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What we can expect from wrestling in 2014

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What we can expect from wrestling in 2014

2013 has been an odd year for wrestling; WWE was on the verge of creating huge new stars in Ryback and Daniel Bryan but ultimately returned to John Cena as their focus point. In what should have been the best year for the company since it was founded, TNA, struggled on the road and ended up returning to Orlando. Ring of Honor has continued to struggle also, a company which is no longer the magnet that drew in stars such as Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Austin Aries etc, it’s roster lacks the appeal to draw in an avid wrestling fan let alone the casual fan. However, there are positives to be taken from 2013; WWE produced some really good PPVs in WrestleMania and SummerSlam, Mark Henry did some good work in the middle of the year, The Wyatt Family has launched and The Shield have remained strong. It was good to see The Rock as WWE Champion, even if just for the nostalgia. In TNA, The Aces N Eights storyline came to an end; Mr. Anderson’s feud with Bully Ray thereafter indicates that he is returning to form. Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle stole the show at Bound for Glory; Eric Young’s top of the cage dive at Lockdown was a highlight. Inevitably our attentions now turn to 2014, and here’s what I think we can expect from wrestling next year.


Roman Reigns will head to the top of the card. In my opinion, The Shield has been the best thing on WWE TV this year, and Roman Reigns clearly has the potential to top the card. He looks like a star and more importantly carries himself like one. The break-up of The Shield has been teased over recent weeks, and when it happens, Dean Ambrose will remain heel, Roman Reigns will turn face and it will be interesting to see where Seth Rollins fits in. I expect that Reigns will come out of that feud on top and head on to challenge for the WWE Championship at some point in 2014, possibly at SummerSlam. Whether Reigns is the man who can take over from John Cena as the face of the WWE remains to be seen but big things are predicted for him in 2014.

The Wyatt Family’s stock will drop: Now I like The Wyatt Family, and I see the potential that the group has, but I fear that 2014 might lead to the factions stock decreasing somewhat. I worry that WWE will do it’s usual act of pushing something to the hilt and then cooling off on the idea a few months later. I can’t see Bray Wyatt becoming the WWE Champion in the next 12 months and I foresee WWE creative struggling to find interesting ways to book The Wyatt Family. The trouble is that the gimmick is so different that it is either going to be the best gimmick since the Undertaker or its going to eventually flop, if WWE are not 100% committed to it. It’s a prediction I don’t want to happen but one I can see happening in 2014.

Talking of the Undertaker, there are only two possible opponents for Taker’s streak at WrestleMania XXX; John Cena or Brock Lesnar. I am not interested in seeing anyone else really. A clash with John Cena would see the face of the company take on a task that others such as The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold all evaded, the feud can play on the idea that John Cena has achieved all there is to achieve in WWE except breaking the streak. Brock Lesnar would be my first choice opponent however, Lesnar and Taker were rivals back in 2002-2003 and of course there was the exchange between Lesnar and Taker after Brock Lesnar lost the UFC Heavyweight Championship to Cain Velasquez. Paul Heyman would be an integral part of this feud, coming back for a second shot at the streak after CM Punk was denied at last years WrestleMania. However, I don’t see Cena or Lesnar ending the streak.

Many people are predicting that we will see Triple H take power from Vince McMahon in a power struggle, I’d go against this, I don’t see any need for it. Why eliminate the possibility of the McMahon character returning, when it still has plenty to offer. CM Punk will win the Royal Rumble. The Cody Rhodes/Goldust partnership will come to an end, possibly with Goldust turning on Cody to set up a WrestleMania match, I see a big push for Cody at the end of this, but I don’t see him winning the WWE Championship. AJ Lee will almost certainly be knocked off her perch as Divas Champion this year, having held the title so long already, possible new champions include; Divas of the Year: The Bella Twins, Tamina Snuka or Paige from NXT. Finally, Wade Barrett will not be doing his Bad News Gimmick this time next year.


TNA will make a slow recovery from its disastrous end to 2013, back in Orlando and back to basics, TNA will churn out week after week of good TV and as long as the emphasis remains on the likes of Magnus, EC3, Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Austin Aries, then the company will return to a good standard. The UK tour should give the company a boost and it is encouraging to see Jeff Jarrett back in the mix.

I predict that the TNA World Tag Team Championship will change hands sooner rather than later, hopefully to Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez or better still Bad Influence. I also predict that the long-running Joseph Park saga will conclude with ABYSS returning and attacking Eric Young, blaming EY for the deception being uncovered. Sting will continue to wrestle within the organization, he won’t be going to WWE or but may retire this year- or maybe not! The future is looking a little brighter for TNA now that it is getting its finances in order and that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have left the company,
I hope it is a year of rebuilding, it won’t be amazing but a good solid year is what I’d love to see, when TNA is better, wrestling is better.

Ring of Honor

ROH will continue very much in the same vein this year, while the company is suffering due to WWE and TNA depleting its stars. There are still a few wrestlers in ROH that interest me, the first is Tommaso Ciampa, he has an interesting look and great in ring ability. The second is the combination of Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman who appear to be a slick young tag team. And finally and most of all, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin, this guy is just a machine, I love the fact that he has a rough look and that he gets in the ring and beats people up, if ROH were to finally make him their champion, it would certainly up my interest in their product. Elgin is an outstanding talent who has been underutilized and if he remains so during 2014 I’d love to see him in TNA or WWE. The return of Chris Hero at Final Battle is also an interesting development, I expect that Hero will feature prominently in the Main Event, feuding with the likes of World Champion Adam Cole, The Briscoe’s and Kevin Steen.

These are some of the things we can expect from wrestling in 2014. As we end a year that started so promisingly for wrestling but tailed off at the end, I certainly hope that things will improve in 2014.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'm gonna comment on things that arn't obvious....just some thoughts on your post.

    I don't see any faction in wrestling go for several years. I can see a little over a year, but not that long especially these days. I doubt Wyatt Family will be around this time in 2014, at least the original member will eventually breakout on his own with Bray possibly finding new mates to his side.

    The only man I want to face Undertaker really is John Cena. However, that should be the main event. Which is why I believe it shouldn't happen this year, I think Taker will come back for 1 final match next year. WM30 is going to be big with Hogan and everyone year should just be about the Deadman. I don't like rematches, I know Lesnar match is intriguing, I'd just rather see these guys face someone new. I'd like to see Taker face a faction possibly like the Shield or Wyatt Family in a 3 on 1 handicap match. Bray is so similar to the darkside like Taker's which makes it intriguing, + Shield is the guys who took Taker out in the first place. Destroyed everything in their path including Taker. Expect they plan to do so at Mania which begins their crumbling time. However, I bet they have a triple threat match for the US title at the ppv. Just a suggestion of what I'd like to see. Even Sheamus vs Taker would be cool.

    HHH vs Vince's picked person....Batista has faced him even though I figure him or Punk may be the choice. Rather see both do something else including Bryan. I'd like to see Dolph face HHH, but I know their is no chance in hell of that happening. Reigns would be cool too. How about Big E Langston?

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