcard or not. As long as he is champion. He can actually bring much needed prestige back to the championships. I don't like Sandow's entrance theme of the remix. I hate remix songs as well for future notes.
4.Return of TNA gimmicks-By gimmicks I mean matches like King of the Mountain to return to the yearly event Slammiversary. Hopefully do all the Lockdown matches back in the cage. You know, the gimmicks that died when Bischoff and Hogan took over. That is what made TNA unique and made the events special. Which is what made us TNA fans love TNA.
3.Sign AJ Styles back-I took a look at the TNA roster to get an idea of what I want from TNA in 2014. Guess who was missing from the roster page? Not the MMA guys to my surprise, but AJ Styles. Do whatever it takes to get AJ Styles back with TNA. No one, I repeat no talent on TNAs roster means more to TNA fans than AJ. I don't care who says what. AJ has been at TNA since day 1, so for long time TNA fans....he will always hold a special place in everyones heart. He is Mr.TNA, he is there guy....TNA without AJ Styles doesn't feel the same nor will it going forward if AJ isn't with TNA.
2.Daniel Bryan WWE world champion-Can or will WWE not give Bryan the WWE title in 2014? It is possible which is why it is so high on my list. Bryan deserves the championship. Sick of the same old guy on top. Give the fans what they want and give him the WWE title!! No more BS!!
1.Dolph Ziggler WWE world champion-Another disappointing superstar WWE has dropped the ball with this past year. Genius booking, let us give the world title to Del Rio. Give the damn title to the guy who has worked his ass off to get that championship. The man who steals the show night and night out. The man was receiving cheers from fans as a heel because of the hard work he puts out there. Instead lets give the title to a guy who gets no reaction. Stop dropping the ball with Ziggler and give him a push. Give him the WWE world championship in 2014!!

There you have it!! That my friends is what I want from TNA/WWE in 2014. Do you want those gifts I have listed too in 2014? What do you want from TNA/WWE in 2014? What does your Christmas list look like? Leave that and more in the comment section below. Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year readers!! Appreciate the support.....

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