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Booking Challenge: The Royal Rumble 2014 (part 1)

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All great booking looks towards the future; therefore to properly book the Royal Rumble, we must choose our goals. What outcomes do we want, what feuds do we want to build, with the Royal Rumble? Answering this question sets us on the Road to Wrestlemania.

The past five Royal Rumbles have had between 45 & 55 minutes of preliminary matches, so we should aim for 4-6 undercard matches.

Goal 1: We want a Westlemania Main Event match between Daniel Bryant and Randy Orton for the newly unified Championship. Therefore, we know we need Daniel Bryan to win the Royal Rumble Match.

Goal 2: We want a HHH vs. CM Punk match at WMXXX, so we need to intensify the heat between these two performers to justify a signing in January or February.

Goal 3: We want a defining send-off match for the Undertaker, as Wrestlemania 30 will likely be his last one. We need to build an opponent that will be worthy of the Undertaker, but that opponent must be able to carry a good deal of the action.

Goal 4: We want to position for a Face Turn from the Shield. With the emphasis on Tag Teams, we need Reigns and Rollins to break from Ambrose. That story line is simmering, and we can intensify that at The Rumble.

Goal 5: We want to build up Orton as "The Face of WWE", and we want to build on the Authority running the show. We want a match for Orton against a Face who is on the bad side of WWE management.

Goal 6: We want to introduce a new talent from NXT, get the audience excited about more technical wrestling in the program, and build a new storyline.

Goal 7: We need John Cena to play a significant role to keep his fans pleased.

Goal 8: Given the historic nature of Wrestlemania 30, our fans want and expect superstars to come back for the pageantry. We need to begin preparing fans for this by having one or two former legends make their presence felt.

Let me know what you think, and don't forget to stay tuned for Part 2 (in which I book all of the non-Rumble matches).

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  1. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    Hey great ideas for whats to come hopefully it will lead to a memorable show on both sides

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