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Mr. Right

Ahh, It Doesn't Matter What You Think

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Well Raw certainly turned it on didn't they.

No I am not referring to the Slammy Awards, and for once I'm not talking about the genuine wrestling. I am talking about the ending segment which involved 20 current and former world champions, hyping the upcoming TLC PPV.

Now I have been reading a couple of entries posted on the newsfeed, and first time ever, was actually interested on the comments regarding the report of the all the backstage drama after the show. I must say, you keyboard warriors who jump at the first cat who puts a comment, or take a crack at another person based upon their opinion are a different breed aren't you? How could you not get into that final segment of Raw. As much as I personally dislike the character of Daniel Bryan, I can now see how actually outnumbered I am due to the large attention he received during the show (yes keyboard warriors, I am aware they were in Washington). But how about the way they almost high-jacked that last segment. Made some superstars squirm quite a bit.

Hearing that Cena has a bit of heat on him backstage intrigued me, as I felt he handled it the best way, apart from nearly promising D Bryan a match if he wins, creative may not want this. But within the fallout of the segment we saw how many potential storylines appear? Countless! No keyboard warrior is going to predict what's coming next, and guess what guys? The normal fans like me love it this way. HHH vs Punk? HHH vs Orton? Orton vs Punk? D Bryan vs Michaels? Cena vs then all! The sky is the limit, and now with the much desired unification of the titles, some real top notch storylines can now come through over a title that is doubly as prestigous meaning better match ups meaning better wrestling fullstop.

Personally, I'm excited, and as the title says, "Ahh, It Doesn't Matter What You Think!"

Peace out
Mr. Right

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Updated 12-11-2013 at 02:02 AM by Mr. Right

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Problem is I don't want HHH/Orton again, I don't want Punk/Orton at Mania, I don't want Cena vs Orton/HHH again. The only real match that intrigues me is Bryan vs Cena, HHH, and HBK. Cena has faced virtually everyone in the ring and has beaten them all. I didn't want to see HHH/Orton at WM25 and I don't want to see it now.I'm not interested in WM rematches. Did the final segment get me more excited for TLC? Yes, but Orton/Cena isn't something I wanted to see for the ultimate prize. Been done too many times, only reason there is a bit of interest is because they could be unifying the belts.

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