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Erich Krems

What WWE Needs...

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It's not about fresh talent, it's not about hardcore and it's not about the PG rating. What the WWE needs right now is factions. What made the Attitude Era was not the language and puppies, it was the factionalism. The Ministry, DX, The Nation, The Corporation, Right To Censor...these groups gave the WWE so much latitude in booking. Teams feuding with teams keep things fresh rather than continuously replaying the same match night after night. The factions of the attitude era gave the audience the chance to emotionally invest in the story lines of wrestlers like Mideon, Test, D-Lo Brown, Viscera, Bossman, etc. 8310609_orig.jpg Imagine if the WWE Universe actually cared about lower midcarders today. Wrestlers like Curt Hawkins, Heath Slater, Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella could get over on the coat tails of the big names leading their faction. Suddenly, the TV audience cares about the whole show rather than just the first ten minutes and the main event. Put together a team around Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, another one around Cena, and maybe one with the Wyatts or Del Rio. Along with The Authority, there could be endless story lines out there!

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