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A Returning Fan...What's Changed?

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I'm finally back in it.

At the end of 2011, I decided (for a few different reasons) to essentially stop following professional wrestling. Not just WWE - all of it. No 'E, no TNA, no ROH, no Chikara, nothin. It wasn't really for lack of interest, so much as there was just too much else going on that I didn't really have the time anymore. So for just about two years, I gave it up.

And now, I'm back into it. A friend of mine has also recently gotten into WWE (his first real foray into wrestlig), and thus I went with it. And man, things are different.

So I turn on RAW for the first time in a while, and in all of the first 30 minutes I'm lost. Is Punk back for real? Is that Paul Heyman? Isn't Tyler Black that Seth Rollins guy (who, by the way, I have always thought was the best part of ROH)? Darren Young is gay? What's going on?

After doing a little reading to catch up on what I'd missed (which, obviously, was a ton), I finally had a grasp of everything. Now, mind you, when I "left" a while back, I was disgruntled. Not enough Usos, a lack of Kofi Kingston, too much Cena-gladhanding, and a few other peeves. I wasn't necessarily crushed to stop watching when I did.

I am back now, and I must say, things are looking pretty good.

I dig the Authority angle (although Kane in a suit is unsettling), the Shield is a fantastic stable, and the Rhodes brothers are tag champs. I couldn't have asked for a greater team than Punk-Bryan (ROH represent), and Ryback is a heel. It seems, to me at least, that the creative team is finally starting to give a shit about what we, the IWC, have to say.

Now obviously there are still issues. Cena-Orton for the nth time, Triple H heading creative (oof), and Mark Henry hasn't retired. But honestly, being back for a week, I have seen so much progress and some very cool new ideas. I like this new direction that we appear to be heading in.

I still hate Sin Cara, I dig Seth Rollins, and I don't get Brodus Clay.

Man, I missed you guys.

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  1. Robstar's Avatar
    How very interesting to get this perspective from you. I wonder how many fans would be like you if they took a break and actually appreciate the product, rather than being burned out from constantly following each and every week.

    I can tell you it's taken a while to get here and not all of it was good. I stopped watching around 1999 - 2006 and I came back fresh and yet feeling like I had missed some great stuff which I have tried to catch up on. But that was 7 odd years or so.

    I think most fans are given to over exposure. If any normal episodic TV show screened as often as WWE does, it would get stale too.

    Nice blog, and I don't say that like, ever.
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I did that for a loooong time in the 2000's. I quit watching right after the original brand extension because I was mad that I would now only see some of my favorites one night of the week rather than two. Sadly, that made me miss almost the entirety of Brock Lesnar and some of Kurt Angle's best years.

    It's much easier to see what's gone right when you are away from it for a while.

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