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Jeff Jarrett gone, but not the end of TNA

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Jeff Jarrett leaves and everyone thinks that TNA is headed for extinction. Well first and foremost Jarrett has been mostly involved with AAA wrestling in mexico for the past two years. In reality he just re-started doing booking and behind the scenes work. Especially with Hogan and the Bisch departure. So what are you going to miss, since he hasn't wrestled in TNA regularly since 2011 and before then booed Double J for having the belt for too long. TNA will continue to grow and exist as a company. Looks like Dixie has put herself in front of the company and trying to change things for TNA. Talent will still go out there and perform, things will continue on. Seems to me that instead of ripping this promotion you tune on Thursday nights and support it. Heck if you are willing to pay $60 dollars a pay per view to see Cena vs Orton when it could possibly be free the next night on Raw. Why not watch the young new talent in TNA.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Jarrett was still involved with TNA. Heck, that was the whole reason he was over there with triple A wrestling. He was making partners with them. It wasn't like he was the only TNA talent wrestling over there during that period. Jarrett made the company great, not exactly when he was in the main event scene, but the rest of the show was great. Set the bar so high in both tag and X-Division.....todays stuff is garbage to me. Jarrett and Russo led TNA to what they were up til Hogan/Bischoff jumped on board. Lost viewership that Russo/Jarrett belt. I prefer Double J behind the scenes rather than on TV. I didn't like his final days with Immortal and Angle. Thought it last way too long....As far as Dixie running the company goes, it scares everyone. Look who she put in charge and has fired in recent years including Prichard, Bischoff, Hogan, ect. Dixie doesn't know wrestling, even though she claims being a good heel by getting heat on Twitter is a good thing meaning she is a good heel. That doesn't make you a good heel if you got insults on Twitter meaning she is doing her job. She was getting those same insults on Twitter before she began this heel character. Look what all has happened since Jeff hasn't really been involved with decisions, all top stars ditching the company. I could list them from Nash, T, and even now AJ Styles. What makes you have faith in Dixie?

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